Sunday, July 25, 2010


Finally!! The humidity is gone! I was able to work outside on 2 of my flowerbeds and guess what? I found flowers!! LOL Flowers that actually belong in the flowerbeds! I have not weeded in a long time due to the work my hubby is doing on the outside of the house. I figured that I would just be in his way. And the heat and humidity were just too high for me... so I stayed inside and played with fabric!!!
Today I was able to dig up 3 over grown plants, I honestly can't remember if they are called Russian Sage or catmint...oh well, either way they are now in the backyard. I have to figure out what to put in the flowerbed that now has a big hole...oops! I still have lots of weeding to do. There are several more large flowerbeds. The weeds are so high that some are up to my knees! That is just not good. I just got over heated outside and had to come in. I might go back out there later on, but I already came inside and showered....playing with fabric sounds better to me!
My pedimeter: I took over 8,700 steps yesterday and today I am already at 6,500...I do need to drink some water though.
Last night we were up for over 2 hours with Steve. I can't believe my 16yr old son is still having these problems. The GI dr. still has no diagnosis. I feel so bad for him, last night was scary. I pray we have a better night. Tomorrow is mom's day away. I will not be able to go very far, need to stay close by incase something happens.
Got to get a moving with fabric or go back outside and pull weeds....or I could clean the house? decisions decisions...what is a girl to do? play obviously!
~later dudettes!

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