Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting inspired!!

The creative juices in my brain are working! I have 7 patterns that are in the works...well lets just say 6 since I have already accomplished the first one...
I was wondering what quilters like the best when it comes to patterns. Do you prefer black and white computer generated images, or color images directly from the author as she/he is creating the block?
I personally prefer the color image. I'm very visual, yet I still have to read the instructions...I get myself into trouble when I don't follow know, you look at the image and go "oh, I can make this, who needs instructions!" ummmm I DO!! Raise your hand now if you are guilty!! See, I've got both hands up in the air \o/!
Also, I like to create one block and place it in clear sight so I can make certain that I am placing everything in the correct order!!! Ask me how many times I get things out of order and have to rip, rip and rip!! ugh! I hate Frogging! (rip it, rip it, rip it - - - frogging)hahaha
This week I have to begin working on my neice's wedding quilt. I want to create something very special and original for her. I need to attack the double wedding ring, but not for her quilt I said, I want something original that I've designed...what to do what to do.....

This is my son Steve. He is pondering for me...
"what to do mom, what to do?"
Yep, he is quite the handsome young man! For those of you new to my blog, we have 5 children: 1 daughter and 4 boys....our youngest is 14, Kate the oldest just turned 25. I will try to post pictures of my family when I can.
Now, back to sewing....need to work on Ashley's quilt.....
oh I thought I would share this. This past Sunday I had a lady at church come up to me and tell me that art can sometimes get in the way with your relationship with God. You see, I doodle when I am in church or in class. I need to keep my hands moving...I'm a kinestetic learner...I squirm a lot!! She did not understand this about me. She thinks I'm off in lalalalala land when I begin drawing. I was coloring in a pattern that I had drawn earlier. I was coloring this pattern in between Sunday School hour and the 2nd Service. Nothing was going on...people were just chatting with each other and I had to sit down and do this or I might loose the idea. I will be honest, I rolled my eyes and thought, "Lord have mercy, you don't understand me at all" and continued coloring.

Later everyone...


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  2. I am a doodling person myself and I get misunderstandings that I am not paying attention a lot. I don't think that doodling in church is wrong, because I do it myself. I doodle in meetings at work and carry tons of post it notes to jot down ideas. It helps me pay attenion. I don't understand why people say such things as "art interfering with a relationship with God." Not nice.

    I love your Friendship Rings pattern and hope to get it this weekend if our road trip works out. It is for sale at the quilt shop isn't it? I saw your quilt there and loved it.

    I also like to have a color reference in a pattern because I miss things when they are all printed or in all in black and white.

    Have a great week and have fun with the wedding quilt.