Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

GI Joe's climbing the tree

Christmas season was hectic and great all at the same time. I think we planned too many things for each day of December. Dentist appointments (wisdom teeth, crowns, cleanings for a family of 6), chiroprator appts, parties and just trying to get normal life accomplished.  Oh yes, I can't forget the flu...son Joe got the flu first, then it spread around us. Joe really had it bad. I got it last and it hit me hard. I know it is because I had been doing too many things and not getting enough sleep. I needed down time and well the flu made me stop and rest.
Christmas day was great. I loved see the boys get their presents. They all pitched it and bought me a new griddle and so I had to make them pancakes for breakfast!
Quilting on Christmas day? You betcha! After all the present time was done and everyone had settled into the normal swing of activity I headed down to my sewing room.  I had creativity just flowing through my veins and I could not stop it.
I made a bag, measurements: 18x18inches, with 3x3 notches cut out at the base. Pieced it together with a lining and handle...I love it. I made another one the following day slightly smaller 15x15. I added some holders on the inside to hold bottles (wine bottles...I don't drink, but I know some people do) and it looks really neat. My sister loved it. I have to make her one. Oh speaking of her, I made sunglass holders for her and her daughters...she ended up giving them all to her daughters and so now I have to make one for her. I will do that today.
I watched a video on youtube on the construction of a pineapple block. I loved it! I went down to my sewing room immediately, used what I had measurements were given because this quilter has this pattern in her book...but anyway, I made it using the tools I had which were the EZ quilting rulers!! Love it! I'm going to make more today! I've always wanted to make one of these quilts.
Oh yes, my french braid quilt. I've pieced all the ''braids" together and put a narrow white border on to the quilt. Now I'm piecing a pieced border...except I pieced one of the borders totally wrong!!! I was so upset with myself when I realized this....
well, I am ripping it apart and taking care because it is all on the bias!! eek!

Pineapple block

French Braid border

Wine bottle bag

book bag with lining

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