Monday, July 27, 2009

What happened to summer?

This has been one of the coolest, temperature wise, July's I have experienced in years! I'm enjoying the cooler temps!! I wish it would stay this way all year, but I hear you have to move to Hawaii to enjoy this, hahaha.
Chris and Steve were gone for a week to Vanderbilt, Michigan. Our church's youth took our VBS program there. I missed my two boys! I'm glad they are home! And I heard nothing but great reports on how well both boys were and how helpful they are! While Chris and Steve were gone we painted John's bedroom. It was a brick red color, we could not stand it any is not a nice soothing camel brown color. His room looks fantastic!! Now to just get Chris's room done!!!
The drama is still continueing in other areas, but I will not post them on my blog, that is not a nice thing to do. I will pray that all works out.
Speaking of prayer, Bonnie and her family are on their way to Baylor Hospital in Houston, TX. Pray Pray Pray for Bonnie!! I know the Lord can heal her!
School is going to be starting soon. I need to get busy and start planning.
I also need to work out in my yard, it looks horrible! The flowers have gotten way to big! I can't move them though until September! Lots of work ahead!
Summer feels as if it is almost over and yet at the same time it feels that it has just gotten started!! *sniff sniff* I need more time, but don't we all!! I need to piece another quilt! I feel it in my bones! LOL... Time to get moving off the computer!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday morning

Wow, I did not realize it has been several weeks since I have posted anything. I guess I've been busy. This morning I received news that our Pastor's wife, Bonnie, ...well her cancer is back. This is very upsetting! She is such a wonderful person and I just don't understand how this could happen. God is in control!! For those of you who follow my blog, please pray for Bonnie.
Last night I finally finished a friend's quilt. Took me forever, but it is done! YEAH! 1 down and 9 more to
I discovered last night that these strange little bug bites on my hand and elbow, well they are not bug bites, it is poison ivy...great! So far I only have two spots, lets hope that it will stay that way and go away!
Not much else is happening, my son Chris bought himself a used 1997 Honda Civic on Monday. oh this makes 11 vehicles at my home...I think my husband needs to sell and get rid of some! Chris is very proud of himself, he saved for a year! We are proud of him too.
Time to get myself into my Bible study then on to working on a quilt.