Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday has arrived

Tuesday has arrived, first performance is only 2 days away. I feel like I'm going through withdrawals with not being to play with fabric. As usual drama is happening with the play. Soon it will all be over with. I felt so bad for my boys because I tried hard to get them their dinner prepared before they left. We had a mixup with where the ground beef was to be put the other day....it was put in the freezer by mistake. I wanted it put in the downstairs fridge. I asked Steve to go get the ground beef so I could prepare them a dinner.... "mom, there is no ground beef in the fridge" ME: "WHAT?! switch to plan B....what is plan B?" As it turned out I was able to make them something but it was not done until almost 5:30! Not good, they had to be at practice at 4:30 and I had means of transportion! I had to wait till my husband got home from work to bring me up there. I also learned that I was supposed to be up there with the boys....I did not know! I knew I was helping with hair, but I was not told that I had to be there to help last night...oh well. We all survived. The boys were able to eat their dinner at around 11:30. We knew it would be late when they finally were able to eat, but that is the way it goes.
This time next week...hopefully I will be planting flowers and touching fabric.....

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