Thursday, July 22, 2010

VBS 2 more days to go

What a great day the kids had yesterday at VBS. My entire family was there volunteering. Son Joe got soaken' wet!! He was assigned to recreation and yesterday was "soak day"!! They set up this slide down our big hill. The slide is a huge piece of thick plastic. We secure it down at the top, put some soap at the top and spray it with water...the sprinklers are going also. The kids love soak day!!! Since our Pastor is unable to attend this week, his mother died suddenly, we have another church member stepping in for Pastor's role. Pastor normally walks around with a giant squirt gun shooting whomever he chooses. He also plays the role of Homer the puppet. This year we have Uncle Louie. Yesterday they got Sharon (VBS director-22yrs of service!!!) during the end of VBS!! It was so funny when she screamed!! The kids screamed in sheer joy and laughter.
The GI office called yesterday at VBS. We now have Chris's biopsy scheduled. I'm trying not to be nervous about it. He said it is an easy procedure in and out in 20 minutes and Chris won't feel or know what is going on...basically he will be out. Now to figure out what is wrong with Steve. My sister Gail, Renee said that she is too weak after her surgery for the petscan to be performed so doctor said after she goes home and builds up some strength they can do that test. Praying there is no more cancer.
I'm thinking we need to find a better way to cook from fresh! I need the time and space to do so. I want to grow my own veggies and fruit. Now just convince my husband of this and keep the deer and rabbit away....
This is enough for the day, gotta go work on Sharon's signature quilt! Boy is she going to be surprised!!!

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