Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Its Sew Easy, its sew easy, woa oh its so dog gone easy"...

LOL...sometimes I just crack myself up! I was coming up from the basement, retrieving my camera to load the latest pictures, and I began singing that song...and I changed the spelling of "so" to "sew"... I'm so clever! LOL
Yesterday while I was working at the longarm machine I decided I needed to bring our cockatiels down stairs with me. I've been neglecting my birds, especially Lily. Here is proof of how much she is missing me:
She was trying to climb up my leg so she could cuddle with me! She likes to cuddle, actually there really is no cuddling, she just wants me to scratch her neck! It is ALL about her! LOL She is a sweet bird though. I don't let her on the quilts, notice she is on the floor. She can't fly, she walks.  I was ignoring her at one point, I could hear her walking on the foam mats there in the picture. Then I did not hear her...hmmm where did she go? I found her under the longarm machine fussing at the quilt!!  What a bird!
Our other cockatiel, Brad, stays at his cage and looks at himself in the mirror...he loves himself. Actually he loves Lily, but she wants nothing to do with him.
Speaking of yesterday, here is a teaser of the quilt that I was working on for a magazine. This quilt will be going into the April issue 2012:

Just the top border...what a teaser I am!

I call these feathers, kidneys!

Here is something else I'm working on, I bought a new ruler. I did not have much time to put this together, I'm hoping to make a queen size quilt from this, just different fabric...I only had a little of this. I think I will just put these together as a table topper.

It is kind of busy...needs something else, suggestions please...
I've received lots of emails from people across the nation about my quilt on the magazine cover. Thank you! And thank you to those who have posted here on my blog.  I'm hoping this week to piece just for me, but who knows, maybe I will get to have another quilt in a magazine! I am teaching a lot this coming month! I mean every weekend!
Tata everyone and Happy Sewing!

Friday, September 23, 2011

My youngest son is in driver's ed...

Tell me how this happens? He was only born 15years ago, who said he could get taller than me, taller than 2 of his older brothers and that he can drive???? Who?!
John is our youngest son, he turned 15 on 9/11. He is amazing! He is independent, disciplined and driven! He rarely needs my help with any school work, usually it is history, he does not like history...does not get down to business fast enough for him...I understand that! LOL He is an amazing drummer!! One day I hope to get a video of him and older brother Joe in "wipeout"...remember that instrumental from the 60's? I think that was when it came out.
I need to find a picture of John to post. Well, since I don't have any, I think I will take a picture of him today and post it later on.
This was a short post to get to work today...take John to Driver's Ed.
Happy Sewing everyone!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Here is the magazine cover!!

Ok, I hope this works. I had to go capture the picture from facebook because my camera battery is dead. So, what do you think??? Please let me know if you find the magazine in your area, thanks!
Happy Sewing!
Before I forget, my quilt is the first one featured in the magazine! Page 8! woohoo!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The magazine is on newstands....

My sister flew in a couple of days ago and we when she arrived we went on a mad hunt to find the magazine. The magazine: Fons & Porter Easy Quilts Scrap Quilts has my quilt on the cover! How sweet is that!!? The magazine was no where to be found!! I was pretty bummed. Two days later, we found it on the shelves at Kroger!! Renee was outside talking on her cell phone so I went into the store to see. Standing up front was Kathy, she is one of their managers. I walked up to her and told her about the magazine and wanted to know if the newest magazines had been put on the shelves yet? She said yes, that the girl just finished. So off I went and my son Steve was the one who found the magazine! It was not with the other quilt magazines though, that is why I could not find it. I grabbed a copy, and took up to the front to show Kathy. You should have seen her face!! She bought the magazine and had me autograph it! How funny! Honestly the funniest part of it was when I handed her the magazine and she yelled to the entire store "we have a celebrity in the store!! Right here, Chris, your mom made the cover of the magazine!!" and yes, she was yelling...and everyone looked! oh my that was a little embarrassing and funny, but she meant well and I just laughed.
Steve ran back to the magazine stand and grabbed one for Renee. We bought it and took it outside to show her. You should have seen her face! She got off the phone so fast and took off  into the store and bought the rest of the copies!!  That leaves no copies for the quilters, lol...oops.
Hopefully other stores will have the magazine and I also hope that subscribers of the magazine will send me an email about my quilt! I love to hear from others!
Happy Sewing everyone!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Who said September could arrive so fast????

Ok, someone needs to fess up now! Who in their right mind said September could arrive so fast?!! I am not ready for this month to be here! We begin school next week, am I ready? nope! I have quilts that are due right now, in house, are they there?! nope!
Matter of fact, I just sent a reminder email to the editor saying I have till Monday.
You know I really work well under pressure, unless someone bugs me! LOL then, well let's just say, don't talk to me! LOL
Yesterday I received two wonderful surprises in the mail!!! Fons and Porter sent me the copy of the magazine my quilt is in!!! I made the front cover and my quilt is the first quilt in the magazine!! Then, as I was walking to my bedroom, which is in the front of the house, I saw the UPS truck out front. Who ordered something?! The driver came around the back of the truck with a nice size box in her eyes got real big!!! It is my quilt! Yep! Fons and Porter sent me my quilt back so I can have it for show and tell with the quilt guild! I met the driver outside, I was so excited...I'm so silly....and I told her that is my quilt that made the cover of the magazine!! WooHoo!! She was also very excited for me and congratulated me!
Last night, my son Joe and I sat on the living room couch and chatted about our day. I love that boy!! He had run into a couple of snags with his classes at OCC and had spent the entire day getting everything taken care of. He did a fantastic job, and I believe because he dressed nicely, with a tie on, that helped the professors and deans that he spoke with take him very serious. What a kid! oops, what an adult....oh heck, he is still my kid!
Chris on the other hand came home with a migraine last night. Not good, he had one all day and was getting sick to his stomach. I'm gonna tweak his diet again...but I also think the migraine could have come from the front that is coming through bringing all this heat and humidity.
Pictures for you to enjoy....
trying to figure out what to do with these blocks....
things on my design wall.....
just something I'm working on....

I tweaked this applique design, I did not like the original, so I took out the stems, lessened the number of berries and moved the center flower petals...what do you think? oh and I don't really care for applique, that is the process of doing I did raw edge machine applique.
And yes, it is on my longarm machine, I quilted it to death! LOL
Happy sewing everyone!!!