Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sunshine, cool temps and quilting

Sew, what does sunshine, cool temps and quilting bring to mind? 
Sew much fun!
Yesterday while I was working on my next project, I thought,
"I think I need to host an online sewing party!"
Sew, what do you think? 
Time to lay down a plan and put it on the schedule. It might take me a while to figure everything out, sew be patient :)
Last night we joined some friends for dinner at Deer Lake Inn. The food was fantastic!
I ordered Pasta Primavera.  Oh my my my, it was scrumptious! The fresh veggies, cherries and almonds,  perfect added touch!
OK, back to sewing
I'm working on a project for Fons & Porter again. After counting the number of blocks I had, making sure they all measured correctly....compared that to the number I needed.....I had to make a few more..... tis the life of a quilter.
I chose these colors for the next several blocks.
All I can say is,
SEW, while I was working on those blocks a package arrived!
Love it when that happens!
My new longarm rulers arrived!
Yes, I designed them. I found a need for rulers that I can hold without my arthritis flaring up in my hand.
These new rulers are for curve cross hatching. The ruler allows you to do both concave and convex!
Registration marks for aligning in the center, aligning in diamonds.
But you know what is great about having a large curve to quilt with?
You can use it for more than just one design elements. 

I have the new ruler listed on my website for sale at an introductory price. 
Have a wonderful day everyone!
Sew on!
Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Chilly breezy day

Hi everyone, it sure was a chilly day yesterday! Our temps here in Michigan, we're only in the mid 60'September and the wind was blowing!
Yesterday I began working on a new class sample.
Those are my drawn lines you see, I erased them after I was finished. 

I lover my Baby Lock Crescendo sewing machine! 
And look at the pretty thread colors!
This morning I will finish this little sampler.  I will post pictures later on.

While I was working on the class sample, I had my embroidery machine running. Here is what I had stitching

I believe I have 3 more to stitch out.
I'm using a new stabilizer/batting created for embroidery. 
It's called Battilizer.  
Sorry if I spelled it wrong.

Oh! I almost forgot! My quilt made the cover of "Love of Quilting" magazine !!
Anna Starflake 

I really need to loose weight! Menopause is horrible on the figure!!

On the set of Fons & Porter

Happy quilting everyone!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It's June 1st!

It's June 1st, does that mean spring is gone and summer is here? When I realized that today was June 1st, I began thinking, "do we have to begin thinking about fall now?" I don't want to! I'm not ready to design with fall colors. Don't get me wrong, I love fall colors, just not yet. You know how you can walk into a store and theyou already have the next holiday or seasonal items on display, yet that holiday or season isn't going to be here for a while....drives me nuts! I want to enjoy the present day, week....I guess I'm not too good at planning ahead, lol
Yesterday I worked on a customer's quilt on my longarm machine.
Here are a few designs I've stitched on her quilt:
Video on how I stitched this design in the video below

Hope everyone is planning on a great day!
Happy Quilting!
Nancy McNally