Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thank you everyone!!!

THank you everyone who posted comments about my quilt!!!

I have several other quilt designs that I am working on. My brain just does not shut off and I love sharing the passion I have for quilts with everyone!!
Just this morning I thought of a pantograph pattern, and guess what? I don't do pantographs!! See what I mean?!  UGH! LOL Now to see if it will actually work! How in the world will accomplish this one, no clue but I will give a good try. I drew the pattern out on paper, but to get it to computer to print it out is another task in itself.
I have another piecing pattern that has been accepted by another magazine, it is more of a new technique that I came up with than anything else, but if I go with this magazine, then I loose all discussing that one! I don't want to loose all rights. I feel as if I came up with this technique then I should keep is mine...and I want to share it!!
what to do, what to do.....

Later everyone...having a end of the (homeschool) year party today, gonna have lots of people in my home...I think I might want to go take a shower and get you think that would be a good idea? or just stay in my pj's??? LOL....

This is my son Chris, quite the handsome young man!!

He is pondering...what to do, what to do, mom? 
Haha, this is a picture of him from 2yrs ago heading out to prom.
Happy sewing everyone!!

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