Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ok, fess up....who took mom's camera!?

I'm sitting here at my desk looking all around me for my camera. I pulled the battery out of it the other day to charge it. Left the camera sitting right here on the corner of my desk so that when I was ready to take more pics everything would be within arms reach! But someone has removed mom's camera....hmmmm....I wonder which child has borrowed mom's camera? OH and the battery is missing too.....
The last two days I have made several blocks for my "Farmer's Wife" quilt. I have finished blocks 1-6. My goal, set on Mother's Day, was to complete 7 blocks that night. I want to set Sunday evenings aside to make 7 blocks...well I'm behind already! I wanted to take pictures of each of the blocks and post my progress....well I guess I have to go on a mad hunt for my camera!
That is all for today.....later everyone! Happy sewing!

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