Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weight loss

Last summer I went on nutrisystem diet plan. It worked, I lost 20lbs. Then life happened and stress hit and I gained it all back. sigh....
The other day I decided it was time to do something about this weight gain! I need to take it off! I called the local Jenny Craig office and made an immediate appointment. I knew if I procrastinated that I would not do anything at all. I joined yesterday! I have to say I really love the food! The salad dressings are fantastic! Last night's dinner was chicken alfredo, I'm not an alfredo sauce person...but I liked their entree. Breakfast was french toast, mmmgood. Lunch was a chicken corn chowder, very good and a spinach salad. Now my spinach salad consisted of fresh spinach chopped up fine, 1/2 cup of tomato and 1/2 cup of cucumber. Topped it off with their balsamic vinegar dressing, delicious!!
While I was at Jenny Craig I purchased their excerise dvd and a pedometer (I think that is what you call it). My goal is to loose 40lbs! That is a lot but I am trying to prevent surgery on my knees, exhaustion and hypertension...also type 2 diabetes. I have to take care of myself. Let's hope I can stick to it!
There is a friend at church who wants to do a study together, a bible study "First Place" it is a biblical study on nutrition. I think we shall do it! I'm excited! The Lord is taking care of us! I feel blessed that there is someone else who wants to do this with me!
~later gator


  1. Great that you are doing something. Me.. I seem to procrastinate but need to lose 30 pounds. Can't afford a weight loss program so i need to find the motivation to do it on my own.

  2. You go girl! Any woman who is successful at weight loss deserves a gigantic CONGRATULATIONS! Stay strong and motivated!!!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement ladies!!
    I'm pluggin' along! LOL