Thursday, June 3, 2010

Computer issues

Our main computer died about 2 weeks ago so I lost all my pictures, email addys, and home addresses of family and friends. Friends of ours rebuilt a computer and gave one to us! How great is that?!! I was totally shocked! Never saw it coming! Thanks guys!
Update on Steve: he has had 3 pain free nights. Whatever was wrong with his intestines it seems to be healing and leaving his body. I'm so happy to have my son back!
Quilting: I've been playing with fabric/blocks but not accomplishing much. Too many other things that I have to do right now. For example: tonight is prom and next weekend is graduation for Chris! Today I will finish his announcements and get them in the mail!
We have family coming in next week, I'm excited to see them. Kate will get to stay for about 4 days I think. Renee and Foot will be here for 3 days? This will be a fun weekend.
Once graduation is over I will be starting a teen girls bible study "And the Bride Wore White". I need to get moving on this and get my dates on the calendar.
Well that is all for now....Hopefully I will be able to load pictures soon! Quilt pictures that is!

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