Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Design Wall Monday?

My completed Dahlia Blooms.
Quilts on my design wall, I have several on my wall, but I will show this one. I'm still working with blues, but this color will be ending soon and I will move on to the next color. In the picture, my husband is holding the quilt up at the quilt shop. I will be teaching a class on this technique.
I thought I had taken a picture of another quilt that is actually on my design wall but alas I did not....and I am presently looking all around this room trying to find my camera...again, somone has taken it...who keeps doing this?????
So, what do you think of my finished quilt top?


  1. I love this! Is it a pattern? Paper piecing? Right now I am all about two color quilts so your quilt really makes me smile

  2. Beautiful!!! I'd love to learn, wish I knew where you were teaching this class, I'm in the thumb.

  3. This is beautiful! I love love LOVE the colors - and the pattern... I just love the whole thing :) And I KNOW I have some fairy frost downstairs... I need to get up to the shop and see if I can swing a class with you :)

  4. To Lisa: I'm teaching this quilt pattern at the Village Quilt shoppe in Canterbury Village in Lake Orion. If you want, organize a class and I will come up to your area and teach it to your group. Just send me an email nancy.mcnally@comcast.net