Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's almost July

It is almost July! This past week the weather has been absolutely gorgeous!!!! No air conditioning, just fresh air. We have been pretty busy too. The boys have had several things to go and I have had a couple of dr./dentist appts.
Doctor appt....well I have a ruptured blood vessel in my right hand just below my thumb. I'm well aware that it is there, but it only hurts when I try to hold something in my hand...say the round brush when I attempt to pull the curl out of my hair so I don't look a frizz ball....or the rotary cutter to work on my is good though!
My husband comes home today from his trip to Mexico. He had to go there for work. How interesting, as soon as I finished typing the previous sentence, my husband called from Mexico! He was on the plane and just wanted to let me know that he was thinking about me!! Love that man!
Quilting: I'm working on my quilt for the magazine, I'm behind but trying to catch up. Hopefully today I will be able to do just that. I have a quilt on the longarm machine that I need to get done, plus all the other customer quilts waiting to go on the machine. I will finish her's first, then I will put the magazine quilt on the longarm. Once that quilt is done I will be able to focus on the rest of the quilts....BUT, I received an email yesterday from a magazine requesting that I submit a design for a book! How cool is that?! I did not seek them out, so I'm excited!!
Got to get a movin'!
Happy sewing!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Big Bang Theory is so funny!

Last night after Kate arrived, we all sat in the family room and watched 4 shows from season 1 of The Big Bang Theory. I'm so glad my hubby's co-worker sent the series home with him.
Today I teach at JoAnn's. It is a 2 hour class for the "kids sewing class". I'm not really thrilled about it, but hey I will earn a little extra fabric buying cash. After class is over, I'm coming home to pick up Kate and we are going to go to Sam's to buy the leather recliner for hubby, that is his Father's Day present. He is going to be soooo shocked! And I don't know how we are going to get into the house, because there will not be any boys home!!! Chris, Steve and John are all going to go work at my friend's house today. They are preparing their house/yard to go on the market.
That is all for now.....later everyone

Friday, June 17, 2011

Life for the weekend

Today our daughter arrives home for the weekend! Kate is 25 years old and she is a beautiful young woman! I can't wait for her to arrive. She is coming for the weekend,  cause it is Father's Day this Sunday. It will be nice having another female in the house again. I think she hinted to me that she wants to pick out fabric for a duvet? I'm not certain....we will see. I have no problem looking for fabric!
Someone from my husband's work brought in 3 seasons of The Big Bang Theory. We love that show! Needless to say we have been watching the dvd's!! Our son Chris said we should have a marathon of watching them over the weekend. Ok, let's do it Saturday night or Friday night while Kate is here. I'll make some good finger foods for munching and we can all just veg in front of the tv! What fun! LOL Actually we have done this before but it was with Third Rock From the Sun. We literally sat and watched 6 hours of tv and none of us moved! LOL
Last night I sewed 32 sets of fabric strips together to prepare for my quilt that is going in QW magazine. I power sewed! Now today after I run Steve and John out to Rachel's to help her father clean up the yard, I will come back home and iron all those strip sets. I'm hoping that I can cut the strip sets into the sub units that I need and begin to prepare them for sewing. I will have to lay all the pieces out to make sure I achieve the "right" look. My goal is to make this quilt look like suede! How cool is that?!
Speaking of yard clean up, the boys are helping one family today, and another family tomorrow. They will be completely worn out by Sunday, Father's Day.
Well everyone, I will post pictures of my quilt in stages as soon as I can.....

Later and happy quilting!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I got fabric in the mail!!

What a great day when you receive fabric in the mail!! I did not order the fabric either!! A manufacturer sent me about 40 pieces of 1/2yard or larger pieces for my quilt that is going in Quilter's World...Feb. 2012 issue!! oh my goodness is this fabric scrumptious!!  I pressed and cut last night and this morning. I am ready to assemble the pieces into units. That is my plan for the evening.
On Tuesday and Thursday I teach a group of girls sewing (quilting). Today I had the little chatty girls! Lord have mercy were they chatty and they are all around the ages of 10-13. They were so dang cute!
Well, I have to get moving, we are heading out the door to go to some thrift stores. I need to buy a desk for my hubby for the computer room. Nothing fancy, obviously, just something that he can sit at more comfortably and I can have the 8foot long buffet table back down in my sewing room.
Happy Quilting everyone!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What a day!

Yesterday was a great day! It was hot here and humid but all in all I had a wonderful day.  I heard from the fabric manufacturer and they are going to help me with fabric for another quilt design!! WoooHooo! This made my night!
I've also got another quilt pattern in my head and I need to piece it now! I just have the image though, no measurements....wonder how it will go! LOL
Today's weather is suppose to be absolutely gorgeous! 78 is our high, now that is just down right fantastic, don't you think?!
Tomorrow night is Oakland County Guild meeting. I have only been able to attend 2 meetings at the most. No one knows me. Hopefully, I will begin to start making some friends there. I truly hate being the "new kid". I had to deal with that all my life from being a navy brat...we moved all the time! So....make friends with me, I'm shy! 
I think that is all for now.
Happy quilting!!
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