Friday, July 6, 2012

Waiting for our little AnnaLynne to arrive

Kate's in labor! Labor began sometime around 6:30 pm yesterday (July 5), here it is the 6th at 6:11am and she still have not progressed really far in the is her first so this is expected. The boys are all excited too, son Joe said it hit him last night finally around 12:45am wow! she's gonna have a baby and I'm gonna be an uncle!! LOL When Kate told me she was having stronger pains and was basically describing what she was feeling I knew it was time. I too got very teary eyed! I'm gonna be one of Kate's coaches I will get to be there to see this beautiful grandbaby be born!! I'm so happy she is going to be born before her grandpa is heading to Austria for a week!!
I sewed all day yesterday trying to get things done, trying to play catch up. I came up with a new layout for a block/quilt...i can't wait to show it! I have to go recolor in EQ7 before I can show it. I played with it on my design wall yesterday...I could not help myself!!
Happy Sewing world! I have things to do before my precious grandchild is born!

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