Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Monday

Monday Monday...make you think of a song? Most Mondays I hit the floor running!! I always have lots to accomplish, so before I "hit the floor running" I wanted to post what I accomplished and somethings that I forgot to post.

This picture is of my mistake!! I was working on my Jarred Takes a Wife quilt from Bonnie Hunter's website: and I cut all my sashing strips 1/4inch too short!! I can't believe I did this!! I had all these pieces ready to assemble. Actually, these are the ones that went in between all the blocks, the sashing that was to be put in between the rows were the ones that were too short!! Needless to say I cut them on different days and I was obviously very tired when I cut the second set of sashing...sigh...these will now go into my new block Pineapple Tidbits seen next.

The next picture is two quilts that I am gathering fabrics for. I need to get them out of the sunlight so that my fabrics don't fade!! One quilt is going to be "Leap Frog", a child's quilt, don't have a child in mind, just want to make something out of brights and I found this pattern online for free. So that basket is dedicated for that project. I found in my stash, which I should have taken a picture of but totally forgot, a fabric that is electric blue with FROGS all over it...bright frogs!! This quilt will be fun.
The other basket on the desk is going to be from Bonnie Hunter's Leaders and Enders book "Bowdacious"!! I have a pile of bright pinks that I may or may not add to it...time will tell if they get to be a part of this quilt. I'm also, not included in the picture, going to piece another pattern from this book "BlueRidge Beauty". I have already cut some fabrics up for this one and I will be using blues. Bonnie is a fantastic quilt designer! Love her work!
The last picture is from Nancy Rink: This was her BOM Galactic Explosion. I still have to put the binding on, but she is quilted!! This quilt is going to hang up in my dining room and I am changing the decor to match it!
Well that is all for now! I have to get ready to go out for the day with some friends! The weather is beautiful and I will be some wonderful people today!!
~later everyone!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Finally!! The humidity is gone! I was able to work outside on 2 of my flowerbeds and guess what? I found flowers!! LOL Flowers that actually belong in the flowerbeds! I have not weeded in a long time due to the work my hubby is doing on the outside of the house. I figured that I would just be in his way. And the heat and humidity were just too high for me... so I stayed inside and played with fabric!!!
Today I was able to dig up 3 over grown plants, I honestly can't remember if they are called Russian Sage or catmint...oh well, either way they are now in the backyard. I have to figure out what to put in the flowerbed that now has a big hole...oops! I still have lots of weeding to do. There are several more large flowerbeds. The weeds are so high that some are up to my knees! That is just not good. I just got over heated outside and had to come in. I might go back out there later on, but I already came inside and showered....playing with fabric sounds better to me!
My pedimeter: I took over 8,700 steps yesterday and today I am already at 6,500...I do need to drink some water though.
Last night we were up for over 2 hours with Steve. I can't believe my 16yr old son is still having these problems. The GI dr. still has no diagnosis. I feel so bad for him, last night was scary. I pray we have a better night. Tomorrow is mom's day away. I will not be able to go very far, need to stay close by incase something happens.
Got to get a moving with fabric or go back outside and pull weeds....or I could clean the house? decisions decisions...what is a girl to do? play obviously!
~later dudettes!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weight loss

Last summer I went on nutrisystem diet plan. It worked, I lost 20lbs. Then life happened and stress hit and I gained it all back. sigh....
The other day I decided it was time to do something about this weight gain! I need to take it off! I called the local Jenny Craig office and made an immediate appointment. I knew if I procrastinated that I would not do anything at all. I joined yesterday! I have to say I really love the food! The salad dressings are fantastic! Last night's dinner was chicken alfredo, I'm not an alfredo sauce person...but I liked their entree. Breakfast was french toast, mmmgood. Lunch was a chicken corn chowder, very good and a spinach salad. Now my spinach salad consisted of fresh spinach chopped up fine, 1/2 cup of tomato and 1/2 cup of cucumber. Topped it off with their balsamic vinegar dressing, delicious!!
While I was at Jenny Craig I purchased their excerise dvd and a pedometer (I think that is what you call it). My goal is to loose 40lbs! That is a lot but I am trying to prevent surgery on my knees, exhaustion and hypertension...also type 2 diabetes. I have to take care of myself. Let's hope I can stick to it!
There is a friend at church who wants to do a study together, a bible study "First Place" it is a biblical study on nutrition. I think we shall do it! I'm excited! The Lord is taking care of us! I feel blessed that there is someone else who wants to do this with me!
~later gator

Thursday, July 22, 2010

VBS 2 more days to go

What a great day the kids had yesterday at VBS. My entire family was there volunteering. Son Joe got soaken' wet!! He was assigned to recreation and yesterday was "soak day"!! They set up this slide down our big hill. The slide is a huge piece of thick plastic. We secure it down at the top, put some soap at the top and spray it with water...the sprinklers are going also. The kids love soak day!!! Since our Pastor is unable to attend this week, his mother died suddenly, we have another church member stepping in for Pastor's role. Pastor normally walks around with a giant squirt gun shooting whomever he chooses. He also plays the role of Homer the puppet. This year we have Uncle Louie. Yesterday they got Sharon (VBS director-22yrs of service!!!) during the end of VBS!! It was so funny when she screamed!! The kids screamed in sheer joy and laughter.
The GI office called yesterday at VBS. We now have Chris's biopsy scheduled. I'm trying not to be nervous about it. He said it is an easy procedure in and out in 20 minutes and Chris won't feel or know what is going on...basically he will be out. Now to figure out what is wrong with Steve. My sister Gail, Renee said that she is too weak after her surgery for the petscan to be performed so doctor said after she goes home and builds up some strength they can do that test. Praying there is no more cancer.
I'm thinking we need to find a better way to cook from fresh! I need the time and space to do so. I want to grow my own veggies and fruit. Now just convince my husband of this and keep the deer and rabbit away....
This is enough for the day, gotta go work on Sharon's signature quilt! Boy is she going to be surprised!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Basically I'm still in shock that Chris has type 1 diabetes. He was diagnosed in October. His endocronologist wanted to have him tested for other autoimmune defiencies/diseases and well he has tested positive 2x for celiac. The test results that came back yesterday were more positive than the first test. I know all of this has come from taking Accutane. I'm so upset over this. This was a very strong medication that should be taken off the shelf. The government did not warn of these problems. Now Chris has to live with this for the rest of his life.
Two days ago I was told that my sister Gail had a tumor the size of a grapefruit (doctors took the tumor out) that was stage 4. I'm still confused as to her prognosis, and I am waiting. Honestly, I'm holding in my emotions right now...just waiting to hear what the doctor says the next step is for her. Gail lives over 600+ miles from me, so I can't be there for her. I'm going to try to call her today.
This morning, on a happy note, I'm going to work on Sharon's quilt. I have a huge project ahead of me in the next several days....a signature quilt. I have all the blocks (20 large ones!!!) to piece together, put on the longarm machine, quilt it then bind it all by Friday morning!!!
I need to get moving....till later y'all!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

VBS week!!!

Yesterday was our first day of VBS, great day! We have such a great group of volunteers!! My husband took the week off to teach 5/6 grade boys! While he has them in his room he is teaching them manners!! Way to go honey!! Son Chris is teaching the 3rd grade boys, he is loving it! I'm so proud of my family!! Steve and John are also volunteering. Nikki is very happy she has John and I helping her with crafts. John gets the job of getting in the floor to pick up all the pieces of paper, us older ladies don't want to get in the floor!! LOL!! Steve is helping his dad. Son Joe can't help this year, he has college and work, but that is ok he is there is spirit. Maybe next year he can help.
My latest quilt project: the french braid. I'm going to teach it at the Village Quilt shop this fall. I was able to piece all four braids on Saturday. Next week I'm hoping to finish piecing it all together. I need to figure out what I am going to do for the separators and borders. The quilting: I've already figured that out. Fern vines down each braid!!
That is all for today....till later folks!


Friday, July 16, 2010

The heat is on!

Last night a strong storm hit our area. It was interesting to watch this storm move in. The news said that the storms had straight line winds and if you had patio furniture outside you should secure it. So I did. We also had lots of equipment around the front of our house because my husband has been working on replacing the rotted siding boards along with painting. I gathered up the boys and had them carry everything into the garage.
I sat in my bedroom during the storm and watched the rain. The rain was coming down HORIZONTAL!! I was so glad I was not caught up in it! We managed to not loose power, I was happy! I cooked dinner when the worst of the storm had passed.
You know, it feels as if summer has just begun and it feels as if it is almost over!! 6 weeks and it is Labor day weekend!!
Quilting: I managed to get my blue and yellow chinese coin quilt, quilted. Now to make the binding. I've also been playing with several design ideas....9degree wedges from Kaye Fasset fabric with paper pieced triangles at the top...vivid and wild looking. While I was playing I discovered if I placed two of my 1/4 circle wedges together I could form a butterfly....hmmmm....then I sewed fusible strips to the edge of the "wings". I used a lime green thread to sew the wings down with a figure 8 stitch on my Janome. Way cool!!
It is time to get moving....till next time....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Its a new day

Yep, it is Sunday morning and I need to go get ready for church. I woke up startled this morning, I thought I had slept in too late. Once I realized I was ok I calmed down. Grabbed a cup of coffee, wrapped up in a blanket on the couch and went back to sleep for about 15 minutes, lol.
This past week I have managed to make 4 quilt backs, and 4 scrap battings. I've organized a few shelves in my sewing room and of course a quilter knows that when she does that she gets finds fabric that she forgot about, and gets more ideas for quilts!! It is really dangerous to clean your sewing room! I believe I was working in my sewing room on Thursday and Friday.
The earlier part of the week we were working on the front of the house. My husband has been replacing siding boards that are cracked and rotted. I painted the front door and some window trim. I couldn't do much more than that, I would have been in his way. Yesterday he began painting the scallops on the front of the house, it looks fantastic!!! I love the paint scheme we chose!!!
Unfortunately, I have no pictures to post, hopefully that will change soon!
My goals for next week:
1. binding 2 quilts
2. quilt the 4 quilts I made backings and battings for
3. finish Christopher's quilt and ship it out!
4. women's ministry meeting-get bible study schedule down for the rest of the year
5. Get son Chris ready for OCC
6. clean up this computer room!!!
7. make new curtains for dining room
Those are enough goals!! We will have to see how much I actually complete! LOL

Later gator!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quilts, Quilts quilts....just can't get enough

You know you are a "die hard" quilter when all you think about is quilting. Each morning I notice how dirty the house is getting because someone is NOT cleaning! Now, who on earth could that be? Not me! IT is the kids' responsibility!! LOL Oh those birds create so much dust too, I need to teach them how to clean up after themselves!
Yesterday we had a little situation with 2 chipmunks!! The big one, the daddy, decided it would be the right thing to do to chew through my side porch screen so he could get into the house...he could smell bird seed. Bird seed that Henry and Gracie toss out of their food bowls inorder to find their favorite nice of them, huh?
So daddy chipmunk manages to chew through the screen. I find him and his little boy in my porch scurring around trying to get out cause there is a human!!! They finally figured out how to get of the screened in porch and off they go. My husband took the screen and flipped it so that the hole was now at the top of the screen...way up above our heads.....I really thought the situation was resolved.
I'm downstairs sewing and I hear lots of noise going on in the family room. The birds were going nuts! So I come upstairs to find Gracie chasing one of the chipmunks out of the family room!!! Yes, my bird was chasing a chipmunk! That was funny!! Both of those chipmunks climbed to the top of the screen,through the hole and back down the other side of the screen, through the family room sliding doors and into the family room they were!! Walla jackpot for them because of the bird seed in the floor!! Need to vacuum again! darn it! Now I can't leave the sliding glass door open, darn chipmunks! Close doors, open windows for a nice breeze.
Instead I opened the windows behind the bird's cage....geez these chipmunks are smart! Within an hour the birds were going nuts again. I come back upstairs only to find daddy chipmunk had gotten back into the porch and was climbing the screen behind the bird's cage!!! UGH!! Daddy chipmunk saw me and took off! He has not reappeared since. Wish I would have had my camera during each time. The pictures would have been great!!
Just imagine a green quaker parrot chasing a chipmunk! LOL I did reward Gracie for being such a great watch bird!! What a great bird! LOL
With the comotion of the birds and chipmunks I did manage to quilt my French Toile quilt. I squared it up and today I plan on putting on the binding. I also managed to put another quilt on the longarm machine. This quilt is a scrappy quilt from Bonnie Hunter's website: the pattern is Hidden Spools. I'm going to do an allover meandor pattern, bind it and ship it to my sister. The quilt measures 90x106...I did not mean for it to be this big!! LOL She said she is going to put it on her bed along with the other 5 quilts she has from me!! LOL
I did manage to organize my sewing room a bit also. That felt good to get those projects into bins and off my cutting tables. I have a total of 18 bins now...that is too many bins. What I like doing is pulling fabric together when I get a vision of a quilt. I place the pattern in the bin with the fabric, this way I know what my idea was. I've been designing quilts lately. not too many, but this is just another avenue for me to explore. Now If I could just sell my designs or quilts. My passion is really into piecing, the actual machine quilting is a big chore for me. At times I find it refreshing...only at times.
Well, time to get moving, need to take some pictures of my progress and clean my house!! I know if I go down to my sewing room first I will never clean the house today!!! LOL....