Monday, July 2, 2012

Learned something new this morning

Often I will save pictures of quilts from other's blogs. They inspire me with their interpretations, I love seeing other's color combinations too!! Well here is what I learned this morning. How to use my printer to print pictures!! Pictures that I have been saving from the internet of these quilts. I wanted to put them in a notebook that would be kept down in my sewing room. My sewing room is down in the basement and the computer is up on the main level of the house. So all these pictures are up here in the office and quilting is downstairs....I won't print off all of them, that is a lot of ink!! But, this I find is a good way for me to keep up with these creations from others!
Now, My husband repaired my truck yesterday!! Finally!! I was so happy that he repaired my squealing breaks!! Turns out it was the calibur pin on the driver's side had froze up!! He bought a new one and new brake shoes! Now she brakes soooo smooth!! I love it!
Today: today is big finish up what you were supposed to finish over the weekend!! So much went on this weekend that I was unable to focus on my quilting. I have so much on my plate to work on, but someone has to take care of the family, know cleaning, have a nice size family and I love to cook for my gang! And yes, my kids all help!
Well it is off to sewing for me!
I captured this picture from I love love love this quilt!! She did a wonderful job with her colors and does this quilt look fantastic beside those geraniums?!! 
 A UFO of mine...I hope I can finish this one before winter!! 

Happy sewing everyone,

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