Monday, December 8, 2014

New blog and website ...

Hi everyone, I have a new website and blog.
My new website is:

Please join me at my new site. It is still under construction, so please be patient with me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I am home!!

I am home from my vacation!
My husband and I took our first cruise! Oh my goodness!! It was fantastic!
Unfortunately, I have no pictures :( someone forgot the camera :(  :(
But!! I was inspired by everything I saw!
So, this is just a little teaser .... I have some tropical designs that were inspired by everything I saw.
For the next two weeks I will be focusing on customer quilts and getting my steps/samples ready for my next video/online class with Annie's publishing company. If you no of anyone who is interested in taking classes with Annie's please send them my way by email:
I have a coupon I can mail.
Happy Sewing everyone!!!


Friday, October 10, 2014

What's Happening!

I'm such a slacker these days! I have not posted on my blog in the world is anyone suppose to know what is happening?
Last weekend I was at Quilts on the Grand Quilt show in Grand Rapids.  But first, here is my latest project:

I will fill in with more thread work
Below is the Blood moon and Lunar eclipse, that was so cool to witness!!!

 These are pics of my denim coat. I wanted to show how strong our machines are. Innova longarm machines have a 1 horsepower motor. The needle pierces the thick denim seams with no trouble!!! And the thread holds up: thread: Superior King Tut


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Birds of a Feather!!!

HI everyone! I have been on the road these past several weeks, only being home for a week, then hit the road again. This is definitely quilt show season! Speaking of quilt shows, I thought I'd share that I was featured last week. Here is the link:
Now Birds is not a quilt show, it is a learning experience!! All classes about longarm quilting. There will be some vendors, but the focus is all longarm quilting.
Last week I was in Chattanooga!! At the AQS Chattanooga Quilt show!! It was wonderful!!!
Here are some pictures from the week, we had a wonderful time!!
I was playing with Innova longarm sequencer attachment! Love it!!

This was my favorite quilt from the "Special Exhibit" room. I thought this Cow quilt was hilarious!!

Ok, this was our waiter at the restaurant Sugar's. It is a southern BBQ, so you have to know what real BBQ is to understand. I got kick out of his shirt!

Don't we all feel this way?!! LOL

She found her Triangle!! LOL

These were on the sidewalk outside of the Chattanooga Convention Center


This hallway "seamed" to get longer each day we had to walk it, LOL beautiful building!

The view from my room. See the blocks?

My quilting buddy Jill standing on top our tables. She was installing the light bar. Yes, you can stand on top of our longarm machine tables, they are that strong and stable!

I bought these "real" cowboy boots!! Love them!

Me trying on different boots

I got to sit on a Harley!!!
If you follow me on Facebook, you will see videos of Jill and I: The Escapades of Jill and Nancy. Go see them!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

AQS Chattanooga!!

What an adventure Jill and I have had getting here. My husband and I began the journey from our home in Clarkston, MI....the trip to meet Jill in Toledo, OH should have only taken us about 1 hour and 45 did not! IT took us well over 2 1/2 hours due to rush hour traffic in Detroit...which we could not figure out! UGH! What was the back up!!? No one knew or could figure it out.
Once we met Jill in Toledo, we were off on our adventure. Hubby went back to Michigan to work and Jill and I headed south on I-75. We made it to Cincinnati and came to a stand still....there is always construction going on in Ohio!! Do they ever get it right where they are not tearing up a road over and over and over again? It was unreal! I've been traveling through Ohio often lately and the road construction is never done!
We encountered torrential downpour in Knoxville, it was raining so hard Jill could not see the road!

Today, we are going to get ourselves ready and head on over to the convention center here in Chattanooga. We have to set up our booth "Accomplish Quilting Innova Longarm Dealership". Come on over and see us this week. The quilt show is open from Wednesday to Saturday at the Chattanooga Convention Center.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Accuquilt's Block on Board! BOB!

Look what is new with Accuquilt!!
Block on Board!!
How cool is that?!
so here is my block that I chose to create,
I still have to finish piecing it, so sorry. I was only going to piece one but I decided after I started I wanted to make a table runner for my dining room table! So!! I had to stop and cut more pieces. Honestly, this quilt is on my bucket list! I thought I would have to paper piece it, but NO! Accuquilts pieces are perfect. And!! They give you the little triangle points to line everything up with! The directions are included on the packaging so keep those.

I have the pieces on my creative grid ruler that measures 20 1/2" x 20 1/2" so that I could carry it from the cutting table to my sewing table.

I think it is going to be gorgeous!!

This is the center

the corner squares, if you can find the corner...cuz it is round! LOL

 arcs, I used my 2 1/2" wide strips! How easy!

left overs!! don't throw these away...think reversible applique. These football arcs come from the unit I was cutting out below, and again, I used 2 1/2" strips. I just fan folded the strip

melon shapes, I cut 6 at one time!! 6!! And they are accurate!

Fabric selections
The pictures look a little grainy, sorry. I don't know what happened.
I absolutely love how easy this was to cut and piece. You wanna know what the hard part was? Ok, you asked! Picking out the fabrics!! Once I chose the fabrics I was off and running, I mean sewing!
Happy sewing everyone!! I hope you purchase Accuquilt's Double Wedding Ring!  Here is the link!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

What an interesting month....July 28 through August 2

Today is the official opening day of the Woodward Dream cruise. My husband and some of our sons will be working a booth at the cruise. Me, I will be sewing! If you don't know what the dream cruise is all about, I'm including the link to their website so you can go check it out:
Before I get to sew, I will have to take my sister and her grand daughter, MaryJo to the airport. They came home with me from my 2 week trip to the Carolinas. Now that was an interesting trip and a long time to be away from home! I'm going to attempt to fill you in of all the happenings:
Lets see, where do I start? Lets begin with the Ann Arbor quilt show. I was not attending the quilt show, I was in the Innova Accomplish Quilting booth. We had a nice show! I only worked the show on Saturday, I decided to stay home on Sunday because I would be leaving my family for 2 weeks on Monday.
I hit the road on Monday around 10am. I normally drive all the way through to my sister's but this time I was too tired. I stopped just north of Mt. Airy, NC and spent the night. I slept in, got a nice breakfast, packed my car again and off I went to Charlotte.
I made it to Charlotte around 2:30pm, it took me a little longer to get there then I thought it would (road construction). I had to be at the Convention Center to help with set up for Virginia Longarm ( Innova dealer). So, what was going on at the Convention center? The AQS Charlotte quilt show :)
I arrived and Val put me to work assembling all the saddle chairs. Once that was done we worked on the booth. All the machines were already set up, we just had to hang the quilts, get office supplies ready....I left when we finished, I think around 5 or 6pm.
Jill and Capri arrived in the evening. I picked up Capri at the airport, Jill drove in...but not without incident :( she had a flat tire on her way down.
Once we were all together, we went out to dinner. Michelle flew in the following day. We all got up on Wednesday morning, bright and early and headed to the show.
I loved meeting all the people (quilters) and some quilting celebrities!!

More to follow ......