Thursday, May 27, 2010

Playing with fabric

Yesterday I was able to play with fabric. On the quiltville yahoo group there have been some members that have made the "omigosh" quilt (from a different quilter, not Bonnie Hunter) I had to attempt to make this block. The pieces are cut so tiny-1inch!! The quilt is made up of 9-patch units and solid blocks, this would be unit A (double 9-patch). There is a unit B which I have not figured out the measurements for the individual pieces. I don't know if I'm brave enough to work on this one. I did find out yesterday that working with such small pieces it is a good idea to use spray starch to make those little buggers behave. When the seam allowances are pressed into place the little units no longer want to play nice. Unfortunately, I cannot add any pictures of my work to my blog because our main computer is dead and my camera is dead...need to charge the battery for that. Hopefully all this situation will be better soon.

Now for the last two weeks Steve has been in some serious pain. I don't want blog too much about this. I just want a diagnosis for my son. He did have a good day yesterday. This I am very thankful for.

Last night I was able to see the new carpet at church. Wow, has our church changed its appearance!! She is looking fabulous! Way to go building committee!!

Well, that is all for now. Gonna go shower and go play with fabric before I take Steve to his next doctor appt.

Later gator....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Its been a while for me

It has been a while since I have posted on my blog. Life is just busy and I have other things to think about and accomplish.
Yesterday we spent 2 hours at the doctor's office, watching my son Steve in excrutiating pain! And the doctor could really do nothing except say go back to the gluten free diet and take the prevacid. They got him an x-ray schedule at another facility for Monday....Ok Steve gets to stay in pain for 4 more days!!! What?! I'm not buying it! I want something done for him NOW. So we took him up the ER at Genesis hospital. There the doctors took blood and had the x-ray technicians bring down the machine and x-ray his abdominal area.
My son was doubled over in pain for over 4 hours yesterday and the regular doctor could do nothing?
Steve was able to sleep a little, which helped him not focus on the pain.
The labs and x-ray came back that everything was fine. The doctor at the er said that Steve needs to stay on the gluten free diet until the pediatric GI doctor is able to see him and run more testing. The ER doctor was great! Steve was looking and doing so much better when we left the hospital last night!
Today I'm leaving for the Beth Moore conference over in Grand Rapids. I have not been away from family in a very long time!! It is just an overnight thing, and I really am looking forward to spending time with Bonnie, Mary and Sally. I heard that kathy and her sister are coming too! This is going to be a very fun trip!
Our teens at church are involved in the 30hour famine, which is today and tomorrow. I'm trusting that Chris will be taken care of (he is diabetic, I will have to send food for him) and now with Steve having to go gluten free, I need to send special food for him also. Life is changing for 2 of my kids. It is going to be ok though, we can make it.
Time to get moving. Oh yeah, priase team is playing tonight and the kids youth praise team band is playing tomorrow and they are in charge of the service on Sunday! Love it!

Till later.......

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The sun in shining today

We finally have a Saturday with sunshine! It has been many weekends that we have had rainy Saturdays! This is going to be a wonderful day.
Last night Steve had another episode with his stomach. I really don't know what is going on. I'm going to do as the GI doctor said for him "give him some gluten, get the celiac test done" so this is what we are doing. This pain scares Steve and it scares me too. I've never seen him feel so helpless and scared. I have to protect my baby!
Joseph has started summer courses. He is going to drop physics due to the distance for the course and the professor. He wants the professor that Carrie suggested, more hands on! The distance factor....45 minutes to class two times a week is a bit on his budget...driving a bronco is not easy on the wallet, but hey, it is paid for!
Kate: I hope Kate can get herself straightened out. I wish she would get away from Nick, he is not good for her. She needs to be out on her own, not underneath anyone. And not anyone telling her he needs his space right now or clean up your room, take care of your siblings....I think I better not get started on all that!
Quilting: I'm overwhelmed, but it is a good feeling. I have lots of ideas in my head! I don't really want to work on the longarm machine because of how much my back aches from it. But I have to admit that what I began yesterday is pretty cool! I surprise myself with the designs I draw. I also begin piecing the scrap blocks that Sydney started for me. I think I was able to get about half way through the pile of blocks. I have to piece 4 block units together to make one block, the pattern is Bonnie Hunter's Hidden Spools from
Today I will be taking Steve and Jacob over to driver's ed for driving. I still have to schedule Steve in a class that he missed due to his stomach issues. I don't agree with this school at all....but that is another story. This afternoon we are going to be pulling bushes out!! Yes, those old bushes are coming out of the ground. Then I can begin working on the flower bed!!
Well, Fons and Porter tv show is coming on so I'm going to end here.....till later...............

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday has arrived

Tuesday has arrived, first performance is only 2 days away. I feel like I'm going through withdrawals with not being to play with fabric. As usual drama is happening with the play. Soon it will all be over with. I felt so bad for my boys because I tried hard to get them their dinner prepared before they left. We had a mixup with where the ground beef was to be put the other was put in the freezer by mistake. I wanted it put in the downstairs fridge. I asked Steve to go get the ground beef so I could prepare them a dinner.... "mom, there is no ground beef in the fridge" ME: "WHAT?! switch to plan B....what is plan B?" As it turned out I was able to make them something but it was not done until almost 5:30! Not good, they had to be at practice at 4:30 and I had means of transportion! I had to wait till my husband got home from work to bring me up there. I also learned that I was supposed to be up there with the boys....I did not know! I knew I was helping with hair, but I was not told that I had to be there to help last night...oh well. We all survived. The boys were able to eat their dinner at around 11:30. We knew it would be late when they finally were able to eat, but that is the way it goes.
This time next week...hopefully I will be planting flowers and touching fabric.....