Monday, August 2, 2010

My Design Wall

The beginnings of a new quilt. Shame on me for starting another project!! I just could not help myself though. I was looking for some blocks that I had cut a while back and thought I had put them in one of my plastic drawer bins. I opened up the drawer and there I found my original project of Northwind block swap and templates. This got me to thinking! I saw these fabrics stored away in a clear bin for a different project and decided that I needed to use these for my Northwind block. So off I go cutting my 9" blocks and into triangles....this is going to be fun! Except I got carried away and cut too many of the colored pieces to go with the polka dotted background fabric...darn it! This means I might have to make two quilts!! Oh no, what is a quilter to do?!
I began piecing and posting on my design wall. I decided that I am going to make this quilt like a "Blooming 9-patch" quilt. That is starting from the middle and going out to the edge, having the fabrics/colors bloom/blend. I just might have to go purchase more fabric!! LOL
So I have background fabric with some of the colors and some colors with will be a cool quilt when I am finished! I have the center completed, yet, I may swap out my center colors into the lighter sets so that the colors can explode!!
I've also decided that I just might have to add purple! If you can see the pink/red fabric there is a little purple flower/leaf pattern. Purple would be a great blender for that one. Also, I'm pretty certain that I am going to have to go purchase more of that orangey batik fabric because I want it for the border and i don't think I have enough left. The polka dotted background fabric is going to be my
I might have to put this aside and finish my french braid. I want to teach the french braid and this Northwind!

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