Friday, June 20, 2014

Life is flying by and I'm having....

Life is flying by and I am having a blast!
I've been traveling a lot these days, I'm enjoying meeting the quilters from all over.
So! Let see, where have I been since I last posted on my blog? Did I tell you I went to Paducah? Had a wonderful time in Paducah. Beautiful country roads were traveled each day to and from the show. Our crew, I was vending with Accomplish Quilting
Accomplish Quilting is an Innova Longarm machine dealership. If you are in the market for a longarm machine, and stop by any of our booths at shows, tell them Nancy McNally sent you over for a test drive :) You are gonna love our machines!
In May I was also vending for Accomplish Quilting at the Lansing, Michigan quilt show.  While I was working I visited a couple of other vendors' booths. I saw this quilt and had to take a picture of it. This quilt is on my bucket list! I love this pattern!
The Broken Star, or is it called something else? It does not matter to me, I just want to make it!
I made some new friends at that show. During some down time I wandered around to this vendor's booth. She bought quilts from estate sales and online. I fell in love with that quilt!!
Oh, I also received several invites to guilds for trunk shows :) Love it when that happens!!
June came around and I hit the road again! Matter of fact, I arrived home 2 days ago. I'm still recouping from that trip. I had a wonderful time though. My sister flew in a week before I hit the road. She lives in South Carolina. We drove back there together. The idea was to take our time and enjoy the trip. Stopping here and there. Well that did not happen. I had to work on a customer's quilt on the longarm machine...and lets just say the quilting took me longer than I ever thought it would. But!! The quilting was out of this world fantastic!!
Here is a little taste of the quilting, and just to put a little happy note, side note, I'm teaching this type of quilting at Birds of a Feather Longarm Extravaganza in February:
Be sure to sign up for classes!! There are some amazing teachers coming to this event! So spread the word!! Some of the teachers are: me, (lol), ....Jamie Wallen, Dusty Farrell, Lisa Calle, Sherry Harrison, Jill Churchill, Kim Diamond, JoAnn Blade...this list is absolutely amazing! I'm just honored and thrilled to be included!!! There are more to the list, go check out their website.
If you would like to visit Jamie's website:
Lisa Calle's website:
Dusty Farrell's website:
Jill's blog:
I don't have time to post everyone's website, I will try without further is a sample of the quilting:

well, that it is all for now.