Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life is slowing down

Life is beginning to slow down, except that I am adding more to my schedule! I have a found a new quilt pattern that is going to be taking up some more of my time....I just can't help myself. This quilt requires 1,849- 2 1/2 inch squares! Now I must decide if I'm going to do this as a true "scrappy" quilt or use yardage...hmmm...The cutting will go faster if I use yardage, but the look will be really neat if I go scrappy...decisions decisions, what is a quilter to do!

I visited my favorite quilt yesterday to show the owner my latest creation. The pattern is from Lynn Moore, I believe she is in Alaska. Her website is http://www.quiltswithatwist.com/ What inspired me was Saturday morning's quilt show "Fons and Porter for the Love of Quilting" on pbs. The quilt pattern is named Zebras. I had to tweek the pattern a bit due to how much of each fabric I had. And I was not fussy cutting the fabric like she instructed. My fabric was not directional so it did not make a difference. After a few mistakes of laying the ruler on the wrong angle I was finally putting the rows together. The quilt goes together very easily! I used Asian fabrics, Moda solid (black), and Fairy Frost Gold.

The other quilt pictures are projects that I have been working on. The quilt blocks with the black and white french toile fabric are from http://www.nancyrinkdesigns.com/ BOM Galactic Explosion. I have finished piecing the body of the quilt and now I am adding borders, so more pictures to come of that. I'm going to add my own borders though because I can't put the rest of the quilt pattern together...ran out of fabrics!

The quilt block with the guitars, that is for my son Steve. I'm also waiting to finish this quilt when the fabric arrives in the mail! That should be any day now.

The other quilt that I have been working on I'm calling "Through the Looking Glass" I'm making it from scraps and old fabrics. It is very bright and rich in color. It is a gift for a family member, and if she follows my blog I can't let my secret out.... As I am able I will post more pictures of the progress.

Graduation has come and gone. Chris, our second son, is amazing! He is so handsome and just an all around great person! I know he is going to suceed in everything he does.
Here are a couple of pictures of Steve dressed and ready for the Prom!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Machine quilting

Lately I have been preoccupied with gardening. I have managed to weed and plant 3 flowerbeds...my back is killing me! But today! I will be sewing. I'm working on several things, of course! oh yes, while working outside yesterday we found a bumble bee nest under our ground cover juniper....going to stay away from that area for a while....
My first project is a quilt on the longarm machine. Not my quilt but a friend's quilt, she named it Rose Bargello. It really is a nice quilt. She also gave to me a second quilt to put on the machine, this one is a panel quilt that she has sliced the panel into different increment segments and then sewn it all back together....very interesting look. I know how I am going to quilt both of them already.
Once I finish the both of these I am going to work on my Block of the Month by Nancy Rink:
www.nancyrinkdesigns.com Galactic Explosion! I love this quilt. Also, if I have enough time I'm going to put together my packet for the quilts that i have designed and hopefully get them published in a magazine.
Time is going by fast....till tomorrow....


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Computer issues

Our main computer died about 2 weeks ago so I lost all my pictures, email addys, and home addresses of family and friends. Friends of ours rebuilt a computer and gave one to us! How great is that?!! I was totally shocked! Never saw it coming! Thanks guys!
Update on Steve: he has had 3 pain free nights. Whatever was wrong with his intestines it seems to be healing and leaving his body. I'm so happy to have my son back!
Quilting: I've been playing with fabric/blocks but not accomplishing much. Too many other things that I have to do right now. For example: tonight is prom and next weekend is graduation for Chris! Today I will finish his announcements and get them in the mail!
We have family coming in next week, I'm excited to see them. Kate will get to stay for about 4 days I think. Renee and Foot will be here for 3 days? This will be a fun weekend.
Once graduation is over I will be starting a teen girls bible study "And the Bride Wore White". I need to get moving on this and get my dates on the calendar.
Well that is all for now....Hopefully I will be able to load pictures soon! Quilt pictures that is!