Saturday, March 29, 2014

Life of quilting is changing, changing for the good!

I've been quilting for over 18 years, how about you? Each time I embark on a new project, I hope I learn a new technique. I scour the internet (facebook and yahoo groups) look for tips and tricks. It "seams" as though it always takes one (quilter) longer to make that first block, you know that new technique. During the process of piecing the block your mind begins thinking....hmmm...I wonder why the designer did not do this or hey, what if I try to piece it like this or maybe cut the unit out this size and do....Oh please! LOL I think we all do this! Ok, well I know I do! LOL
Recently, I found a pattern in my EQ7 library. I don't know if I designed the block myself or if it was already in the block library. I was too tired to do some research I just wanted to piece the block!
Here is the block:

This looks like a variation of a pineapple block. I found one similar in EQ7 that was titled Gentlemen's who knows the name of this block? Before you respond, notice the triangle tips are there, they are not chopped off. Notice where the triangles are located as you move your eye around the block. I love this block and want to make more!

So, the first time took me forever to piece...ugh! I cut all the individual units out, some as rectangles, some as triangles....trying to make sure I had everything right. I wanted the triangles to be in the middle where they anyway, that method took way too long.
Next, I decided to paper piece!! Walla! I had that block pieced in no time!! So Paper Piecing won!! Now to just find the pattern somewhere in my EQ7 program!! I know it exists, I just need to figure out what I named it!

I've been traveling often as of late :) I went to Mississippi to teach at Jackson Quilter's Guild, and there are 3 guilds across the Reservoir (Rankin County) that I also taught a class too...and I taught longarm quilting at Stitch-n-Frame! A trunk show, 2 piecing classes, 1 longarm class, great food, friends and sights!! What a week I had!
Next month I will be having a trunk show at Material Girls Quilt shop in Dearborn,  MI, that I this coming Wednesday actually! April 2!! I will teach on April 5. I'm teaching my barn swallow block which was featured in Quiltmaker magazine 100 Blocks vol 7 and the quilt that I made from it was in Quiltmaker's Quilts From 100 Blocks Fall of 2013 Cosmic Vibrations.
The Detroit Freepress featured the shop this past Friday in the home section. The shop has expanded!! If you are in the area, stop by and check out her shop!
The newspaper will be featuring me on May 9 :) How cool!!!
I will leave the Monday after on April 7, probably to head to SC. I will be teaching at Elaine's Attic quilt shop in Landrum. I will be teaching 2 piecing classes and a longarm class. The longarm class though is just for the employees of the shop.
Wow!! Lets see, longarm quilting!! Check this out!!
I'm calling this work Shadow Dancing!

I love the freedom to draw like this all over someone's quilt! It is sooooo freeing!!
I've also been creating more patterns!! WOOHOO!! I'm on a roll! I've been putting my sewing machine to work!
Now, I'm making this with a white background too. I will upload pics soon.
I've got more exciting things coming!! Be patient!!