Thursday, May 27, 2010

Playing with fabric

Yesterday I was able to play with fabric. On the quiltville yahoo group there have been some members that have made the "omigosh" quilt (from a different quilter, not Bonnie Hunter) I had to attempt to make this block. The pieces are cut so tiny-1inch!! The quilt is made up of 9-patch units and solid blocks, this would be unit A (double 9-patch). There is a unit B which I have not figured out the measurements for the individual pieces. I don't know if I'm brave enough to work on this one. I did find out yesterday that working with such small pieces it is a good idea to use spray starch to make those little buggers behave. When the seam allowances are pressed into place the little units no longer want to play nice. Unfortunately, I cannot add any pictures of my work to my blog because our main computer is dead and my camera is dead...need to charge the battery for that. Hopefully all this situation will be better soon.

Now for the last two weeks Steve has been in some serious pain. I don't want blog too much about this. I just want a diagnosis for my son. He did have a good day yesterday. This I am very thankful for.

Last night I was able to see the new carpet at church. Wow, has our church changed its appearance!! She is looking fabulous! Way to go building committee!!

Well, that is all for now. Gonna go shower and go play with fabric before I take Steve to his next doctor appt.

Later gator....

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