Thursday, June 28, 2012

Attended a different guild last night

Last night I attended a different guild, Evening Star Quilt Guild of Davison. Their topic was organizing your scraps and they had a guest speaker, I think she was one of their guild members, giving a trunk show. Her work was fantastic!! I can't find the info I had from the meeting to list her name. Take my word for it! Her quilts were beautiful and she gave me lots of inspiration.
For the guests that attend the guild, they give a gift bag to them. In my bag I received all of this!!
I think this is a fantastic idea!! I love it! 
So, this morning, while enjoying my cup of coffee, I began thumbing through the book. Only look at the pictures of course!! LOL And there I found this:
I love this quilt!!
Which has inspired to make that quilt out of these.....
my yo-yo's!!
I've made over 400 yo-yo's. I quickly did the math and I only need 800 yo-yo's...I'm half way there!! Woo Hoo!! I will sew them all together and them tack them to a background fabric. Yes, this will be heavy....I was going to make a yo-yo quilt for my king size bed, but I think this has changed my mind!! This quilt, when done, will hang on the wall. I'm wondering if I will have to make a "whole cloth" quilt first...need to quilt it to give it stability? so that it will hang nicely? Any thoughts? Some help? I probably should add that I don't think I will be making the leaves as shown in the book picture. I like the diamond star....I don't know...I could make all green yo-yo's for leaves???? ok, so I don't know how I want the final quilt to look...but it will be awesome when it is done!! Send me some suggestions please!!
Happy Sewing!
What do you think? 

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