Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Design Wall Monday?

My completed Dahlia Blooms.
Quilts on my design wall, I have several on my wall, but I will show this one. I'm still working with blues, but this color will be ending soon and I will move on to the next color. In the picture, my husband is holding the quilt up at the quilt shop. I will be teaching a class on this technique.
I thought I had taken a picture of another quilt that is actually on my design wall but alas I did not....and I am presently looking all around this room trying to find my camera...again, somone has taken it...who keeps doing this?????
So, what do you think of my finished quilt top?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playing catch up!

This entire week has been nothing but playing catch up! The house needs to be cleaned from top to bottom, the flowerbeds need to be weeded....flowers need to be put into the ground...quilts need to be quilted and patterns need to printed off! Oh, and I have a few quilts that need to be pieced. Do I have the energy to do any of this??? no...I don't know why? Could it be because there is almost no sunshine this week???
On Tuesday, my husband's b'day, the kids and I cleaned out his suv, and I worked on the flowerbeds...actually all of us worked on everything together that day. Allergies kicked in and did me in...also did Steve in. Poor kid!
Well, I'm gonna make this short today, lots to do and I need to go eat breakfast!
Happy quilting everyone...what are you up to? Any new projects?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oliver! Boy for Sale!!!

We are in the throws of the play!! Oliver! Today is dress rehearsal, tomorrow is 1st play night! I'm so excited!! I'm going to bring camera today and take pictures. This morning, I'm picking up my sister Renee at the airport. She flies in every year to help us out with the play. The other moms love it when she comes up. Renee is a HOOT!! She is a lot of fun!! and the girls love it when "Aunt Nay-Nay" comes.
What for pictures over the next week. It may take me a few days to get the pictures uploaded.
Later gator!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I found it!

My camera has been returned! My son, Chris, had my camera up in his room....I had not dared to walk up the stairs to check out his room...I knew it would surface sooner or later .... or just ask, "ok, who took mom's camera?"
Today we begin moving the set for "Oliver". It is 7:30am and it is raining, I'm hoping the rain is going to stop soon....and I'm glad I have a covered truck bed to help move the set. My son, Joe, has been helping to build the bridge for the play. I'm going to take pictures of our work today and attempt to take more pictures throughout this week of all we do for the setup and then the performance. These kids work so hard to put on these plays, actually, all involved works their butt off! Those that don't....well lets just say....just kidding! LOL
I worked on a design yesterday on my eq7 program. I submitted it to a magazine. I'm hoping it gets accepted! That will make 3 quilt designs that have been accepted.
Well, lots to do today and I am no where near prepared for this week of work. I have not prepared for the bake sale like I should. For some reason I just can't get my head wrapped around it ...bake bake bake...I'm not in charge of like I have been for the past couple of years....which is actually a good thing.
Got to run....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ok, fess up....who took mom's camera!?

I'm sitting here at my desk looking all around me for my camera. I pulled the battery out of it the other day to charge it. Left the camera sitting right here on the corner of my desk so that when I was ready to take more pics everything would be within arms reach! But someone has removed mom's camera....hmmmm....I wonder which child has borrowed mom's camera? OH and the battery is missing too.....
The last two days I have made several blocks for my "Farmer's Wife" quilt. I have finished blocks 1-6. My goal, set on Mother's Day, was to complete 7 blocks that night. I want to set Sunday evenings aside to make 7 blocks...well I'm behind already! I wanted to take pictures of each of the blocks and post my progress....well I guess I have to go on a mad hunt for my camera!
That is all for today.....later everyone! Happy sewing!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting inspired!!

The creative juices in my brain are working! I have 7 patterns that are in the works...well lets just say 6 since I have already accomplished the first one...
I was wondering what quilters like the best when it comes to patterns. Do you prefer black and white computer generated images, or color images directly from the author as she/he is creating the block?
I personally prefer the color image. I'm very visual, yet I still have to read the instructions...I get myself into trouble when I don't follow through....you know, you look at the image and go "oh, I can make this, who needs instructions!" ummmm I DO!! Raise your hand now if you are guilty!! See, I've got both hands up in the air \o/!
Also, I like to create one block and place it in clear sight so I can make certain that I am placing everything in the correct order!!! Ask me how many times I get things out of order and have to rip, rip and rip!! ugh! I hate Frogging! (rip it, rip it, rip it - - - frogging)hahaha
This week I have to begin working on my neice's wedding quilt. I want to create something very special and original for her. I need to attack the double wedding ring, but not for her quilt though...like I said, I want something original that I've designed...what to do what to do.....

This is my son Steve. He is pondering for me...
"what to do mom, what to do?"
Yep, he is quite the handsome young man! For those of you new to my blog, we have 5 children: 1 daughter and 4 boys....our youngest is 14, Kate the oldest just turned 25. I will try to post pictures of my family when I can.
Now, back to sewing....need to work on Ashley's quilt.....
oh I thought I would share this. This past Sunday I had a lady at church come up to me and tell me that art can sometimes get in the way with your relationship with God. You see, I doodle when I am in church or in class. I need to keep my hands moving...I'm a kinestetic learner...I squirm a lot!! She did not understand this about me. She thinks I'm off in lalalalala land when I begin drawing. I was coloring in a pattern that I had drawn earlier. I was coloring this pattern in between Sunday School hour and the 2nd Service. Nothing was going on...people were just chatting with each other and I had to sit down and do this or I might loose the idea. I will be honest, I rolled my eyes and thought, "Lord have mercy, you don't understand me at all" and continued coloring.

Later everyone...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thank you everyone!!!

THank you everyone who posted comments about my quilt!!!

I have several other quilt designs that I am working on. My brain just does not shut off and I love sharing the passion I have for quilts with everyone!!
Just this morning I thought of a pantograph pattern, and guess what? I don't do pantographs!! See what I mean?!  UGH! LOL Now to see if it will actually work! How in the world will accomplish this one, no clue but I will give a good try. I drew the pattern out on paper, but to get it to computer to print it out is another task in itself.
I have another piecing pattern that has been accepted by another magazine, it is more of a new technique that I came up with than anything else, but if I go with this magazine, then I loose all rights...no discussing that one! I don't want to loose all rights. I feel as if I came up with this technique then I should keep it...it is mine...and I want to share it!!
what to do, what to do.....

Later everyone...having a end of the (homeschool) year party today, gonna have lots of people in my home...I think I might want to go take a shower and get dressed...do you think that would be a good idea? or just stay in my pj's??? LOL....

This is my son Chris, quite the handsome young man!!

He is pondering...what to do, what to do, mom? 
Haha, this is a picture of him from 2yrs ago heading out to prom.
Happy sewing everyone!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quilt I shipped off yesterday....

Here is a picture of the quilt I shipped off yesterday:
Friendship Rings quilt

This quilt was pieced for Fons and Porter Easy Quilting Scrap issue for this September. I'm so excited!!! I have made 4 of these quilts now, so I have the pattern in my head at all times. The pattern will be pulled from the local quilt shop now that it is officially going to be in a magazine.  The one in the quilt shop is this one:
this is before I pieced the blocks together into rows and before borders were put on....oops...need to take an updated picture!! lol
I've also made this quilt in this color wave:
I think I need to take some finished pictures of these quilts!! This one is before I quilted it....lol what a mess I am!
Today I am working on a friend's quilt. She is giving this as a mother's day present...and it is not a freebie, she pays me for the work.  I also need to work on the pattern for Double Dutch, Dahlia Blooms, Sweet Gum Ball (pinburr variation) and my Caribbean Salsa (cool layout of the Northwind)....
Lots to do today and go to the dentist! Have a wonderful day everyone....

Monday, May 2, 2011

She is finally finished!

I finally finished my quilt for Fons & Porter!! I shipped it off today! Now to wait for it to arrive. I hope nothing happens to it.
I've been cleaning up the house. I think I have not vacuumed and dusted in weeks! The house is a disaster! Now to work on my next project...Ashley's quilt...actually I have to finish Janet's quilt first. That is top priority!
Later everyone......