Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas is 10 days away....

My word!! Christmas is 10days away! I can't believe it! We have not even shopped yet and my husband is heading out of the country for almost a week. I don't know how anything is going to get done. I have so much to do and yet I have almost no energy these days, we need some sunshine so I can get back into the swing of things. Need to take that vitamin D the doctor ordered!
Today I would love to just sew for myself, lots of ideas floating around in my head, but I have all my customer's quilts to finish first. So, it is off to work I go!
Happy Sewing!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

oh me oh my....

It has been a month since I posted in my blog! I knew I was behind so I guess it is time to catch up.
I've been working my fingers to the bone! I had an order to make 14 pillowcases out of the Maxine (old grumpy lady cartoon character) fabric!! What a blast that was. I took one to church and showed all my friends, they loved the Maxine-iums.
Well let me see, what have I finished since my last post:
2 quilts for Quilter's World magazine, customer quilts (longarm quilting), a couple of baby quilts....oh yes, we moved a friend's son into our home....he should be moving back home in about a month...should be sooner rather than later....Kate moved back home...ok, that makes 6 kids of 8 people living in our my 4 birds.
Yesterday I could not take the stress of all that was going on our home and I let everyone have a little piece of my mind. Funny thing, when I woke all these 15-25yr old kids up and called a family meeting before 9am....well lets just say I think they were not happy with me, but they took me pretty serious...and they worked their butts off in this house getting it back in order. The chaos and the absolute mess that my house turned into turned me into a not so nice person. I got my office back, Kate is no longer sleeping in here....John and Steve are now sharing a room (they did not want to though...tough!) Josh went to the basement spare room (not a bedroom) oh yes, Kate got her own room with a bathroom.....Steve was gracious enough and totally understood that I had to make him give up his room for Kate.
I could not take Kate being in the office. I could not get any work done. Matter of fact, I feel like it was the reason that I did not get some designs accepted. I could not get into my office to focus and design. My sewing room is a disaster. I made room for kate down there too. She said she wanted to "create" .....did not happen...oh wait, one or two days she came down to sew, the rest of the days she was watching tv. she works at Toby Keith's Bar and Grill and loves it! I'm so happy she got this job! She wanted a "career" change, well she got it. She was working at Wells Fargo. She is a happy girl!
On a very sad note, my sister Gail lost her battle to colon cancer this past weekend. I will miss her!  I would like to be able to go see my other sister Renee as soon as possible. We are all that is left of our family.
Happy note: lets see if I've got anything from quilting I can post.....

I like this one! I will be making on similar for a magazine! Just waiting on the fabrics to arrive.....

Happy Sewing everyone!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

the world is closing in...ahhhhh

LOL, I only have some serious deadlines approaching me and I'm really far behind! But hey! at least I am working with fabric! I just can't express how much I love to sew. I never knew this as a kid, teenager...or even in my early 20's. My husband was the one who encouraged me to learn the skill. I love him! He is sooo supportive with this.
When he realized that I needed to have big tools to finish my quilts:

He said, "Yes" to this purchase!
This is Rosie, my longarm quilting machine. She is actually my 2nd longarm machine. I had an APQS Ultimate II, smaller machine, but she sewed liked a work horse. My Gammill, Rosie, also sews like a workhorse for me. She puts up with me! Today, I'm going to have to give her a good cleaning. I've neglected her the last couple of quilting jobs...she is a little too dusty.
In this last year, life has changed for me in the quilting world. I've gotten a total of 10 quilts accepted into magazines/books. Only one has been published as of now, the rest are coming. This is soooo exciting for me.
Yesterday I was searching around reading a few quilters' blogs and I came across a picture of a quilt that caught my attention. The quilting was outstanding. So, I printed the picture and began started to draw the quilting. Each time I look at this picture I see something new. So here is my drawing:
Pencil drawing of a new feather design I want to master

Turned off the flash from the camera, turned image orange...interesting.....
Last night I finished putting the borders on a customer's log cabin quilt. Today I will piece the backing and get it on the longarm machine....This one will be easy for quilting, she does not want anything fancy. Once that is finished I have to put the binding on and walla I will be finished. I have 2 other customer quilts that need to be quilted on the longarm machine and then I can work on the magazine quilts. Wish me luck everyone!!
Happy Sewing!

Friday, October 28, 2011

oh me oh my

Yep, our first Frost! Son Joe found out early this morning that there was frost last night...he was not a happy camper! Next weekend, first weekend of November, we will be setting our clocks back an hour. UGH! That messes with my sleep.
Yesterday I was able to finish a customer's quilt on the longarm machine, pinned a second one, but never got back down to my sewing room. This morning I will work a little bit on a quilt that is due for a magazine and then I will finish up customer's quilt on the machine.
I think by the end of the weekend we will have to do some "winterizing" of the house/yard. The side porch glass needs to be put back in so screens get taken downstairs to storage. I will have to clean that porch too....I will need to remember to clean the front porch, I have some empty pots that need to be taken care of. For the last several years in this house, I have not done anything to "winterize", I keep telling myself...oh you've got time...go do something else...then winter hits....I don't like snow and cold so winterizing did not get done. I would like to decorate this year too, don't know if it will happen. Most of the time I have to make myself get up and just do something...I would rather be sewing.
This past Tuesday, I cleaned up the office. I boxed up 5 boxes of books (2 book shelves), had the boys take all the boxes to the attic. I also had boxes in my sewing room that needed to be taken to the attic. DONE! Got rid of lots of paper too. Now to take the bags of paper to the recycle bin and get them out the house. Cleaning up the office felt good too! I was able to hang 3 pictures and a quilt in here.  I'm enjoying this room, now to get the carpets bring out the kirby!
Once I emptied those book shelves I had the boys carry the 2 book shelving units to my sewing room. I'm always looking for better ways to organize my room. About 2 weeks ago I purchased three cone/spool holders at JoAnn's. 2 of them are cone holders and 1 is a regular spool holder. I now have my cone holders on top of the 2 shelves with all my thread in my sight. Next I have to hang my spool holder, but I have to reorganize another area before I do that.
The previous owners did not know how to hang pictures and such. They used HUGE nails and screws. They hung an acording style coat holder right outside my sliding glass doors in the sewing room with 2 HUGE nails and I cannot budge them out of the wall!!! I don't how they secured them, nothing will pry them loose!! I would love to get rid of this thing because my spool holders need to go there....oh well...I will have to figure something else out. We've been in this house for 4 years and I still can't figure it out! LOL
I've been designing with my eq7. I'm going to submit two designs over the weekend and next week...I need to tweak the quilts first then submit.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Happy Sewing!

Friday, October 21, 2011


I'm so glad its Friday! I have no reason other than ITs FRIDAY! I'm hoping the rain goes away and it turns out to be a sunny day. The weather man said the clouds were going to go away and we should see some sunshine today.....winter is coming though....

Yesterday I pieced about 50 blocks for neice's quilt. Today, I have to press all seams open, I know this is such exciting news for you to read. There is something exciting though, while I was pressing the seams open I got this urge to come check email. It was about 5:30pm. So, I came upstairs to check my email and there was an email I've been waiting for. Actually, I had convinced myself that my quilt pattern had not been accepted since I have not heard anything so I was expecting a reject letter/email. I was wrong! My quilt was accepted, F&P accepted another one of my quilts!! How Sweet!!
I don't have all the details yet, that will come soon.
Today, I will be heading over to Sew Many Things for their Open House event. They want past students, who have completed projects to come in and show off to prospective new students. Pam showed me how to recover a cushion with welting. Pam is a great teacher! So, I'm going to bring my cushion.
No pictures to post, sorry....
Happy Sewing!

Monday, October 17, 2011

What a weekend whirlwind trip!

This past weekend I was invited to go to Chicago with two sisters who own a new business called Sew Many Things. This shop caters to ALL sewers! They teach everything about sewing, it is great! Anyway, their employee, my friend Dawn, could not go with them and she is in charge of the "quilting dept.". So Dawn suggested they ask me to go with them. At first I was dreading it, the drive all evening on Saturday and then drive back home the next evening. 
We arrived in Chicago about 1:30 in the morning, so that was actually Sunday. Got checked into the hotel and all of us hit the hay. Woke up between 7:30am and 8am got dressed, checked out the hotel and headed over to Troy.
It was fantastic!! Troy had great seminars, small in attendance, but none the less they were great! And the fabric, oh the fabric! RJR, Windham, Blue Hill, Timeless Treasures, Henry Glass, Benartex!! Troy has their own line of fabric called River Hill, I think that is the name. I enjoyed every minute of it and I am soooo glad I went! We were the last ones to be checked out at Troy. I think we left the building by 8pm. I pulled into my driveway at 2am.
I'm exhausted, but I had a wonderful time! Thanks to Sew Many Things for inviting me to go!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beautiful weekend

What a beautiful weekend we have had!! The sky is blue and temps are perfect...80 it! Not to hot, nor is it sticky know humidity....
Our quilt show was fantastic! We had lots of "traffic", great attendance and all the silent auction quilt sold! Amazing!
Yesterday I made a neat remote control holder, here is a picture:
See, the remote control is in the middle poking its little head out....
That is all for now, I'm off to prepare Sunday dinner, tortelini soup. Then head to church, and allow the soup to cook while we are gone.
Happy Sewing!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Quilt Show!

Today and tomorrow is Quilt show!! My guild is having their quilt show this weekend. I was there yesterday helping with some setup and got to look at some absolutely beautiful quilts! My brain was just in aw of the workmanship, the creativity of all these quilters! Amazing!
Unfortunately, I waited to late and did not get my forms in for my own quilts to be displayed...sniff sniff...I was just swamped with life and did not stop to do fault, no one elses. I will survive.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New block I attempted this past weekend

This past weekend, I had planned on working on other projects but I just could not get this one out of my head. I made 3 different ones, trying to make the block end up at 12-1/2" unfinished. Here is what I finally finished with and I can thank a friend of mine, Margaret Serda for the cheddar color going into this block as my background. So, what do you think: 

And here is another picture of it, I'm trying to show the black fabric, I love it!
Today's agenda: longarm machine! Oh wait, I have to finish piecing the last row of my Dr. Suess quilt. Here is what I would like to have finished on the longarm machine by Monday:
3 crib size quilts
1 lap size
6 customer quilts....I wonder if I can get all this finished with hurtin' knees?

Happy Sewing!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Working on crib size quilts

These past few days I've rotated from working on crib size quilts to queen size to just trying to figure out the math for a new block. My knees are killing me though, especially my right knee. I'm thinking that maybe we will have to bring my sewing studio up to the family room and let the boys have my studio for their music room.
Designed this quilt yesterday, I love it!
Happy sewing everyone!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Its Sew Easy, its sew easy, woa oh its so dog gone easy"...

LOL...sometimes I just crack myself up! I was coming up from the basement, retrieving my camera to load the latest pictures, and I began singing that song...and I changed the spelling of "so" to "sew"... I'm so clever! LOL
Yesterday while I was working at the longarm machine I decided I needed to bring our cockatiels down stairs with me. I've been neglecting my birds, especially Lily. Here is proof of how much she is missing me:
She was trying to climb up my leg so she could cuddle with me! She likes to cuddle, actually there really is no cuddling, she just wants me to scratch her neck! It is ALL about her! LOL She is a sweet bird though. I don't let her on the quilts, notice she is on the floor. She can't fly, she walks.  I was ignoring her at one point, I could hear her walking on the foam mats there in the picture. Then I did not hear her...hmmm where did she go? I found her under the longarm machine fussing at the quilt!!  What a bird!
Our other cockatiel, Brad, stays at his cage and looks at himself in the mirror...he loves himself. Actually he loves Lily, but she wants nothing to do with him.
Speaking of yesterday, here is a teaser of the quilt that I was working on for a magazine. This quilt will be going into the April issue 2012:

Just the top border...what a teaser I am!

I call these feathers, kidneys!

Here is something else I'm working on, I bought a new ruler. I did not have much time to put this together, I'm hoping to make a queen size quilt from this, just different fabric...I only had a little of this. I think I will just put these together as a table topper.

It is kind of busy...needs something else, suggestions please...
I've received lots of emails from people across the nation about my quilt on the magazine cover. Thank you! And thank you to those who have posted here on my blog.  I'm hoping this week to piece just for me, but who knows, maybe I will get to have another quilt in a magazine! I am teaching a lot this coming month! I mean every weekend!
Tata everyone and Happy Sewing!

Friday, September 23, 2011

My youngest son is in driver's ed...

Tell me how this happens? He was only born 15years ago, who said he could get taller than me, taller than 2 of his older brothers and that he can drive???? Who?!
John is our youngest son, he turned 15 on 9/11. He is amazing! He is independent, disciplined and driven! He rarely needs my help with any school work, usually it is history, he does not like history...does not get down to business fast enough for him...I understand that! LOL He is an amazing drummer!! One day I hope to get a video of him and older brother Joe in "wipeout"...remember that instrumental from the 60's? I think that was when it came out.
I need to find a picture of John to post. Well, since I don't have any, I think I will take a picture of him today and post it later on.
This was a short post to get to work today...take John to Driver's Ed.
Happy Sewing everyone!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Here is the magazine cover!!

Ok, I hope this works. I had to go capture the picture from facebook because my camera battery is dead. So, what do you think??? Please let me know if you find the magazine in your area, thanks!
Happy Sewing!
Before I forget, my quilt is the first one featured in the magazine! Page 8! woohoo!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The magazine is on newstands....

My sister flew in a couple of days ago and we when she arrived we went on a mad hunt to find the magazine. The magazine: Fons & Porter Easy Quilts Scrap Quilts has my quilt on the cover! How sweet is that!!? The magazine was no where to be found!! I was pretty bummed. Two days later, we found it on the shelves at Kroger!! Renee was outside talking on her cell phone so I went into the store to see. Standing up front was Kathy, she is one of their managers. I walked up to her and told her about the magazine and wanted to know if the newest magazines had been put on the shelves yet? She said yes, that the girl just finished. So off I went and my son Steve was the one who found the magazine! It was not with the other quilt magazines though, that is why I could not find it. I grabbed a copy, and took up to the front to show Kathy. You should have seen her face!! She bought the magazine and had me autograph it! How funny! Honestly the funniest part of it was when I handed her the magazine and she yelled to the entire store "we have a celebrity in the store!! Right here, Chris, your mom made the cover of the magazine!!" and yes, she was yelling...and everyone looked! oh my that was a little embarrassing and funny, but she meant well and I just laughed.
Steve ran back to the magazine stand and grabbed one for Renee. We bought it and took it outside to show her. You should have seen her face! She got off the phone so fast and took off  into the store and bought the rest of the copies!!  That leaves no copies for the quilters, lol...oops.
Hopefully other stores will have the magazine and I also hope that subscribers of the magazine will send me an email about my quilt! I love to hear from others!
Happy Sewing everyone!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Who said September could arrive so fast????

Ok, someone needs to fess up now! Who in their right mind said September could arrive so fast?!! I am not ready for this month to be here! We begin school next week, am I ready? nope! I have quilts that are due right now, in house, are they there?! nope!
Matter of fact, I just sent a reminder email to the editor saying I have till Monday.
You know I really work well under pressure, unless someone bugs me! LOL then, well let's just say, don't talk to me! LOL
Yesterday I received two wonderful surprises in the mail!!! Fons and Porter sent me the copy of the magazine my quilt is in!!! I made the front cover and my quilt is the first quilt in the magazine!! Then, as I was walking to my bedroom, which is in the front of the house, I saw the UPS truck out front. Who ordered something?! The driver came around the back of the truck with a nice size box in her eyes got real big!!! It is my quilt! Yep! Fons and Porter sent me my quilt back so I can have it for show and tell with the quilt guild! I met the driver outside, I was so excited...I'm so silly....and I told her that is my quilt that made the cover of the magazine!! WooHoo!! She was also very excited for me and congratulated me!
Last night, my son Joe and I sat on the living room couch and chatted about our day. I love that boy!! He had run into a couple of snags with his classes at OCC and had spent the entire day getting everything taken care of. He did a fantastic job, and I believe because he dressed nicely, with a tie on, that helped the professors and deans that he spoke with take him very serious. What a kid! oops, what an adult....oh heck, he is still my kid!
Chris on the other hand came home with a migraine last night. Not good, he had one all day and was getting sick to his stomach. I'm gonna tweak his diet again...but I also think the migraine could have come from the front that is coming through bringing all this heat and humidity.
Pictures for you to enjoy....
trying to figure out what to do with these blocks....
things on my design wall.....
just something I'm working on....

I tweaked this applique design, I did not like the original, so I took out the stems, lessened the number of berries and moved the center flower petals...what do you think? oh and I don't really care for applique, that is the process of doing I did raw edge machine applique.
And yes, it is on my longarm machine, I quilted it to death! LOL
Happy sewing everyone!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Designing all week

Yep, I've been designing one quilt all week...or should I say all morning long for this past week. I worked on this quilt for 2-3 hours every morning. I've submitted this quilt to the magazine, I hope they accept will be a hard one to piece! So, what do you think?
Would you tackle this one?
Today is my final class of "jazzy" valances over at Sew Many Things in Clinton Twp. I'm enjoying learning the correct way to sew valances! 
Happy Sewing y'all!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Again, no picture day

Sorry no pictures today, but I did find my camera. I was very busy this weekend. Friday I began piecing early in the morning and I pieced until 10pm! I was determined to finish and I just kept plugging away.  I was unable to piece the borders on but I did manage to get them cut. Saturday morning, bright and early, I went down to my sewing room and packaged all my supplies up for my valance class. I brought my quilt along with me so that I could piece the borders on to the quilt. I knew I would have time because there were two other students that would need Pam's attention, so I took advantage of waiting time.
As for getting anything done after class on Saturday....did not happen! I was soooo sick to my stomach I could not do anything, I was miserable and uncomfortable. All I managed to do was lay on the couch and channel surf...I found nothing on tv...wouldn't you know it!
Sunday came along and I felt much better. Went to church, came home, made salsa soup for dinner, watched Big Bang Theory (dvd) and then headed downstairs to begin cutting out applique pieces...I don't like applique....but I'm the one who said I would do this quilt so I'm committed....
I was able to get about 30% completed, that is just the cutting out part, not the actual sewing down part. I will have to go up to the Village Quilt shop today and buy the right threads for the job. Hopefully while I'm there Carroll will be able to let me know if he ordered Block Base for me. I hope he did!
I'm also hoping that today I will go work outside in my yard. It is an absolute mess!!! I have not worked on my flowerbeds in weeks again! And the weeds are so high and I can't seem to get control of them. I want to start all over with this flower bed, but who has time for that?
I have a couple of quilt submissions to take care of this week also. I hope everyone is enjoying the last bits of summer, I can't believe school has and is starting back....summer is just never long enough....
Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Guild Meeting

Last night was Townhall Quilt Guild meeting. I love guild now. At first I did not because I was the "new kid in town" and knew no one. Now, I'm getting to know everyone.  The meeting was fun and our new guild president tried to talk us into a "chinese fire drill" activity...hahahaha no one was going for it! LOL Not a one of us was willing to get up and move around. She tried though and it was a good idea, but the ladies were just gonna move....I think it is funny.
At a recent visit to my one my favorite quilt shops, a student of a class I taught came in. She was not there to see me, but when she saw me she thought it was necessary to tell me that I need to use a different method of constructing triangles for my projects....I had to inform her that I don't care for that method that I like the one I used, and that I've been quilting for 15 years and I've seen that method....I choose to do another one...she was not impressed with me at all...sorry! 
So, when I see that a pattern calls for hst's where you draw a diagonal line on the back of the square and then sew 1/4" seam on either side of the line....I look to see the finished size and use my method...what is the big deal?  As long as your block/units are the right size you are fine! I can chain piece my hst faster with this method, so that is why I use this method.
Yesterday I stopped into the Village Quilt shoppe and asked Carroll (is it two l's or one?) if he could order Block Base for EQ7 for me. I checked EQ7's website and they are on back order. I checked a wholesale distributor's website and they had hopefully he will be able to order it for me.
Today is an all day sewing day! I'm not leaving the house if I don't have to!! I pieced 28 blocks yesterday, and today I need to add the sashing and cornerstones. I also have to cut out my applique pieces. The applique is going on a different quilt, just need to get it moving too....phew....lots to do lots to do....Happy Sewing everyone!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Random thoughts

This past weekend, for some unknown reason, I ventured into my son Chris's room...he is a pretty tidy young man...I can't call him a kid any more...he is 6'2" and he is 19 yrs. old...he no longer fits the "my kid" category..hahaha....
Anyway, I went up to his room looking for something, probably my camera. He likes to use it to film his mini-videos. Oh, now I remember why I went into his room, his bathroom window was open and it was raining outside. So, I go to close his window and I noticed you could NOT see out of it! My thoughts, "Chris, clean off this screen!" I realized what was on the screen...cottonwood fuzz! IT has been there forever! The screen is sooo tiny, there is no reason why he can't do this job. I will tell him today.
Cottonwood: I never knew what cottonwood was until we moved to Michigan. In the spring when these trees bloom and the wind takes the little "fuzzies" away with the breeze, it looks like it is snowing. Yep, and the little fuzzies, seeds, line all up along our driveway, in all of our windows....and make me sneeze! they stick to your screens and you can't see out. Once the trees are done dropping their fuzzies, we can clean our screens...but I guess Chris managed to get away with not cleaning his.
On Friday, I went to Maybellena's quilt shop to meet Sharon to pick up two of her quilts. While I was in the shop I saw the prettiest and easiest blue green quilt to piece. I wanted to take it and wrap up in it. They had the kit for sale, but I did not want to spend the money for the kit, so I bought 2 yards of fabric there, and two yards of fabric at the Village quilt shop...and started piecing it last night. Actually, I'm not piecing it the way they did in Maybellena's...I'm doing my own pattern. I hope it works! And as soon as I can find my camera I will post pictures.
I have 3 quilt projects that are due to QW magazine on Sept. 2. Last night I dreamed all night long that I was teaching people to make these quilts. One particular student was a little boy, who did not listen to me and my instructions. He cut out all the fabric that I gave him in his own way! He ruined the quilt! In a nutshell I had this nightmare all night long!! I would wake up everytime this little boy would show me what he did, get frustrated, roll over and go back to sleep...all night long people, all night long...sigh!
Well, I'm going to go cut my fabric for Quilter's World magazine mystery that is listed on Facebook. I forgot to cut my blocks this I better get busy!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Raspberry Chocolate!

I began playing with EQ7 this morning.  I was inspired by a new shop that has opened up in Clinton Twp "Sew Many Things". Their business card's colors are pink and brown. So I designed this quilt with their colors in mind:
Raspberry Chocolate
What do you think? It is the same layout as the quilt in the previous day's post, but I changed it up a bit. Not as many blocks to construct...and yes, I know there is a LOT of pink! but remember, you can use any color scheme/layout you desire! Be creative...if you are interested in this quilt. Give me some time to get the instructions together. It would be a nice "quilt along" don't you think? Think about your colors now....could you make with your scraps and have it a variety? Or do you need to control the colors?  I would love to hear your responses and ideas!!
Happy Sewing!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fabirc is HERE!!

Scrumptous, Scrumptous, Scrumptous!! Love my fabric!! 
I've designed a medallion quilt this past weekend, I've been tweaking it too. There were some things that I forgot to do. Here are a couple of pictures for you to enjoy! I'm actually going to make this quilt from my stash...some how, some way...I'm gonna do this! Once I get everything together and all the instructions written, I will let you know.

Please don't copy this pattern and try to get published...I'm already working with a couple of editors and they are aware of this please respect my design and my work. Thank you!! Now for some eye candy!

This is with a solid border
Little bits of Chocolate

Little Bits of Chocolate with blue border

This was the original design, I've changed a few things, such as baskets and colors in the blocks....this is my favorite border though!

This is with all the baskets going in the correct direction so that there is a definite top to the you can hang it either way....and I recolored some of the corner blocks.
So tell me what you think?

Happy Sewing!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Waiting on Fabric!!

Today I'm waiting on fabric to arrive. It should have arrived yesterday! I canceled my serger class that I was signed up for because I thought my fabric was going to be never arrived...maybe it will arrive this morning and I can get busy cutting!  I have 3 projects due at the beginning of September and 1 at the end of September.
Anytime now, fabric can
Yesterday was a blast though, I had a wonderful day. Lots of birthday wishes, one of my best friends took me out to lunch, my boys bought us Jet's pizza for dinner!! and When I walked in to the quilt show board meeting, the ladies started clapping!! HA!! That totally surprised me! I was somewhat embarrassed....I should have broken out into a happy dance, but my mind does not work that fast! LOL I think I would have totally shocked them if I broke out into a dance!! oh I crack myself up sometimes!
I've got about "up-teen-million" quilt designs in my head and I can't seem to focus on one of them....How does one do this? I try to keep a notebook with drawings or printouts, but honestly, because my computer is upstairs and my sewing room is downstairs...I find it hard to stay organized...I leave a paper trail! Any suggestions!? Help please!
Last night our temps dropped down in the upper 50's, great sleeping weather! This morning I'm in my "comfy" warm pants and a light jacket....I'm a bit chilled not being under the covers. I love this kind of weather! The sun is shinning so brightly, the grass is green and the wind is blowing! I'm keeping my house open all day long!!
My youngest son, John, asked if he could sleep on the porch. We have a screened in side porch that my sister, Renee, dubbed as the "passion pit"...don't even ask!! Let me see if I can find a picture of it, bummer! Can't find one. We lost our computer over a year ago and I lost lots of pictures and files. Maybe I will retake a picture of the porch.
So, back to John sleeping on the porch. He went up in the attic and brought down the cot, set it up, sheets, blankets and all. Now sometime during the night, he must have decided it was either too cold or uncomfortable because when I got up at 6:15am he was not on the porch, but in his bed.
Today, I'm going to try to tackle several things....lets see how much I can accomplish. Normally these cool temps inspire me to work. I hope it does today!
Happy sewing everyone!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I made the cover!!!!

Oh my gosh!! I'm soooo excited that I made the cover of one of Fons and Porter's magazines!!! There is a scrap issue, editor told me that it is one of their largest issues, that will be on newstands Sept. 13!!! Dang I'm excited!! And my quilt made the cover!! Thank you Blank fabric for making that quilt shine!! And thank you to Diane at F&P for giving me such a great honor to be on the cover!!!
This is not the cover of the magazine, I don't have a picture of that yet....Maybe she will send me one? I have no idea! LOL But I'm so excited I just can't help myself!!! And to top things off, today is my birthday!!! How sweet is that?! Go buy the magazine when it comes out!! Check out the beautiful fabrics that were chosen!! 
So, for my b'day, I'm going to lunch with one of my best friends Carol. We are going to go to Culver' son Steve, just got a job there too. Tonight I get to go take serger lessons at Sew Many Things over in Clinton Township. I'm really looking forward to this. All of this month, August, I'm taking sewing lessons over at this shop. Not quilting lesson, but home dec. I can't wait!!
Well everyone, You have a wonderful day! I'm gonna go play with fabric!!
Happy Sewing!

Monday, August 8, 2011

August is here and we are heading towards mid month....

Sigh...I can't believe August is here and tomorrow is my birthday...that means that we are heading towards mid month...then we head towards September...that means school and fall/autumn temps....oh I don't even want to think about what comes after fall! Make it go away! LOL
I've been working on a quilt in EQ7 that I so want to piece right now! And I bet you if I could just sit down in my sewing room for the rest of this week, with no interuptions I could get it pieced!! I would love to get this quilt published, but I'm not certain where to get started...why? because it is big, lots of paper...paper as in it will not fit in a magazine.....I have not decided if I'm going to show this quilt on my blog yet, I don't want it shared with more people than it should be...just in case I do go through with trying to get it published.
Actually, If I could piece it in a different color pattern, I would at least see if my instructions/measurements are correct...hmmm, now there is a thought....

Another design I've been working on....opinions please?
I really like the looks of this quilt, I've been playing with eq7 for a while, just trying different things out. I came up with this quilt you see above. What do you think? It reminds me of bowling alley shirts??? I don't know why either. And it looks like it should be in the 1950's....So tell me what you think?
Happy sewing!

Monday, August 1, 2011

what to do what to do....

I have so much on my list to accomplish I don't know where to begin. I have a couple of fun things to work on and then I have some "must do"...but they are not fun....what should I do today? Fun or work? Logic says, get the work done so you can have fun! Ok fine, but I'm hungry! I think I will eat some breakfast first. While my bread is toasting I will type for a few moments....I'm posting some homeschool text books up for sale on the vegsource list. I've been wanting to sell these books for a while. Hopefully someone will jump on my prices and take it all!
Last night was wonderful! We had the acteen girls over. We are doing a study called "No Other Gods". With this study we are going to teach the girls how to cook. Most of them know how to do basic things but I was surprised that one did not know how to chop veggies. She knows how to now! She did a fantastic job! We made chopped all kinds of veggies, sauted them and added them to pasta which I showed the girls how to cook your pasta in chicken broth...tastes soooo much better. cooked up some chicken and a dessert and we were good to go! Last night was great!
Today, like I mentioned before I have lots to do. I need to put a customer's quilt on the machine, work on Quiltmaker magazine's project, do submissions..clean my house weed the flower beds ( it is too humid outside though), go to the quilt shop for some "sit and sew" time with friends.
Ahhhh breakfast was good! I love Italian bread toasted! Breakfast was toast, but with Italian bread...I love the texture and the "crunch". Time to get to work people......

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sigh.... is time to go back to loosing weight and getting myself in shape.
My sister sent me an email with a link to photos online and I saw exactly what I look like. How depressing! I don't want to be this size any more....Wish me luck and pray for me!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I love designing quilt tops!

I absolutely love designing quilt tops with EQ7. I will admit though, that I don't know how to work the program totally yet, but I am learning! This morning I designed this one. I've seen tumbler blocks recently showing up in people's quilts so I thought I'd try it out on EQ7. The tumbler block/unit is a great stash buster. So here it is:
Just use all of your greens, reds, blues, browns, yellows, oranges...whatever you have! I do plan on attacking my stash and putting this on my design wall. Hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later. Oh what the heck! Get your quilt guilds, sewing groups to join in and make it a charm stash buster! If you want the pattern just send me an email and I can send it over to you for only $5. I use paypal, just shoot me an email and I send you all the information.
I also designed another quilt yesterday...ok, well I designed more than one....but I will show you this one:

The center squares, the ones that read "solid". I will be strip piecing different shades of creams to tans. Once the strips are pieced I will then cut the squares, but they will be on the bias. I'm getting brave these days and I'm not afraid of working with the bias. This pattern is also only $5, so if you are interested, shoot me an email via the blog and I will send you the info.
Time to get off the computer, I have some sewing to do!
Happy quilting everyone!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sneek peek.....

For those "enquiring" minds....I have a special quilt that I will be revealing later is for Quilt Maker magazine...I've made 12 blocks and now on to the soon as I can begin revealing I will....
Happy Quilting folks!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July is almost over!

I cannot believe that July is almost over and August will be here...that means school begins again! UGH! I'm not ready for summer to be over and for fall to be here...not only does that mean school, but then preparing for the holidays!! I don't remember life going by so fast! what in the world has happened?
I wanted to show a picture of a pillow that I made the other day.
I swapped the colors around. Instead of making it look like a log cabin block where all the dark colors are on one side of the block, I rotated them...kind of. This was very easy to make. I think I might make another one!
I got another project accepted by a magazine!! I'm totally excited about this one. I now have 6 projects that are due "in house" by the end of September...well some are due before the end of September...they must be there by the beginning of Sept.  I'm a little nervous about all the sewing, but I'm totally geeked!
That is all for today, hope everyone is having a wonderful day! It is beautiful here in Michigan! I have the house opened up.....if it gets too hot we will close it up, but at least this way we are saving a little bit on electricity costs!
Oh, I can't go down to my sewing room at the moment...the kids are having band is a little noisey for me to concentrate....I will hang out upstairs and get some cleaning done....
Happy sewing!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My far....

This past Tuesday, I submitted 4 quilts to a quilt book publisher. Three out of the four were accepted into the book!! I received my email yesterday...actually the email was sent to me on Friday, but I did not read it until Saturday morning. I was so excited, still am actually!
I also learned the other day that my quilt for F&P is one of the several that is being voted on for the cover!! That one totally shocked me. I emailed the editor wondering how my quilt photographed. When she sent me a picture of my quilt, it looked like one that would go on the I asked....Did it make on the cover? She then told me that it is being considered!
I have not heard if my quilt for QW will be on the cover or not, that will be a while before I hear anything, that would be so very exciting!
Yesterday after a few errands I came home to begin sewing. I really did want to work outside but it was way to hot and humid. The air felt saturated. So I cut 80 strips of fabric and sewed the strips into 40 strip sets.
Now I need some help, I made 9patches the other night and I have two ideas and I'm not sure which one I should go with. Here is a picture of the 9patches:

As you can see, I've added triangle units to all 4 sides of the 9patches. I'm thinking of either adding sashing and cornerstones between the blocks or adding larger triangles to all 4 sides, giving it a "snails trail" look to attempt to create a spin. What do you think?
Today we will go to church, come home, feed the gang, then I have to prepare for this afternoon's lesson for the teen girls. I'm suppose to do, as Cassandra dubbed the class, "Cooking with Jesus". That one cracked me up! We are trying to teach the girls how to take care of themselves by giving them life skills while doing our Bible study. We are going to be starting the "No Other Gods" study tonight. It will just be an introduction night because I have a leadership team meeting.
Time to get ready for church!
Have a wonderful day everyone!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

As the Village Quilt Shop says....

As the Village Quilt shop says (Lake Orion Michigan at Canterbury Village) Reuse, Recycle and I'm adding Repurpose! That is if you can! LOL
Last night I just wanted to sew, I did not care what I worked on, but I do have somethings that I *NEED* to work on right now! Often times though my mind says, no work on this can play catch up with that project later, lets start a new one!" oh joy! me, myself and I having a discussion!
~a little funny note here~ I just walked into the kitchen to get a refill of coffee. (We have 4 birds: 2 cockatiels and 2 Quaker parrots) The birds are still covered up and they are suppose to be asleep right now, it is 8:15am, they are not asleep...they are waiting very patiently for Steven to wake up and uncover them so they can tell the entire world about their night! Anyway, I am pouring my cup of coffee and Henry the Quaker hears me...he hears everything....and then I hear "Good morning" I giggle and say "good morning" back to him...he continues this Good morning, good morning, good morning game until I no longer respond....Sometimes he will just hollar when I stop talking back to him....other times he will say other things to me such as " is it good" "eat" "give me a kiss"  Henry is quite the character...Gracy on the other hand is a sweet bird, she is the other quaker...she likes giving kisses and she is learning more sounds and beginning to talk like Henry. She is about 7 years old though.
Back to quilting!
Here is what I did last night. Since 2 1/2" strips are in and reusing, recycling, repurposing is so "in", I ironed a lot of fabric (fat quarters, 1/2yards, yardage...) then I cut 5- 2 1/2" x wof dark strips and cut 3- 2 1/2"x wof light strips. Sew your strip sets as a usual 9 patch formation (DLD-2 strip sets and LDL-1 strip set), cut into 2 1/2 segments and sew your 9-patches together.
Next: I used my Companion Angle ruler made by EZ Quilt, I cut medium to dark 3 1/2" x wof strips with my 6" wide strip cutting ruler. Now pick up your Companion Angle ruler and do the cut and flip method to make triangle units. Lay the Companion Angle ruler on the bottom of the strip of fabric on the 3 1/2" line and the tip of the ruler should rest at the top of your strip. I layer cut!! 4 Layers! If you have 2 strips folded in half and placed on top of each other you can do this. I get at least 4 cuts from this, you could possibly get 5(20 triangles)....I was being lazy last night and stopped at 4(16 triangles). I wanted to sew!
If you are unfamiliar with EZ Quilt rulers, you cut and flip with these. You make the first cut with the ruler then you flip the ruler. Just look at the directions that came with the ruler or go to their website you can download the instructions.
Back to the block. Last night I made 16-9patches. Take your 9 patches and find the mid point on all 4 sides, either pinch to mark or place a pin to mark. Next you take one of the Companion Angle Triangles (*****You are working with the bias!!! Don't stretch then, don't press them roughly, treat them gently***), I place the same color of triangles around 1-9patch. I also fold the triangles in half so that I get mid point on the base of the triangle. Line the midpoints up, triangle to 9patch, and sew. Go around all 4 sides of the 9patch with the same color triangle...I know I said that already.
This is going to be a king size quilt.....choose your colors, I want mine to look warm and scrappy... I will be making my 9patches and triangles from a variety of colors.
I will post more tomorrow.....Happy sewing!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chris is 19 years old today!!

Happy Birthday Chris!
My son Chris is an absolute wonderful person! I enjoy having him around. I'm not like other parents that just want their kids to move out, I truly enjoy having all my kids here at home! I will miss them terribly when they move out.
We gave his b'day present to him last night because Chris and his older brother Joe are heading over to the youth pastor's house tonight for college night. Apparently Josh is hosting a get together of some kind. So we gave Chris his present early. He was quit thrilled when he saw it! Dad picked him out a set of drum mics for his recording set up, stuff??? I don't know the real name for it, but Chris was thrilled! and very appreciative.
Quilting: I'm close to be done with the quilt that is going to Quilter's World magazine. I've already sewn the binding on by using the longarm machine. I know I should have sewed it on after I finished the quilting, but this way, I won't sew into the "binding" seam allowance...I have a bad habit of doing that.
Sorry no pictures....I do have some exciting news and when I can share it I will!
Happy sewing!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

July is here

July is here! What does that mean.....well in two days everyone will be celebrating freedom. I hope everyone remembers how America has gotten her freedom and honors our men and women of service, past and present!
Today I went down to my sewing room and began sewing around 8:30am. I really thought I'd be done by noon....not a took me two extra hours of piecing to get my "special" borders on my quilt that is going in the magazine. And from that sewing....I'm totally exhausted! It is only 9:15pm and I'm ready to crawl in bed.
We had some storms move through here this evening, I was very thankful for the rain, our yard and garden needed it. I have neglected my yard and garden this year. I don't know why though. Since the storms have moved on and the sun is setting the air has a yellow hazy tint, very interesting. I want to go to sleep, but I know if I go to sleep now, I will be wide awake at midnight! I hate when that happens.
Oh my, I forgot I was suppose to make the quilt back tonight, shoot! Ok, I must do it tomorrow...darn it...I hate when my brain is tired! lol
well everyone, what are you doing this holiday weekend? We will be heading over to a friend's house in the late afternoon. I don't know if everyone is coming with us, have not heard what the boys want to do.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's almost July

It is almost July! This past week the weather has been absolutely gorgeous!!!! No air conditioning, just fresh air. We have been pretty busy too. The boys have had several things to go and I have had a couple of dr./dentist appts.
Doctor appt....well I have a ruptured blood vessel in my right hand just below my thumb. I'm well aware that it is there, but it only hurts when I try to hold something in my hand...say the round brush when I attempt to pull the curl out of my hair so I don't look a frizz ball....or the rotary cutter to work on my is good though!
My husband comes home today from his trip to Mexico. He had to go there for work. How interesting, as soon as I finished typing the previous sentence, my husband called from Mexico! He was on the plane and just wanted to let me know that he was thinking about me!! Love that man!
Quilting: I'm working on my quilt for the magazine, I'm behind but trying to catch up. Hopefully today I will be able to do just that. I have a quilt on the longarm machine that I need to get done, plus all the other customer quilts waiting to go on the machine. I will finish her's first, then I will put the magazine quilt on the longarm. Once that quilt is done I will be able to focus on the rest of the quilts....BUT, I received an email yesterday from a magazine requesting that I submit a design for a book! How cool is that?! I did not seek them out, so I'm excited!!
Got to get a movin'!
Happy sewing!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Big Bang Theory is so funny!

Last night after Kate arrived, we all sat in the family room and watched 4 shows from season 1 of The Big Bang Theory. I'm so glad my hubby's co-worker sent the series home with him.
Today I teach at JoAnn's. It is a 2 hour class for the "kids sewing class". I'm not really thrilled about it, but hey I will earn a little extra fabric buying cash. After class is over, I'm coming home to pick up Kate and we are going to go to Sam's to buy the leather recliner for hubby, that is his Father's Day present. He is going to be soooo shocked! And I don't know how we are going to get into the house, because there will not be any boys home!!! Chris, Steve and John are all going to go work at my friend's house today. They are preparing their house/yard to go on the market.
That is all for now.....later everyone

Friday, June 17, 2011

Life for the weekend

Today our daughter arrives home for the weekend! Kate is 25 years old and she is a beautiful young woman! I can't wait for her to arrive. She is coming for the weekend,  cause it is Father's Day this Sunday. It will be nice having another female in the house again. I think she hinted to me that she wants to pick out fabric for a duvet? I'm not certain....we will see. I have no problem looking for fabric!
Someone from my husband's work brought in 3 seasons of The Big Bang Theory. We love that show! Needless to say we have been watching the dvd's!! Our son Chris said we should have a marathon of watching them over the weekend. Ok, let's do it Saturday night or Friday night while Kate is here. I'll make some good finger foods for munching and we can all just veg in front of the tv! What fun! LOL Actually we have done this before but it was with Third Rock From the Sun. We literally sat and watched 6 hours of tv and none of us moved! LOL
Last night I sewed 32 sets of fabric strips together to prepare for my quilt that is going in QW magazine. I power sewed! Now today after I run Steve and John out to Rachel's to help her father clean up the yard, I will come back home and iron all those strip sets. I'm hoping that I can cut the strip sets into the sub units that I need and begin to prepare them for sewing. I will have to lay all the pieces out to make sure I achieve the "right" look. My goal is to make this quilt look like suede! How cool is that?!
Speaking of yard clean up, the boys are helping one family today, and another family tomorrow. They will be completely worn out by Sunday, Father's Day.
Well everyone, I will post pictures of my quilt in stages as soon as I can.....

Later and happy quilting!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I got fabric in the mail!!

What a great day when you receive fabric in the mail!! I did not order the fabric either!! A manufacturer sent me about 40 pieces of 1/2yard or larger pieces for my quilt that is going in Quilter's World...Feb. 2012 issue!! oh my goodness is this fabric scrumptious!!  I pressed and cut last night and this morning. I am ready to assemble the pieces into units. That is my plan for the evening.
On Tuesday and Thursday I teach a group of girls sewing (quilting). Today I had the little chatty girls! Lord have mercy were they chatty and they are all around the ages of 10-13. They were so dang cute!
Well, I have to get moving, we are heading out the door to go to some thrift stores. I need to buy a desk for my hubby for the computer room. Nothing fancy, obviously, just something that he can sit at more comfortably and I can have the 8foot long buffet table back down in my sewing room.
Happy Quilting everyone!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What a day!

Yesterday was a great day! It was hot here and humid but all in all I had a wonderful day.  I heard from the fabric manufacturer and they are going to help me with fabric for another quilt design!! WoooHooo! This made my night!
I've also got another quilt pattern in my head and I need to piece it now! I just have the image though, no measurements....wonder how it will go! LOL
Today's weather is suppose to be absolutely gorgeous! 78 is our high, now that is just down right fantastic, don't you think?!
Tomorrow night is Oakland County Guild meeting. I have only been able to attend 2 meetings at the most. No one knows me. Hopefully, I will begin to start making some friends there. I truly hate being the "new kid". I had to deal with that all my life from being a navy brat...we moved all the time! So....make friends with me, I'm shy! 
I think that is all for now.
Happy quilting!!
oh! I can't figure out how to comment to any followers that post comments to my blog. If you know how, please let me know! I went to the help section and didn't help! lol

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Design Wall Monday?

My completed Dahlia Blooms.
Quilts on my design wall, I have several on my wall, but I will show this one. I'm still working with blues, but this color will be ending soon and I will move on to the next color. In the picture, my husband is holding the quilt up at the quilt shop. I will be teaching a class on this technique.
I thought I had taken a picture of another quilt that is actually on my design wall but alas I did not....and I am presently looking all around this room trying to find my camera...again, somone has taken it...who keeps doing this?????
So, what do you think of my finished quilt top?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playing catch up!

This entire week has been nothing but playing catch up! The house needs to be cleaned from top to bottom, the flowerbeds need to be need to be put into the ground...quilts need to be quilted and patterns need to printed off! Oh, and I have a few quilts that need to be pieced. Do I have the energy to do any of this??? no...I don't know why? Could it be because there is almost no sunshine this week???
On Tuesday, my husband's b'day, the kids and I cleaned out his suv, and I worked on the flowerbeds...actually all of us worked on everything together that day. Allergies kicked in and did me in...also did Steve in. Poor kid!
Well, I'm gonna make this short today, lots to do and I need to go eat breakfast!
Happy quilting everyone...what are you up to? Any new projects?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oliver! Boy for Sale!!!

We are in the throws of the play!! Oliver! Today is dress rehearsal, tomorrow is 1st play night! I'm so excited!! I'm going to bring camera today and take pictures. This morning, I'm picking up my sister Renee at the airport. She flies in every year to help us out with the play. The other moms love it when she comes up. Renee is a HOOT!! She is a lot of fun!! and the girls love it when "Aunt Nay-Nay" comes.
What for pictures over the next week. It may take me a few days to get the pictures uploaded.
Later gator!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I found it!

My camera has been returned! My son, Chris, had my camera up in his room....I had not dared to walk up the stairs to check out his room...I knew it would surface sooner or later .... or just ask, "ok, who took mom's camera?"
Today we begin moving the set for "Oliver". It is 7:30am and it is raining, I'm hoping the rain is going to stop soon....and I'm glad I have a covered truck bed to help move the set. My son, Joe, has been helping to build the bridge for the play. I'm going to take pictures of our work today and attempt to take more pictures throughout this week of all we do for the setup and then the performance. These kids work so hard to put on these plays, actually, all involved works their butt off! Those that don't....well lets just say....just kidding! LOL
I worked on a design yesterday on my eq7 program. I submitted it to a magazine. I'm hoping it gets accepted! That will make 3 quilt designs that have been accepted.
Well, lots to do today and I am no where near prepared for this week of work. I have not prepared for the bake sale like I should. For some reason I just can't get my head wrapped around it ...bake bake bake...I'm not in charge of like I have been for the past couple of years....which is actually a good thing.
Got to run....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ok, fess up....who took mom's camera!?

I'm sitting here at my desk looking all around me for my camera. I pulled the battery out of it the other day to charge it. Left the camera sitting right here on the corner of my desk so that when I was ready to take more pics everything would be within arms reach! But someone has removed mom's camera....hmmmm....I wonder which child has borrowed mom's camera? OH and the battery is missing too.....
The last two days I have made several blocks for my "Farmer's Wife" quilt. I have finished blocks 1-6. My goal, set on Mother's Day, was to complete 7 blocks that night. I want to set Sunday evenings aside to make 7 blocks...well I'm behind already! I wanted to take pictures of each of the blocks and post my progress....well I guess I have to go on a mad hunt for my camera!
That is all for today.....later everyone! Happy sewing!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting inspired!!

The creative juices in my brain are working! I have 7 patterns that are in the works...well lets just say 6 since I have already accomplished the first one...
I was wondering what quilters like the best when it comes to patterns. Do you prefer black and white computer generated images, or color images directly from the author as she/he is creating the block?
I personally prefer the color image. I'm very visual, yet I still have to read the instructions...I get myself into trouble when I don't follow know, you look at the image and go "oh, I can make this, who needs instructions!" ummmm I DO!! Raise your hand now if you are guilty!! See, I've got both hands up in the air \o/!
Also, I like to create one block and place it in clear sight so I can make certain that I am placing everything in the correct order!!! Ask me how many times I get things out of order and have to rip, rip and rip!! ugh! I hate Frogging! (rip it, rip it, rip it - - - frogging)hahaha
This week I have to begin working on my neice's wedding quilt. I want to create something very special and original for her. I need to attack the double wedding ring, but not for her quilt I said, I want something original that I've designed...what to do what to do.....

This is my son Steve. He is pondering for me...
"what to do mom, what to do?"
Yep, he is quite the handsome young man! For those of you new to my blog, we have 5 children: 1 daughter and 4 boys....our youngest is 14, Kate the oldest just turned 25. I will try to post pictures of my family when I can.
Now, back to sewing....need to work on Ashley's quilt.....
oh I thought I would share this. This past Sunday I had a lady at church come up to me and tell me that art can sometimes get in the way with your relationship with God. You see, I doodle when I am in church or in class. I need to keep my hands moving...I'm a kinestetic learner...I squirm a lot!! She did not understand this about me. She thinks I'm off in lalalalala land when I begin drawing. I was coloring in a pattern that I had drawn earlier. I was coloring this pattern in between Sunday School hour and the 2nd Service. Nothing was going on...people were just chatting with each other and I had to sit down and do this or I might loose the idea. I will be honest, I rolled my eyes and thought, "Lord have mercy, you don't understand me at all" and continued coloring.

Later everyone...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thank you everyone!!!

THank you everyone who posted comments about my quilt!!!

I have several other quilt designs that I am working on. My brain just does not shut off and I love sharing the passion I have for quilts with everyone!!
Just this morning I thought of a pantograph pattern, and guess what? I don't do pantographs!! See what I mean?!  UGH! LOL Now to see if it will actually work! How in the world will accomplish this one, no clue but I will give a good try. I drew the pattern out on paper, but to get it to computer to print it out is another task in itself.
I have another piecing pattern that has been accepted by another magazine, it is more of a new technique that I came up with than anything else, but if I go with this magazine, then I loose all discussing that one! I don't want to loose all rights. I feel as if I came up with this technique then I should keep is mine...and I want to share it!!
what to do, what to do.....

Later everyone...having a end of the (homeschool) year party today, gonna have lots of people in my home...I think I might want to go take a shower and get you think that would be a good idea? or just stay in my pj's??? LOL....

This is my son Chris, quite the handsome young man!!

He is pondering...what to do, what to do, mom? 
Haha, this is a picture of him from 2yrs ago heading out to prom.
Happy sewing everyone!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quilt I shipped off yesterday....

Here is a picture of the quilt I shipped off yesterday:
Friendship Rings quilt

This quilt was pieced for Fons and Porter Easy Quilting Scrap issue for this September. I'm so excited!!! I have made 4 of these quilts now, so I have the pattern in my head at all times. The pattern will be pulled from the local quilt shop now that it is officially going to be in a magazine.  The one in the quilt shop is this one:
this is before I pieced the blocks together into rows and before borders were put on....oops...need to take an updated picture!! lol
I've also made this quilt in this color wave:
I think I need to take some finished pictures of these quilts!! This one is before I quilted what a mess I am!
Today I am working on a friend's quilt. She is giving this as a mother's day present...and it is not a freebie, she pays me for the work.  I also need to work on the pattern for Double Dutch, Dahlia Blooms, Sweet Gum Ball (pinburr variation) and my Caribbean Salsa (cool layout of the Northwind)....
Lots to do today and go to the dentist! Have a wonderful day everyone....

Monday, May 2, 2011

She is finally finished!

I finally finished my quilt for Fons & Porter!! I shipped it off today! Now to wait for it to arrive. I hope nothing happens to it.
I've been cleaning up the house. I think I have not vacuumed and dusted in weeks! The house is a disaster! Now to work on my next project...Ashley's quilt...actually I have to finish Janet's quilt first. That is top priority!
Later everyone......

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Today at the quilt shoppe

Today I had an absolute wonderful day at the quilt shop teaching my Friendship Rings quilt. I had 5 students, I knew 4 of them and I think I have a new friend...the one I did not know. And!! Carolyn was there!! I was so shocked to see her!!! Carolyn is the owner of the shop and is now the new editor of Quilter's World magazine.  I have not seen her in about a month or longer. I was so happy to see her today.
If you are coming back to my blog to get the rest of the pattern for Dahlia Blooms, I deleted the steps. Why? Because I felt someone was going to try to copy this and take credit for it. I will be releasing the pattern soon, so if you are interested in purchasing it, let me know. Just drop me a line.
I've submitted the quilt pattern/design to a magazine already, hopefully I will from them in about a month.
Later y'all...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm back home!

I'm back home from a ten day trip to the Carolinas! Oh how I miss my sisters and extended family from there!! I wish we all lived closer! My neice, Ashley and her fianc'e (spelling?), Greg, were married on April 16. The wedding was beautiful and very elegant. Ashley is not a flashy person and her wedding showed just how elegant and simple she is. I absolutely loved it! I'm very impressed by her new hubby too. When we were all at the hotel the day after their wedding Greg was the only one who blessed his food before eating. Now that is a southern gentleman!
This past weekend I pieced a new quilt, I'm calling the pattern Dahlia Blooms. This quilt was inspired by two people's techniques: Billy Lauder and Cathy Wierzbicki. Cathy's book is Geometric Gems. I don't know the name of Billy Lauder's book or pattern that this technique came out of. I was told by my friend Dawn, that Billy used this cutting piecing technique in one of her books/patterns. She scanned me a copy last night just so that I could compare the technique. So, needless to say, I can't take credit for the techinique, but the two combined methods make a beautiful least I think so!
So, what do you think of the quilt? Hmmm, I hope the image isn't too blury.
I think I'm going to pursue publishing my own patterns. The more I think about it the more I don't want a magazine to "own" my pattern and I no longer benefit from it financially.  I need to insert here that I've got a second pattern that I submitted to a different magazine than the first pattern...this magazine reserves all rights....The first magazine returns all rights. I like this better. I still love the other magazine though, and no I will not say which magazine it is.
I have great news!! My sister Gail, is now in remission of her colon cancer!!! Praise the Lord!!  Gail had stage 4 colon cancer and I know she was scared!! And I know she is now relieved that her battle is over. I'm going to pray that the cancer does not come back!!!
One more thing: my truck is now back on the road again! lol...her name is Big Red ;o) I love my truck! My husband, my hero, had to replace the ball joints and U-joints this past weekend. The parts cost us $500. My husband being the great engineer/mechanic that he is saved us $1,000 by doing the work himself. Thank you honey!!!
Well it is off to work now!!
To my followers: drop me a line telling me what you are up to!! I love reading our comments!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

She never knew

I believe my last post was March has been a while, and a lot is going on.
This morning though, I realized, while reading other quilters' blogs, that my mom never knew I was a quilter. She never met any of my children, nor did she get to meet my husband. Mom died when I was 15. My sister Gail, had her first child in March of that year and mom died a couple months later. So mom, never met any of the rest of her grandchildren. Dad was around for my sisters' other children births, but he never met mine. That is a long story and honestly, that is his fault. He died about 5 or 6 years ago. Wish life would have been different. He walked away from us all. I still don't know and I don't think my sisters do either.
Him walking sealed the deal for me with having a strong family bond with my children. I wanted life to be different for them. Children always need their parents, aunts and uncles and grandparents. Family bonds need to be strong! I love my family!
Quilts: man am I swamped! Pushed with a deadline!! I'm working on the magazine quilt currently (piecing project), I have a clients quilt on the longarm machine (it will be done this morning), 2 other projects waiting to get on the longarm machine and both of those have to be bound, and 1 that I still have to cuts units from and get busy on!!! I'm leaving Tuesday for South Carolina.
My neice is getting married and I am heading down to help my sister Renee. I'm looking forward to heat and sunshine!! Michigan is beginning to warm up, just not a lot. I will have to finish Ashley's quilt after get back home from her wedding! I hate that!! I wanted it done but I did not expect what all occured in "home" life to make quilting go to the back burner. It was nothing major, just things take time and take you away from sewing.
On that to go sew....later....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Way to go my son Steve!!

To make a long story short, we were not going to do the play our homeschool drama club puts on every year...we opted out this year to play catch up on things. Well, one of the members has left the play. It is nice role that had to be filled, and my son Steve auditioned for the part tonight...and he got it!!!!! I'm so proud of him! They said they did not think that he could get the singing part because they thought it was out of his range. He did a fantastic job and well the rest is history. They are already into over 2 months worth of practices and off book so....that means Steve has to memorize really fast! The play is in May.
Way to go Steve!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Latest quilt

Last week I was able to cut all the fabrics into the sizes/pieces/units that I need. On Saturday I took the medium and light 1 1/2inch strips (8 of each), made 8 strip sets and then cut them into 1 1/2inch subunits. Next, I made the subunits into 4 patches....I have 128-4patch units.
Next, I used my Easy Angle ruler and cut my 2 1/2inch strips into 2 1/2inch hst (half square triangles)....I used light and dark fabrics...and I will have to go down to my sewing room to see just how many of those little buggers I cut up...lets just say A LOT! I will post this information tomorrow or maybe later on today when I come up for air! LOL
The hst units, I took them with me somewhere and pinned all day!! I mean that, there are a lot of them. Oh yes, I pinned them at the guild meeting and at homeschool co-op day. I was able to piece one basket of the hst units, I still have another basket to sew. That is today's project. Honestly, I can sew those this is going to be the ironing of these babies that is going to take forever!! I will set up my iron by my tv so that I won't be so darn bored!
Once those hst units are completed I can move on to the other units. These are 9-patches. I have made them from all darks! The measurements for the strips are 2 1/2inches, so if you wish to cut some and try to follow along with me, go ahead! This part you can figure out....9-patches are easy. And I don't remember how many of each for this, so I will get the information and post either this afternoon or tomorrow.
I can't post any pictures at the moment, my camera battery is charging. Hopefully it will not take long and I can upload some pics.
That is all for now!
Happy sewing!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

National Quilting Day...are you quilting?

Today is National Quilting Day....I read that from Judy L.'s blog of Patchwork Times. So, today I am quilting!
Here is my list of to do's for today:
1-finish 9 fans on longarm machine
2-iron Ashley and Greg's quilt pieces and get to work on it
3-before working on Ashley and Greg's quilt, make one block from Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt
4-eat lunch? sometimes I like to just bring munchies down to my sewing room, then I don't have to stop and I'm more productive
5-Get samples ready for shop classes!! I keep forgetting to do this!

Last night's 50-60's talent show was fantastic! Those kids are so talented!!
OH, Chris's doctor appt went wonderful! His A1c level is 6.1. His doctor gave him a smiley face and really spent a lot of time talking with Chris about becoming a pediatric endocronologist! I hope Chris sticks with this! The doctor perked up when Chris said he is going to go into the medical field and become an endocronologist. And I can't forget that Chris's results came back for his celiac test and he was originally at 90trig. and it has come down to 20!! That is amazing! Way to go Chris!!

and my son Joe. He was so happy up there playing that guitar last night for the show!! And being Laura's helper! He loves to serve and be a part of things. I so enjoyed seeing him smile! Way to go son! I need to get some pictures of him and the other boys. Since my old computer died so did all my pictures!
Happy Sewing!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Friday!! And the weather is ....

It's Friday and the weather is...not snowing! LOVE IT! This time of year is when all northerners (Michiganders in general) look forward to spring. We are all thankful for rain! lol...we don't have to shovel rain!
Look! someone cleaned up her sewing room! LOL I even vacuumed!
I just could not stand the mess any longer. I need to learn to put things away or at least make nicer looking piles! LOL
So today I'm going to sew on the longarm machine for a bit. See the fan quilt. I'm almost finished with it.

Presently, I'm filling in the white area of the quilt. The borders are finished. Once I finish the white area, I'm going to go draw/stitch cherry blossoms or dogwood blossoms in the fans...I think....we will see which ones look better..I will try it out on paper first.

I'm also working on another client's quilt. It was her first time working with bias and well lets just say she had lots of fullness in her quilt. I had to take the quilt apart...with her permission of course. I thought it was only in the outer border, the fullness, but as I took it apart I had to go all the way to the center.  So, for those of you who don't know how to work with bias, please follow the author's instructions...don't stretch it out, measure, measure and measure....I'm not saying that my client did not do that....just giving a little tip! I'm not posting a picture of her quilt, that would not be very nice of me. She has worked hard on her quilt and it is a king size..that is all the needs to be said. And when it is put back together and quilted she will be very proud of her work! No one has to know more than that.

At lunch time Chris and I will be heading to Royal Oak Beaumont hospital. He has his appt. today with his endocronologist. Type 1 diabetes. My son, Chris, has a good handle on his is the celiac that is getting to him.
Tonight my guys and their band McPeakeLee are playing at a fund raiser for our drama club. It is 50's-60's night. I so love hearing them play!! These are some very very talented kids!
Yesterday I was chatting with our oldest, Kate. Kate is 24 almost 25 and she is so pretty! I miss her! She lives in NY. I was so hoping that she was heading over for a visit, but money and time are an issue. We just miss her! Sending love your way sweetie!
Well everyone, hope you are having a wonderful day!

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Designs in my head!!

OH my goodness do I ever have too many designs in my head this morning. I think it is because I actually had a good night's sleep! Yesterday warmed up nicely here in Michigan. When my husband arrived home around 5pm, very unusual by the way for him to get home that early, we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood! Oh it was so nice breathing fresh air!! Today the temps are going close to 60! WOOOHOO!!
Fabrics arrvied yesterday from did they send a lot! I was not expecting that ! Thank you! It was wonderful touching the fabrics!!
Last night I spent the evening pinning hst (half square triangle) units together. I think there are over 500! The pile just did not seem to ever disappear, but I did reach the end. After I finished pinning those units I continued on with ripping stitches from a quilt top that I don't like the quilting on....can't give a customer a quilt back that I am not happy with. I just don't like the way it turned out. It is not a large quilt, so that makes it nice, and hopefully I will be able to finish ripping out the border stitches while watching tv tonight.

Look at this messy sewing room! I can't believe how messy I can get a room in just a few short minutes...then afterwards, just walk away from it! LOL Someone needs to get on my case and make me clean it up. See the sewing machine on the table? My husband likes to sew on occasion, that is the machine he uses. Ok these tables are just way too messy, I really have to go clean up my room!
I'm considering hosting an ongoing summer "learn how to quilt class" for young girls. I already teach about 10 girls in our homeschool group on Wednesday at our co-op which is held at my church. The girls want to continue this over the summer. I just can't do it for free, it takes a lot of time. Any of my readers...if you have any suggestions for pricing let me know....btw, those tables would be cleared for the girls to come and sew. I think I could fit 4 at a time comfortably.

I'm making another double dutch quilt. I want to submit this one to a magazine. It is very simple and easy, as a matter of fact I have the instructions here on my blog in an earlier post. I think these fabrics are adorable! Makes for a cute little girls to find that little have boys...all big boys...and Kate, well she is 24 almost 25!! Ahhhh! our oldest is almost 25...oh my...ok, let's NOT think about this.
Today I am joining a friend at Olive Garden for lunch. I am so glad she invited me to lunch today. I know that I need to stay home and work, but at the same time I need the friendship/ know what I mean.
Well everyone, happy sewing and have a beautiful day!