Saturday, August 16, 2014

What an interesting month....July 28 through August 2

Today is the official opening day of the Woodward Dream cruise. My husband and some of our sons will be working a booth at the cruise. Me, I will be sewing! If you don't know what the dream cruise is all about, I'm including the link to their website so you can go check it out:
Before I get to sew, I will have to take my sister and her grand daughter, MaryJo to the airport. They came home with me from my 2 week trip to the Carolinas. Now that was an interesting trip and a long time to be away from home! I'm going to attempt to fill you in of all the happenings:
Lets see, where do I start? Lets begin with the Ann Arbor quilt show. I was not attending the quilt show, I was in the Innova Accomplish Quilting booth. We had a nice show! I only worked the show on Saturday, I decided to stay home on Sunday because I would be leaving my family for 2 weeks on Monday.
I hit the road on Monday around 10am. I normally drive all the way through to my sister's but this time I was too tired. I stopped just north of Mt. Airy, NC and spent the night. I slept in, got a nice breakfast, packed my car again and off I went to Charlotte.
I made it to Charlotte around 2:30pm, it took me a little longer to get there then I thought it would (road construction). I had to be at the Convention Center to help with set up for Virginia Longarm ( Innova dealer). So, what was going on at the Convention center? The AQS Charlotte quilt show :)
I arrived and Val put me to work assembling all the saddle chairs. Once that was done we worked on the booth. All the machines were already set up, we just had to hang the quilts, get office supplies ready....I left when we finished, I think around 5 or 6pm.
Jill and Capri arrived in the evening. I picked up Capri at the airport, Jill drove in...but not without incident :( she had a flat tire on her way down.
Once we were all together, we went out to dinner. Michelle flew in the following day. We all got up on Wednesday morning, bright and early and headed to the show.
I loved meeting all the people (quilters) and some quilting celebrities!!

More to follow ......

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