Friday, July 16, 2010

The heat is on!

Last night a strong storm hit our area. It was interesting to watch this storm move in. The news said that the storms had straight line winds and if you had patio furniture outside you should secure it. So I did. We also had lots of equipment around the front of our house because my husband has been working on replacing the rotted siding boards along with painting. I gathered up the boys and had them carry everything into the garage.
I sat in my bedroom during the storm and watched the rain. The rain was coming down HORIZONTAL!! I was so glad I was not caught up in it! We managed to not loose power, I was happy! I cooked dinner when the worst of the storm had passed.
You know, it feels as if summer has just begun and it feels as if it is almost over!! 6 weeks and it is Labor day weekend!!
Quilting: I managed to get my blue and yellow chinese coin quilt, quilted. Now to make the binding. I've also been playing with several design ideas....9degree wedges from Kaye Fasset fabric with paper pieced triangles at the top...vivid and wild looking. While I was playing I discovered if I placed two of my 1/4 circle wedges together I could form a butterfly....hmmmm....then I sewed fusible strips to the edge of the "wings". I used a lime green thread to sew the wings down with a figure 8 stitch on my Janome. Way cool!!
It is time to get moving....till next time....

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  1. your talent astounds me woman! Yes, it was like living thru the flood of Noah! I was so exhausted from a migraine and having traveled so much in a short amount of time-I slept thru most of it-most...I was glad I was on the top floor, in case things started to flood-LOL

    Enjoy your summer!