Monday, May 9, 2016

It's May, time to catch you up.....

You've heard April showers bring May flowers, I'm just hoping that we warm up in May! It seems like we had little teasers of warm weather in April. ...then we would drop back down into the cold temps. Cold enough to where you would have to keep the furnace running in your home and put on a coat when you left. Ugh...I'm longing for some sunshine too.
And I am going to get those warmer temps tomorrow!  Tomorrow I fly to Pensacola, Florida!  Woo-hoo!  I'm not going for vacation, I will be teaching at Martelli-enterprises.
You've probably seen Martelli at the quilt shows. Martelli has the amazing cutting tables and mats that mist quilters long for. I hear they are spectacular!  Their rotary cutter fits your hand better so you are not straining your wrist and fingers. I'm hoping I will have some down time so that I can play with their products! Oh!! I hear they have a quilt shop in the front part of the building .... fabric? Did someone say FABRIC? Oh yes!!
I think I'm going to have a great time.
Stephanie Deese is one of Martelli's sales reps for their longarm machine.  I met Stephanie at a quilt show and basically, she and I hit off! Stephanie and I will spend Wednesday together.  I will be teaching her free motion quilting. Thursday is packed with other fun activities. .. and Friday I will be teaching ruler work to students.
I'm excited and honored that I have been asked to teach :)
Hmmm,  what else has been going on?
I've been traveling a lot!
In April,  I traveled to Des Moines, IA.  Do you know why? I was a guest on
Fons & Porter 's Love of Quilting TV show! 
That was a wonderful experience! I wouldn't trade it for nothing! 
On set, I met Patrick Lose.  He was great to work with, so nice and he made the atmosphere calm, you know. He helped to calmed my nerves, I was able to relax and be myself.
While we were taping, I decided it would be a great time to have a coughing fit! Seriously!  We had to stop filming. So, when you see the episode I was on, you will
Important information,  inquiring minds need to know:
I filmed for the new series 2800, I believe episode 2804. I could be mistaken about the episode number. When I'm notified, I will post it.
Let's see if I can find some pictures for you.
Here is the famous table that Marianne and her daughter Mary sit at to read us the viewers tips and tricks.

Here is my quilt hanging on the set.
Quilt name:
Anna Starflake 
My quilt will be in the July issue, 2016 of Love of Quilting magazine.

Here is the alternative quilt. Different color pattern, no smashing and cornerstones to create the secondary block.
Patrick's assisant, Greg (I believe that is his name) came up with the name for this quilt.
Queen of Diamonds

While I was in Des Moines,  I was able to meet Scott Flanagan and his Aunt Linda. Scott and I have been Facebook friends for 2 years, we finally were able to meet!  Scott and Linda waited patiently for me to finish on the set. After I was done we went out to dinner. Before Scott had to head back home to Nebraska,  we drove to Linda's home. Spent some time showing off our quilts to each other and having some pictures taken.
Scott left for home and Linda took me around town for some sightseeing. 
We were in Winterset. ... home of the Bridges over Madison County,  home of John Wayne. 

Sorry the picture is so dark, it was taken at dusk. But it is the statue of John Wayne in front of the museum. 

This was John Wayne's childhood home.
It's time to get moving off the computer. I have a quilt to work on for Fons & Porter.  
This quilt will have 100 blocks.  It's not paper pieced, and no "Y" seams. 

Happy quilting everyone!

Nancy McNally 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Another class with Annie's Publishing Company

Hi everyone! I finished filming another class with Annie's Publishing Company. I had  such a wonderful time with this class. The new class will be released in about 10 weeks.
I got to hold a jelly roll! LOL I had seen it on the set and just needed to hold it!
Happy face!!

Once filming the class was finished, I was ready to go home. That was not going to happen! There was winter storm "Petros" that had hit the midwest and well, I was not going anywhere. I had to spend one more night in Amish country, Berne, Indiana.

Since I arrived back home, I have been trying to get back into my routine. I love being at home! I'm ready for spring! I have been searching on Pinterest, I'm ready to decorate my front porch, my side porch work in my yard. Spring cannot come soon enough!

My calendar for March:
Teaching at Accomplish Quilting March 11-12, 2016
Wholecloth Collage Quilting

Vending at Oakland County Quilt Guild for Accomplish Quilting Innova Dealer
Dates April 1-2, 2016
Community Education Resource Center
455 East Scripps Road
Lake Orion, MI 

Each month I will be adding my Travels. 
Happy Quilting everyone!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Getting a high ....

I can't help it, I get such a rush from creating!
So today, I made a video blog
Here you go, just click on the picture. You can enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, you choose. I hop ed you feel like you are sitting across the table from me, like friends do.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Windy day in the Motor City

Yesterday started out ok, just a little wind and rain, but as the day progressed the winds picked up! I had a couple of errands to run, and all I wanted to do was hurry up and get back home. Out of the weather!
In the morning I began continuing piecing the turbine quilt. I have 2 interesting borders. The first one is easy, it was the 2nd (outer) border that required some work. I think I figured it out. I to rip stitches often, but I did manage to make it work.....and when I made it work....I decided at that time, no one will want to piece that corner unit. Make it easier.
So, make it easier I will!
Last night's dinner, Salsa Soup! It was chilly yesterday.  We needed soup to warm us up. And a pot of hazelnut coffee from Folgers! Oh my goodness! Love it!

I gathered these fabrics yesterday for a new oroject. I can see a beautiful quilt from these!!!

And this is a special project I'm working on. It's going to be on my workshop list. More to reveal later.
And now I will wish you a great day! 
Happy quilting! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Two for Tuesday

Tuesday, two for Tuesday!
I decided I need to work on two projects today. One is due in January to Fons & Porter, and two is for fun, new project.
My fun project is from Fat Quarter Friday:

Today is project 2. Can't show the entire quilt, but let's see if I can give you a little taste...a little teaser.
Yesterday before I went to class, I worked on this little idea. 
Just playing with my fat quarters....
My special project will be for Quilting Arts magazine.
Back to yesterday's class. It felt good to be a student! I was in a machine embroidery class. I was learning how to nest and connect the pattern, make it continuous.  I enjoyed the class,  and the other ladies were great. The class was at Decorative Stitches on 22 Mike road and Van Dyke in Shelby Township.
I'm hoping once I get caught up, I can work more with my embroidery machine.
So, on that note, I need to get back to work! 
Happy quilting everyone!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Summer is gone....fall is here....winter is soon

Hello everyone, yesterday on facebook I announced its FAT QUARTER FRIDAY!! The idea is to take at least 1 fat quarter or as many as you want, and:

  1. Try a new block
  2. Use a ruler or template that you've never used
  3. Try a new technique 
  4. Take an orphan block, use the fat quarter as a border and make a mug rug
  5. Take an orphan block and make it into a placemat or table topper...use the fat quarter(s) to finish to the size you need
Here is what I made using 3 fat quarters:
I posted this yesterday on facebook 

Let me know what you come up with!

Happy quilting!