Monday, July 16, 2012

Ahhh It is Monday...

I woke up a lot during the night, I could not get my brain to turn off! Finally around 3:30am I shut my brain off and fell into a deep sleep...only to wake up at 6:45am....not enough goes on. Today I have several things to work on. I have a customer's quilt that is on Rosie waiting to be quilted. It is a queen size, for some reason though, I remembered it as being only a lap size quilt! When I open it up and looked at the paperwork I was "enlightened"! UGH! I thought I would have it down in a few hours, thinking it was a simple design on a smaller quilt....NOT gonna happen! I will work on that for a several hours today and also begin piecing a quilt for a book that is coming out next year. The topic of the book is precuts, you know, Bali pops, or charm packs, layer cakes....some quickie quilts to make. It is due in house by Monday of next week...I wonder if I can pull it off?
There is a local quilt show called Kaleidoscope of Quilts in Sylvania, OH every 2 years. My friend Dawn introduced me to this show when we moved back here 5 years ago. This coming show is in July 2013. This morning I printed off paperwork for the theme. I have several quilts that I want to make and enter into shows around the country. I just wish I could find out about these shows way before like this one! I normally don't find out about them until it is too late to design, piece, quilt, bind and enter the quilt! UGH!
Here are a couple of quilts I've been playing with this morning:
Blue Lagoon Star

Asian Coins...don't know how I came up with this name!!

Just playing around
Hope you have a wonderful day!  Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Its Tuesday...

This morning when I woke up I could not remember what day of the week it was, lol, don't you hate when you do that?! It took me a few minutes to get my mind working and grab it around all that needs to be done today.
Today, I'm teaching part 2 of the Beginner's Quilt Class. This is a very popular class. I'm also teaching other request the T-shirt quilt class, bargello and Pineapple Variation quilts. I also have a quilt that is due in house, YESTERDAY, to Quilter's World magazine...but someone did not have power during those nasty storms last week and well...we had a grand baby born!!  I'm working as hard as I can on getting the quilt happened last week, that is my only excuse.
My goodness!! while sitting here typing I have a quilt design idea! I'm gonna try this out at the shop while I'm there today...oh!! perfect! LOL and I can't share it! I have to make sure it will work! LOL
I have no pictures today! sorry folks....I know everyone loves to see pics!
Have a wonderful day!
Happy Sewing!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Beautiful baby girl! AnnaLynne!

I have a beautiful little grandbaby!! AnnaLynne is her name. She is our first grandbaby and she is just precious!! She was born last Friday afternoon, mom and baby are now at home and doing great.

That is all for today, she is precious!

Happy Sewing everyone, I'm now a Meemaw!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Waiting for our little AnnaLynne to arrive

Kate's in labor! Labor began sometime around 6:30 pm yesterday (July 5), here it is the 6th at 6:11am and she still have not progressed really far in the is her first so this is expected. The boys are all excited too, son Joe said it hit him last night finally around 12:45am wow! she's gonna have a baby and I'm gonna be an uncle!! LOL When Kate told me she was having stronger pains and was basically describing what she was feeling I knew it was time. I too got very teary eyed! I'm gonna be one of Kate's coaches I will get to be there to see this beautiful grandbaby be born!! I'm so happy she is going to be born before her grandpa is heading to Austria for a week!!
I sewed all day yesterday trying to get things done, trying to play catch up. I came up with a new layout for a block/quilt...i can't wait to show it! I have to go recolor in EQ7 before I can show it. I played with it on my design wall yesterday...I could not help myself!!
Happy Sewing world! I have things to do before my precious grandchild is born!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Learned something new this morning

Often I will save pictures of quilts from other's blogs. They inspire me with their interpretations, I love seeing other's color combinations too!! Well here is what I learned this morning. How to use my printer to print pictures!! Pictures that I have been saving from the internet of these quilts. I wanted to put them in a notebook that would be kept down in my sewing room. My sewing room is down in the basement and the computer is up on the main level of the house. So all these pictures are up here in the office and quilting is downstairs....I won't print off all of them, that is a lot of ink!! But, this I find is a good way for me to keep up with these creations from others!
Now, My husband repaired my truck yesterday!! Finally!! I was so happy that he repaired my squealing breaks!! Turns out it was the calibur pin on the driver's side had froze up!! He bought a new one and new brake shoes! Now she brakes soooo smooth!! I love it!
Today: today is big finish up what you were supposed to finish over the weekend!! So much went on this weekend that I was unable to focus on my quilting. I have so much on my plate to work on, but someone has to take care of the family, know cleaning, have a nice size family and I love to cook for my gang! And yes, my kids all help!
Well it is off to sewing for me!
I captured this picture from I love love love this quilt!! She did a wonderful job with her colors and does this quilt look fantastic beside those geraniums?!! 
 A UFO of mine...I hope I can finish this one before winter!! 

Happy sewing everyone,