Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

GI Joe's climbing the tree

Christmas season was hectic and great all at the same time. I think we planned too many things for each day of December. Dentist appointments (wisdom teeth, crowns, cleanings for a family of 6), chiroprator appts, parties and just trying to get normal life accomplished.  Oh yes, I can't forget the flu...son Joe got the flu first, then it spread around us. Joe really had it bad. I got it last and it hit me hard. I know it is because I had been doing too many things and not getting enough sleep. I needed down time and well the flu made me stop and rest.
Christmas day was great. I loved see the boys get their presents. They all pitched it and bought me a new griddle and so I had to make them pancakes for breakfast!
Quilting on Christmas day? You betcha! After all the present time was done and everyone had settled into the normal swing of activity I headed down to my sewing room.  I had creativity just flowing through my veins and I could not stop it.
I made a bag, measurements: 18x18inches, with 3x3 notches cut out at the base. Pieced it together with a lining and handle...I love it. I made another one the following day slightly smaller 15x15. I added some holders on the inside to hold bottles (wine bottles...I don't drink, but I know some people do) and it looks really neat. My sister loved it. I have to make her one. Oh speaking of her, I made sunglass holders for her and her daughters...she ended up giving them all to her daughters and so now I have to make one for her. I will do that today.
I watched a video on youtube on the construction of a pineapple block. I loved it! I went down to my sewing room immediately, used what I had measurements were given because this quilter has this pattern in her book...but anyway, I made it using the tools I had which were the EZ quilting rulers!! Love it! I'm going to make more today! I've always wanted to make one of these quilts.
Oh yes, my french braid quilt. I've pieced all the ''braids" together and put a narrow white border on to the quilt. Now I'm piecing a pieced border...except I pieced one of the borders totally wrong!!! I was so upset with myself when I realized this....
well, I am ripping it apart and taking care because it is all on the bias!! eek!

Pineapple block

French Braid border

Wine bottle bag

book bag with lining

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good morning world

Good morning world! I feel as if a huge load has been taken off my shoulders. I was able to finish several quilts yesterday, including the binding, placemats, and to top things off I was able to get them in the mail!!!  But wait, then I realized I left the grandparents presents at home!! go figure! lol....sigh....I really tried hard too. Not all is my fault though. I ordered dvd's from a friend over 3 months ago. These dvds are of my kids in the plays that they have been in for the last several years. We have been promised that we would have them by Christmas, but nothing has showed up as of yet. These dvd's were supposed to be part of the Christmas presents sent to family members.  I guess they are not getting them again this year. What a bummer.
I'm applying to the Southern Christmas Show that is in November. My sister goes there every year and just loves it. I want to be able to attend and show my crafts. I also want to get on the ball get some more patterns published. I feel as if I don't have enough time to do anything lately, with taking the boys to their dentist appointments (wisdom teeth being pulled->ouch!) many doctor appointments...homeschool events, church events....
I have all these ideas in my head and I just can't get them on paper. Today I have to take Joe to have his wisdom teeth pulled...I'm going to bring graph paper, colored pencils and I'm drawing! 
This past weekend my husband I rearranged our bedroom. I love it! He was right, the room would look so much larger if we rearranged things. I'm so glad we did.
Not much left to tell...women's banquet went over well. We were down 2 tables due to the canceling 2x due to our weather, but I think we had a blast!
Got to run, I should be downstairs playing with fabric!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 days and counting....

10 days until Christmas and I'm not finished with all that needs to be done. This has been an interesting week of "weather" related events. Southeastern Michigan received a blanket of snow Sunday night and into Monday. Next the temperature turned to bitter cold artic air...below zero wind chills...not fun and I stayed in the house! Canceled the women's dinner and cookie exchange, rescheduled it for Tuesday night...canceled and rescheduled again due to the roads refreezing. We probably could have had it last night but it turned out better for me. I was not feeling well last night at all. Very sick to my stomach and slightly feverish.
Today, I'm feeling just fine.
Speaking of today, we are having a Christmas party with our homeschool group. I'm kind of excited and kind of lets just get this over with! I have 7 quilts to finish between now and Monday!!! Lord only knows how I'm going to get all this done, cause honey, I have no clue!
I have some ideas on how quilting patterns and need to get them on paper. I know I'm not going to be able to get moving on these ideas until after Christmas, but I hope I don't forget them!!
Bummer, it is time for me to get moving, no pictures today the camera is charging....till next time...

Happy sewing....