Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Chilly breezy day

Hi everyone, it sure was a chilly day yesterday! Our temps here in Michigan, we're only in the mid 60'September and the wind was blowing!
Yesterday I began working on a new class sample.
Those are my drawn lines you see, I erased them after I was finished. 

I lover my Baby Lock Crescendo sewing machine! 
And look at the pretty thread colors!
This morning I will finish this little sampler.  I will post pictures later on.

While I was working on the class sample, I had my embroidery machine running. Here is what I had stitching

I believe I have 3 more to stitch out.
I'm using a new stabilizer/batting created for embroidery. 
It's called Battilizer.  
Sorry if I spelled it wrong.

Oh! I almost forgot! My quilt made the cover of "Love of Quilting" magazine !!
Anna Starflake 

I really need to loose weight! Menopause is horrible on the figure!!

On the set of Fons & Porter

Happy quilting everyone!

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