Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Monday

This past Saturday evening we held our Sunday School party here at my home. I enjoy having everyone over! We sat outside till about 11pm around the fire pit. We were blessed with beautiful weather! The kids had a wonderful time running up and down our big hill, the little kids did that not the big kids.
Yesterday, I worked a little on the quilt that I am designing and then decided to work on the longarm machine. My friend Dawn dropped off her Weaver Fever quilt she made. Blues and yellows! Love it! I'm almost finished with it, it is taking a little longer than I anticipated, but I am almost finished with it. Dawn took all my scrap batting home and is making me large batting pieces for my quilts. We are bartering services....she is piecing my batting scraps into large pieces and I am quilting for her. Once I finish my own 24 quilts then I will send them to "Aunt" Chris for binding...I like exchanging services!
My son Chris has found a car that he wants to purchase. Hopefully one day this week we can go look at it. I hope we can do this before it gets sold to someone else, it is a really nice Honda Accord...nothing like a foreign vehicle in your driveway! lol...well time for me to go work on my Bible study. I love sitting outside on my backporch reading!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer is here!

YES!! Summer is finally here! I missed that taste of heat and humidity, only for a few minutes though, then I decided that spring's temperatures are better! This morning I am collecting some free quilt patterns for the quilting ministry that I will be starting in August at church. My first lesson will be to make sure everyone knows how to use their sewing machines! LOL Next I will then begin teaching the ladies basic quilting terminology, 1/4inch seam, hst, 4patch units...we will make all of these. I think I would like to have each one them have a notebook that will have cardstock pages with sheet protectors so that the blocks they make can reference to. I hope that idea works.
The rest of my morning will be filled with just straighting up the house to prepare for our Sunday School bbq that is this evening. Not much house work to do, just basic stuff. I enjoy having everyone over.
This past Thursday we had a meeting with our homeschool co-op and drama group moms. The church that sponsors us, allows us to use their building is having some financial problems. They are an itsy bitsy church and we want to help them raise money to help pay for the new roof and to pay the heat bills. Winter is brutal to the heat bills! I hope all goes well with this and our fund raiser ideas do well for the church. I think it is absolutely wonderful what that church does for us, and it is not even my church, but I want to help! The fact that they open the doors to us, all denominations is absolutely fantastic!
Dawn came over yesterday and she took home all of my batting scraps. She is going to match them up and make the scraps into large battings for me!! I think this is going to be great! I have had those bags and bins of scrap batting for years, now I need to do something about it. In exchange for her doing this for me, I'm going to quilt her weaver fever quilt!
One more thought, it is time to start planning for the fall semester. Yep, I can't believe it, but before I know what will hit me fall will be here! If I don't plan for the lessons starting in July then I will not be ready for September! If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail! I don't want that hanging over me!
Well, time to get to moving with this morning's chores and of course eat breakfast.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Airport, Prom, Graduation!

Here we go! Today is the day that we are supper busy! My sister, Renee and her family, are flying in from Charlotte. We have to be at the church for Prom pictures by 5, the boys head up to the prom with their dates around 6:10...they have a night of fun!! and then they come home wiped out! LOL I can't wait for Saturday! Graduation day! Matt and Joe have made a video for their graduation ceremony...hmmm...I wonder if Joe has written his graduation speech yet? Yesterday I managed to piece 3 pillowcases. My original plan was to only make 2 but I decided "what the heck, let's make a third!" So I did! I also rearranged my family room, I put the 4 birds into the living room and brought in to the family room 4 more chairs. With having 12 people in my home I needed to have available as many chairs as possible in there. The room is large enough so it looks nice. The video is of Joe and Matt preparing for their graduation ceremony! It is fantastic! Matt has a great eye for filming and I hope he pursues this as a career. My son Steve has told me that he thinks he has found his career! He has been helping Matt in filming, and has really enjoyed it! Way to go boys!! Enjoy the video!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

updating before graduation!

I have a lot to accomplish this week before the big day! Joe graduates this coming Saturday!! The kids' band is playing and I wanted to post some pictures of them and other things that have gone on since I last posted. The boys managed to take down the umbrella tree that was over grown. They took off the top of the tree first, then finished by cutting down the trunk. They hauled all the debris with the old blue pick up truck! The other pictures are of the latest quilt projects. The red and cream colored is a log cabin for my neice. The black and tan is a quilt that I am designing, it has an alternate block that makes the quilt appear to have circles! LOVE IT! Later gator!