Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Monday

Monday Monday...make you think of a song? Most Mondays I hit the floor running!! I always have lots to accomplish, so before I "hit the floor running" I wanted to post what I accomplished and somethings that I forgot to post.

This picture is of my mistake!! I was working on my Jarred Takes a Wife quilt from Bonnie Hunter's website: and I cut all my sashing strips 1/4inch too short!! I can't believe I did this!! I had all these pieces ready to assemble. Actually, these are the ones that went in between all the blocks, the sashing that was to be put in between the rows were the ones that were too short!! Needless to say I cut them on different days and I was obviously very tired when I cut the second set of sashing...sigh...these will now go into my new block Pineapple Tidbits seen next.

The next picture is two quilts that I am gathering fabrics for. I need to get them out of the sunlight so that my fabrics don't fade!! One quilt is going to be "Leap Frog", a child's quilt, don't have a child in mind, just want to make something out of brights and I found this pattern online for free. So that basket is dedicated for that project. I found in my stash, which I should have taken a picture of but totally forgot, a fabric that is electric blue with FROGS all over it...bright frogs!! This quilt will be fun.
The other basket on the desk is going to be from Bonnie Hunter's Leaders and Enders book "Bowdacious"!! I have a pile of bright pinks that I may or may not add to it...time will tell if they get to be a part of this quilt. I'm also, not included in the picture, going to piece another pattern from this book "BlueRidge Beauty". I have already cut some fabrics up for this one and I will be using blues. Bonnie is a fantastic quilt designer! Love her work!
The last picture is from Nancy Rink: This was her BOM Galactic Explosion. I still have to put the binding on, but she is quilted!! This quilt is going to hang up in my dining room and I am changing the decor to match it!
Well that is all for now! I have to get ready to go out for the day with some friends! The weather is beautiful and I will be some wonderful people today!!
~later everyone!

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