Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I am home!!

I am home from my vacation!
My husband and I took our first cruise! Oh my goodness!! It was fantastic!
Unfortunately, I have no pictures :( someone forgot the camera :(  :(
But!! I was inspired by everything I saw!
So, this is just a little teaser .... I have some tropical designs that were inspired by everything I saw.
For the next two weeks I will be focusing on customer quilts and getting my steps/samples ready for my next video/online class with Annie's publishing company. If you no of anyone who is interested in taking classes with Annie's please send them my way by email:
I have a coupon I can mail.
Happy Sewing everyone!!!


Friday, October 10, 2014

What's Happening!

I'm such a slacker these days! I have not posted on my blog ...how in the world is anyone suppose to know what is happening?
Last weekend I was at Quilts on the Grand Quilt show in Grand Rapids.  But first, here is my latest project:

I will fill in with more thread work
Below is the Blood moon and Lunar eclipse, that was so cool to witness!!!

 These are pics of my denim coat. I wanted to show how strong our machines are. Innova longarm machines have a 1 horsepower motor. The needle pierces the thick denim seams with no trouble!!! And the thread holds up: thread: Superior King Tut