Saturday, July 2, 2011

July is here

July is here! What does that mean.....well in two days everyone will be celebrating freedom. I hope everyone remembers how America has gotten her freedom and honors our men and women of service, past and present!
Today I went down to my sewing room and began sewing around 8:30am. I really thought I'd be done by noon....not a took me two extra hours of piecing to get my "special" borders on my quilt that is going in the magazine. And from that sewing....I'm totally exhausted! It is only 9:15pm and I'm ready to crawl in bed.
We had some storms move through here this evening, I was very thankful for the rain, our yard and garden needed it. I have neglected my yard and garden this year. I don't know why though. Since the storms have moved on and the sun is setting the air has a yellow hazy tint, very interesting. I want to go to sleep, but I know if I go to sleep now, I will be wide awake at midnight! I hate when that happens.
Oh my, I forgot I was suppose to make the quilt back tonight, shoot! Ok, I must do it tomorrow...darn it...I hate when my brain is tired! lol
well everyone, what are you doing this holiday weekend? We will be heading over to a friend's house in the late afternoon. I don't know if everyone is coming with us, have not heard what the boys want to do.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

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