Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well it is about time...someone has been neglecting her blog!

Well, I've definitely been neglecting my blog! I've just been procrastinating for the longest time and I don't know why? I don't have a reason. The only thing I can think of is because the camera was down in the basement in my son Chris's area where he was filming and I was too lazy to go pick up my camera. So there! That is my reason, works for me, that is my story and I'm stickin' to it! LOL
I have really accomplished a lot in the quilt world recently.  I found another quilter's blog "sew many ways" and I love her ideas on repurposing items, keeping the sewing room organized....just love it...very very inspiring! Now I want to paint all my sewing room furniture the same color so I can be "matchy matchy" . But first, I need to take a shower and clean myself up! LOL I need to get off the computer....I think I will update the blog though before I'm off to the shower....
French Braid
Earlier in November I received an email from Fons and Porter magazine editor. I'm getting published! SWEET! She requested that I pick out a hoffman batik to remake my quilt in for the fall 2011 issue. To get inspired I decided to go to my local quilt shop...The Village Quilt Shoppe at Canterbury Village here in Lake Orion. I love that shop!! Let's just say I got slightly side tracked! Instead of making a decision on fabric for the magazine quilt I came home with 12 fabrics at 1/2 yard cuts! Guess what I'm making? A French Braid: In blues!! The picture looks a little grainy I will try to take another picture of the finished quilt and hopefully it will not look so bad.
So while I was working on this quilt, the cutting process that is, I could have sworn I cut enough for 4 braids. I began searching through my things that I had placed on the cutting table, but I could only find enough for 2 braids...where did the rest go? I could not find the other braids so I decided that I did not cut all that I needed and cut 2 more sets....except I actually cut more than that! Then of course I found the rest of the braids!!! GEE!! The braids were underneath the basket...the basket that contains the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt fabrics and pieces....I'm rolling my eyes at myself!

4-patches for Christmas Lights

Yesterday, since Bonnie (http://www.quiltville.com/) put up the instructions for her Christmas Lights pattern I decided it was time to gather those fabrics and save them for the week between Christmas and New Year. This would be a nice project. In the mean time I found that I had pieced some 4-patch units the same size that is needed for the Christmas Lights....and I had pieced a LOT!! Well then I have step 1 finished...except I found in the same container I had the 4-patches in I also have a bizillion 1/2 sq. triangles!! and 4-patches to match these hst. Oh my word!! I spent over 2 hours putting this up:

close up of fabrics

2 hours plus took to add to design wall

I have not pieced this one yet, just putting all those hst's and 4patches on the wall was enough for me...in the close up you can see the white coming through, this is the batting I have pinned up on the wall....I use this as my "design wall"...how clever! LOL
I'm also working on Bonnie Hunter's Double Delight. I made this quilt two years ago, and gave it away to a wonderful friend. Now, I want one for myself. OH! The blue and red quilt shown above, my husband wants this one for our bed!! I was rather shocked by that. So, that is what I'm going to do with it. I hope I can make it large enough for our bed....it is a king size.
My health: yesterday I had an MRI. I will know the results soon. I'm suppose to schedule an ENG, this is all related to my dizziness/vertigo. Hopefully nothing serious is happening in my head and all will be fine soon.
Weather: winter is coming....snow on Wednesday....don't want to think about it.
Kids: Joe is sick with the flu, the real flu...not just a head cold...the flu...poor guy, he has slept on the couch for 3 days...Steve won't go near him, he does not want to get sick.
Thanksgiving Day: What a great time we had with friends Dawn, Joe and David.
Time for me to get off the computer!!! I need to go take more pictures of everything that I am working on....but that will be after the camera battery charges...

Take care everyone and stay warm!

Monday, November 15, 2010

UFO's!! Oh my world the number...

For those of you who are quilters, you know exactly what I'm talking about when I say "UFO's"! I've been working on my sewing room, trying desperately to clean it up and organize. What I mess! I've moved several times since I began my quilting journey....so I can honestly say, that things get lost in the move. Two weeks ago when my sister, Renee, was visiting we attacked my scraps. I could have never done it without her help! Thank you! After she left to go back home to SC, I found a drawer that had...you guessed it....scraps!! Oh my goodness! sigh....Then I found another quilt that I began over 10 years ago...some of you will know this pattern ...Shakespeare in the Park.....holy moly! What was I thinking!? I was a fairly new quilter and tried to attack that pattern! I actually have two color waves in that quilt pattern and I am determined to finish it. One is in tans and deep purples, burgandy... very scrappy looking and fall like. The other is in blues and yellows....I have lots of pieces and I have decided that it is NOT going to be a Shakespeare in the Park quilt. I'm going to be making quarter square triangles, half square triangles and whatever else I can come up with to USE THOSE PIECES UP! Needless to say I will get more than one quilt from each color wave because I know I cut out way too many pieces!
This is going to be a busy week. I'm suppose to be teaching two days this week at Joann's fabric store, I have not heard from the manager of the education department as to if anyone signed up for the classes. I will call her or go visit the store today or tomorrow. On Saturday, I'm teaching at the Village Quilt shoppe at Canterbury Village!! My favorite quilt shop in the world!  I'm teaching the French Braid Table runner. I will need to get my supplies ready by tomorrow. I can't procrastinate on this one, my week is full.
Oh and the best news of all!! Bonnie Hunter's new Mystery quilt pattern step 1 will be ready this Friday!!!! Roll Roll Cotton Ball, I think that is the name! For any followers here is her website: www.quiltville.com
Back to my UFO's. I have lots of them! I'm determined to finish them this year...ok wait, let's think about this! There is less than two months left in this year...I think I will extend my goal to ....the end of next year. I really and truly want to have them all done: done as in quilted and bound!
We do have a nasty cold that is going through my boys. John got the cold first, then it went to Steve....Steve has the nasty cough that will not go away and now son Joe has it. I hope the cold stops with him!
Time to get moving, lots to do today!!! Can't waste a single minute!! OH! I've lost 3inches in my waist!! don't know how much weight I've lost but my curves are now heading in the right direction! LOL
Later Gator!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ahhhh the life of a quilter....

This past weekend I was able to go on a women's retreat with some wonderful Christian ladies from church. We drove up to Bambi Lake in St. Helen, by Roscommon (spelling?) Michigan. Beautiful grounds to walk!! We were able to take a nature walk on Saturday afternoon. I loved it! Being outside breathing the fresh air, a nip of chill in the air and all the beautiful scenery...just wonderful. Our speakers had wonderful testimonies and messages to share, made you think a bit about your life. I'm looking forward to next year's retreat.
About two weeks ago I began organizing my sewing room. I thought I had it all figured out as in the best way to organize, but I was wrong....I needed a better system and better storage answers. In the midst of it all I realized I had missed 6 drawers of fabric scraps! How could one do this? Well, I was sitting by them every time I sat down to sew and just did not pay them any attention.
When I arrived home from the women's retreat I made a decision to attack those drawers. This past Sunday afternoon, after church, I did just that!  I pulled the storage drawers out from under the table and began. I made a HUGE mess!!! I mean a HUGE mess, did I mention I made a mess? Lord help me, now it is overwhelming!! LOL
My next step is to take all the "organizing" of the first set of scraps and combine them with the present set of scraps that are strewn all over two, yes 2 eight foot tables. Instead of attempting to put all these scraps into the tiny plastic bins (just slightly larger than a shoe box) and place all the organized scraps into the plastic draw units. This will be a much easier way to get to them and free up shelf space...I was storing all the small plastic bins on the wire shelving units. I really do need to take a picture of this mess, but I can't seem to find my camera. I think my son Chris has taken the camera down to his "filming" area in the basement. The battery is probably dead.
Yesterday morning I spoke with the manager of the education department from the local JoAnn Fabric store. I brought in samples to show my work and basically I was hired on the spot to help teach quilting. Now this will NOT be a huge income maker, by any stretch, it is just my way of sharing the love of piecing/quilting. I'm not an official employee of JoAnn's I'm a subcontractor...hmmmm interesting title...I feel so important now! LOL I have some ideas on how to bring more people into the love of sewing again. Hopefully, there will be plenty of opportunity to share this love!
Today is voting day! I hope everyone exercises their right to vote!! Go Vote!! I will be voting on my way to pick up my sister from the airport. Renee is flying in and will be staying till Sunday morning. I'm so excited she is here! We are going to have a blast!
Take care everyone!!