Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sigh.... is time to go back to loosing weight and getting myself in shape.
My sister sent me an email with a link to photos online and I saw exactly what I look like. How depressing! I don't want to be this size any more....Wish me luck and pray for me!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I love designing quilt tops!

I absolutely love designing quilt tops with EQ7. I will admit though, that I don't know how to work the program totally yet, but I am learning! This morning I designed this one. I've seen tumbler blocks recently showing up in people's quilts so I thought I'd try it out on EQ7. The tumbler block/unit is a great stash buster. So here it is:
Just use all of your greens, reds, blues, browns, yellows, oranges...whatever you have! I do plan on attacking my stash and putting this on my design wall. Hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later. Oh what the heck! Get your quilt guilds, sewing groups to join in and make it a charm stash buster! If you want the pattern just send me an email and I can send it over to you for only $5. I use paypal, just shoot me an email and I send you all the information.
I also designed another quilt yesterday...ok, well I designed more than one....but I will show you this one:

The center squares, the ones that read "solid". I will be strip piecing different shades of creams to tans. Once the strips are pieced I will then cut the squares, but they will be on the bias. I'm getting brave these days and I'm not afraid of working with the bias. This pattern is also only $5, so if you are interested, shoot me an email via the blog and I will send you the info.
Time to get off the computer, I have some sewing to do!
Happy quilting everyone!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sneek peek.....

For those "enquiring" minds....I have a special quilt that I will be revealing later is for Quilt Maker magazine...I've made 12 blocks and now on to the soon as I can begin revealing I will....
Happy Quilting folks!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July is almost over!

I cannot believe that July is almost over and August will be here...that means school begins again! UGH! I'm not ready for summer to be over and for fall to be here...not only does that mean school, but then preparing for the holidays!! I don't remember life going by so fast! what in the world has happened?
I wanted to show a picture of a pillow that I made the other day.
I swapped the colors around. Instead of making it look like a log cabin block where all the dark colors are on one side of the block, I rotated them...kind of. This was very easy to make. I think I might make another one!
I got another project accepted by a magazine!! I'm totally excited about this one. I now have 6 projects that are due "in house" by the end of September...well some are due before the end of September...they must be there by the beginning of Sept.  I'm a little nervous about all the sewing, but I'm totally geeked!
That is all for today, hope everyone is having a wonderful day! It is beautiful here in Michigan! I have the house opened up.....if it gets too hot we will close it up, but at least this way we are saving a little bit on electricity costs!
Oh, I can't go down to my sewing room at the moment...the kids are having band is a little noisey for me to concentrate....I will hang out upstairs and get some cleaning done....
Happy sewing!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My far....

This past Tuesday, I submitted 4 quilts to a quilt book publisher. Three out of the four were accepted into the book!! I received my email yesterday...actually the email was sent to me on Friday, but I did not read it until Saturday morning. I was so excited, still am actually!
I also learned the other day that my quilt for F&P is one of the several that is being voted on for the cover!! That one totally shocked me. I emailed the editor wondering how my quilt photographed. When she sent me a picture of my quilt, it looked like one that would go on the I asked....Did it make on the cover? She then told me that it is being considered!
I have not heard if my quilt for QW will be on the cover or not, that will be a while before I hear anything, that would be so very exciting!
Yesterday after a few errands I came home to begin sewing. I really did want to work outside but it was way to hot and humid. The air felt saturated. So I cut 80 strips of fabric and sewed the strips into 40 strip sets.
Now I need some help, I made 9patches the other night and I have two ideas and I'm not sure which one I should go with. Here is a picture of the 9patches:

As you can see, I've added triangle units to all 4 sides of the 9patches. I'm thinking of either adding sashing and cornerstones between the blocks or adding larger triangles to all 4 sides, giving it a "snails trail" look to attempt to create a spin. What do you think?
Today we will go to church, come home, feed the gang, then I have to prepare for this afternoon's lesson for the teen girls. I'm suppose to do, as Cassandra dubbed the class, "Cooking with Jesus". That one cracked me up! We are trying to teach the girls how to take care of themselves by giving them life skills while doing our Bible study. We are going to be starting the "No Other Gods" study tonight. It will just be an introduction night because I have a leadership team meeting.
Time to get ready for church!
Have a wonderful day everyone!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

As the Village Quilt Shop says....

As the Village Quilt shop says (Lake Orion Michigan at Canterbury Village) Reuse, Recycle and I'm adding Repurpose! That is if you can! LOL
Last night I just wanted to sew, I did not care what I worked on, but I do have somethings that I *NEED* to work on right now! Often times though my mind says, no work on this can play catch up with that project later, lets start a new one!" oh joy! me, myself and I having a discussion!
~a little funny note here~ I just walked into the kitchen to get a refill of coffee. (We have 4 birds: 2 cockatiels and 2 Quaker parrots) The birds are still covered up and they are suppose to be asleep right now, it is 8:15am, they are not asleep...they are waiting very patiently for Steven to wake up and uncover them so they can tell the entire world about their night! Anyway, I am pouring my cup of coffee and Henry the Quaker hears me...he hears everything....and then I hear "Good morning" I giggle and say "good morning" back to him...he continues this Good morning, good morning, good morning game until I no longer respond....Sometimes he will just hollar when I stop talking back to him....other times he will say other things to me such as " is it good" "eat" "give me a kiss"  Henry is quite the character...Gracy on the other hand is a sweet bird, she is the other quaker...she likes giving kisses and she is learning more sounds and beginning to talk like Henry. She is about 7 years old though.
Back to quilting!
Here is what I did last night. Since 2 1/2" strips are in and reusing, recycling, repurposing is so "in", I ironed a lot of fabric (fat quarters, 1/2yards, yardage...) then I cut 5- 2 1/2" x wof dark strips and cut 3- 2 1/2"x wof light strips. Sew your strip sets as a usual 9 patch formation (DLD-2 strip sets and LDL-1 strip set), cut into 2 1/2 segments and sew your 9-patches together.
Next: I used my Companion Angle ruler made by EZ Quilt, I cut medium to dark 3 1/2" x wof strips with my 6" wide strip cutting ruler. Now pick up your Companion Angle ruler and do the cut and flip method to make triangle units. Lay the Companion Angle ruler on the bottom of the strip of fabric on the 3 1/2" line and the tip of the ruler should rest at the top of your strip. I layer cut!! 4 Layers! If you have 2 strips folded in half and placed on top of each other you can do this. I get at least 4 cuts from this, you could possibly get 5(20 triangles)....I was being lazy last night and stopped at 4(16 triangles). I wanted to sew!
If you are unfamiliar with EZ Quilt rulers, you cut and flip with these. You make the first cut with the ruler then you flip the ruler. Just look at the directions that came with the ruler or go to their website you can download the instructions.
Back to the block. Last night I made 16-9patches. Take your 9 patches and find the mid point on all 4 sides, either pinch to mark or place a pin to mark. Next you take one of the Companion Angle Triangles (*****You are working with the bias!!! Don't stretch then, don't press them roughly, treat them gently***), I place the same color of triangles around 1-9patch. I also fold the triangles in half so that I get mid point on the base of the triangle. Line the midpoints up, triangle to 9patch, and sew. Go around all 4 sides of the 9patch with the same color triangle...I know I said that already.
This is going to be a king size quilt.....choose your colors, I want mine to look warm and scrappy... I will be making my 9patches and triangles from a variety of colors.
I will post more tomorrow.....Happy sewing!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chris is 19 years old today!!

Happy Birthday Chris!
My son Chris is an absolute wonderful person! I enjoy having him around. I'm not like other parents that just want their kids to move out, I truly enjoy having all my kids here at home! I will miss them terribly when they move out.
We gave his b'day present to him last night because Chris and his older brother Joe are heading over to the youth pastor's house tonight for college night. Apparently Josh is hosting a get together of some kind. So we gave Chris his present early. He was quit thrilled when he saw it! Dad picked him out a set of drum mics for his recording set up, stuff??? I don't know the real name for it, but Chris was thrilled! and very appreciative.
Quilting: I'm close to be done with the quilt that is going to Quilter's World magazine. I've already sewn the binding on by using the longarm machine. I know I should have sewed it on after I finished the quilting, but this way, I won't sew into the "binding" seam allowance...I have a bad habit of doing that.
Sorry no pictures....I do have some exciting news and when I can share it I will!
Happy sewing!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

July is here

July is here! What does that mean.....well in two days everyone will be celebrating freedom. I hope everyone remembers how America has gotten her freedom and honors our men and women of service, past and present!
Today I went down to my sewing room and began sewing around 8:30am. I really thought I'd be done by noon....not a took me two extra hours of piecing to get my "special" borders on my quilt that is going in the magazine. And from that sewing....I'm totally exhausted! It is only 9:15pm and I'm ready to crawl in bed.
We had some storms move through here this evening, I was very thankful for the rain, our yard and garden needed it. I have neglected my yard and garden this year. I don't know why though. Since the storms have moved on and the sun is setting the air has a yellow hazy tint, very interesting. I want to go to sleep, but I know if I go to sleep now, I will be wide awake at midnight! I hate when that happens.
Oh my, I forgot I was suppose to make the quilt back tonight, shoot! Ok, I must do it tomorrow...darn it...I hate when my brain is tired! lol
well everyone, what are you doing this holiday weekend? We will be heading over to a friend's house in the late afternoon. I don't know if everyone is coming with us, have not heard what the boys want to do.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!