Friday, November 1, 2013

The Day after

The Day After...Halloween
Yesterday was windy and rainy, but when it came time to go out for
the weather was a little nicer, it warmed up!
I was designing quilts yesterday till we left for Kate and Joe's to have dinner with them.
Yesterday was Anna's first Halloween. Kate dressed her up as a bird.
Of course she looked adorable! And I have no pictures :(
By the time we arrived, little miss Anna had her costume off and was eating her candy.
We all sat down at the table for a bowl of soup. Kate had made soup for us.
I love her new house, she seems so happy in it.
I designed 2 quilts yesterday. One I have been trying to figure out for the longest time how to design it in EQ7. The pattern is called Jack's Chain, Merry-go Round, and Wedding Tile. I did a search yesterday to see if I could find an image online because it was not in EQ7. I found a couple online but is where I found it.
So I printed it off and realized...oh this is difficult because of the shape, it is not square or rectangle.
I placed my ruler on top and squared it off. Ok, now what do I do?
I sat down in front of my laptop, opened up EQ7 and started drawing. I believe it took me almost 2 hours to complete it because of the shapes/angles.
I'm not going to post pictures yet, I want to double check the measurements, make a mockup block and take notes.
Also, another quilt I designed yesterday was from a rug I saw on HGTV!! LOL
So, while designing the second quilt, well actually this quilt was the first one I designed yesterday, Jack's chain was the 2nd. is how I came up with it. I was watching HGTV, can't remember the show, but anyway, it was at the end of the show where they have "the big reveal". I saw this rug. It was brown and cream. But the design was diamonds. I thought, "look at that, that is really unique". I jumped up off the couch, sat down in front of the my laptop, opened up EQ7 and did a search for a particular style of block, not a churn dash...a, again, not gonna reveal. I need  to test it first. But!! I got a secondary design that was unexpected!! Now, I did not even notice the secondary design until I took a picture of it. When I saw it in the camera window, it was smaller and made the quilt look faraway and that was when the secondary design show up. Wicked Cool!
Yes, I have been on a roll with designing!
I designed a double wedding ring with a unique design in the center. I think I designed 3 different centers. I began making the first one from scraps and it looks fantastic.
I designed a 4th quilt with Accuquilt dies in mind. I have not tried to piece it yet. I want to order the dies to make the quilt.
One of my favorite things to do when designing is to get a secondary design, either by chance or planned. I also love it when there is a chain. When I design and a secondary pattern appears, I will then begin playing with the colors. I try to make that secondary design "pop" more than originally planned. I love the "WOW"!
The wind is a blowin! today!! We have a high wind advisory. As a matter of fact, at 6:45 this morning Joe and I were sitting here in the family. Joe is eating his breakfast, I'm on the computer and we hear this loud bang! The wind had picked up one of his car hoods and tossed it off the shelf! That is what he gets for leaving car parts outside!! I mean come on,  we have a 5 car an attic you store things in, no leaving parts outside! I hope the hood is not scratched.
Well that is all for now, sorry no pictures again....
Happy Sewing!