Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

GI Joe's climbing the tree

Christmas season was hectic and great all at the same time. I think we planned too many things for each day of December. Dentist appointments (wisdom teeth, crowns, cleanings for a family of 6), chiroprator appts, parties and just trying to get normal life accomplished.  Oh yes, I can't forget the flu...son Joe got the flu first, then it spread around us. Joe really had it bad. I got it last and it hit me hard. I know it is because I had been doing too many things and not getting enough sleep. I needed down time and well the flu made me stop and rest.
Christmas day was great. I loved see the boys get their presents. They all pitched it and bought me a new griddle and so I had to make them pancakes for breakfast!
Quilting on Christmas day? You betcha! After all the present time was done and everyone had settled into the normal swing of activity I headed down to my sewing room.  I had creativity just flowing through my veins and I could not stop it.
I made a bag, measurements: 18x18inches, with 3x3 notches cut out at the base. Pieced it together with a lining and handle...I love it. I made another one the following day slightly smaller 15x15. I added some holders on the inside to hold bottles (wine bottles...I don't drink, but I know some people do) and it looks really neat. My sister loved it. I have to make her one. Oh speaking of her, I made sunglass holders for her and her daughters...she ended up giving them all to her daughters and so now I have to make one for her. I will do that today.
I watched a video on youtube on the construction of a pineapple block. I loved it! I went down to my sewing room immediately, used what I had measurements were given because this quilter has this pattern in her book...but anyway, I made it using the tools I had which were the EZ quilting rulers!! Love it! I'm going to make more today! I've always wanted to make one of these quilts.
Oh yes, my french braid quilt. I've pieced all the ''braids" together and put a narrow white border on to the quilt. Now I'm piecing a pieced border...except I pieced one of the borders totally wrong!!! I was so upset with myself when I realized this....
well, I am ripping it apart and taking care because it is all on the bias!! eek!

Pineapple block

French Braid border

Wine bottle bag

book bag with lining

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good morning world

Good morning world! I feel as if a huge load has been taken off my shoulders. I was able to finish several quilts yesterday, including the binding, placemats, and to top things off I was able to get them in the mail!!!  But wait, then I realized I left the grandparents presents at home!! go figure! lol....sigh....I really tried hard too. Not all is my fault though. I ordered dvd's from a friend over 3 months ago. These dvds are of my kids in the plays that they have been in for the last several years. We have been promised that we would have them by Christmas, but nothing has showed up as of yet. These dvd's were supposed to be part of the Christmas presents sent to family members.  I guess they are not getting them again this year. What a bummer.
I'm applying to the Southern Christmas Show that is in November. My sister goes there every year and just loves it. I want to be able to attend and show my crafts. I also want to get on the ball get some more patterns published. I feel as if I don't have enough time to do anything lately, with taking the boys to their dentist appointments (wisdom teeth being pulled->ouch!) many doctor appointments...homeschool events, church events....
I have all these ideas in my head and I just can't get them on paper. Today I have to take Joe to have his wisdom teeth pulled...I'm going to bring graph paper, colored pencils and I'm drawing! 
This past weekend my husband I rearranged our bedroom. I love it! He was right, the room would look so much larger if we rearranged things. I'm so glad we did.
Not much left to tell...women's banquet went over well. We were down 2 tables due to the canceling 2x due to our weather, but I think we had a blast!
Got to run, I should be downstairs playing with fabric!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 days and counting....

10 days until Christmas and I'm not finished with all that needs to be done. This has been an interesting week of "weather" related events. Southeastern Michigan received a blanket of snow Sunday night and into Monday. Next the temperature turned to bitter cold artic air...below zero wind chills...not fun and I stayed in the house! Canceled the women's dinner and cookie exchange, rescheduled it for Tuesday night...canceled and rescheduled again due to the roads refreezing. We probably could have had it last night but it turned out better for me. I was not feeling well last night at all. Very sick to my stomach and slightly feverish.
Today, I'm feeling just fine.
Speaking of today, we are having a Christmas party with our homeschool group. I'm kind of excited and kind of lets just get this over with! I have 7 quilts to finish between now and Monday!!! Lord only knows how I'm going to get all this done, cause honey, I have no clue!
I have some ideas on how quilting patterns and need to get them on paper. I know I'm not going to be able to get moving on these ideas until after Christmas, but I hope I don't forget them!!
Bummer, it is time for me to get moving, no pictures today the camera is charging....till next time...

Happy sewing....

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well it is about time...someone has been neglecting her blog!

Well, I've definitely been neglecting my blog! I've just been procrastinating for the longest time and I don't know why? I don't have a reason. The only thing I can think of is because the camera was down in the basement in my son Chris's area where he was filming and I was too lazy to go pick up my camera. So there! That is my reason, works for me, that is my story and I'm stickin' to it! LOL
I have really accomplished a lot in the quilt world recently.  I found another quilter's blog "sew many ways" and I love her ideas on repurposing items, keeping the sewing room organized....just love it...very very inspiring! Now I want to paint all my sewing room furniture the same color so I can be "matchy matchy" . But first, I need to take a shower and clean myself up! LOL I need to get off the computer....I think I will update the blog though before I'm off to the shower....
French Braid
Earlier in November I received an email from Fons and Porter magazine editor. I'm getting published! SWEET! She requested that I pick out a hoffman batik to remake my quilt in for the fall 2011 issue. To get inspired I decided to go to my local quilt shop...The Village Quilt Shoppe at Canterbury Village here in Lake Orion. I love that shop!! Let's just say I got slightly side tracked! Instead of making a decision on fabric for the magazine quilt I came home with 12 fabrics at 1/2 yard cuts! Guess what I'm making? A French Braid: In blues!! The picture looks a little grainy I will try to take another picture of the finished quilt and hopefully it will not look so bad.
So while I was working on this quilt, the cutting process that is, I could have sworn I cut enough for 4 braids. I began searching through my things that I had placed on the cutting table, but I could only find enough for 2 braids...where did the rest go? I could not find the other braids so I decided that I did not cut all that I needed and cut 2 more sets....except I actually cut more than that! Then of course I found the rest of the braids!!! GEE!! The braids were underneath the basket...the basket that contains the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt fabrics and pieces....I'm rolling my eyes at myself!

4-patches for Christmas Lights

Yesterday, since Bonnie ( put up the instructions for her Christmas Lights pattern I decided it was time to gather those fabrics and save them for the week between Christmas and New Year. This would be a nice project. In the mean time I found that I had pieced some 4-patch units the same size that is needed for the Christmas Lights....and I had pieced a LOT!! Well then I have step 1 finished...except I found in the same container I had the 4-patches in I also have a bizillion 1/2 sq. triangles!! and 4-patches to match these hst. Oh my word!! I spent over 2 hours putting this up:

close up of fabrics

2 hours plus took to add to design wall

I have not pieced this one yet, just putting all those hst's and 4patches on the wall was enough for the close up you can see the white coming through, this is the batting I have pinned up on the wall....I use this as my "design wall" clever! LOL
I'm also working on Bonnie Hunter's Double Delight. I made this quilt two years ago, and gave it away to a wonderful friend. Now, I want one for myself. OH! The blue and red quilt shown above, my husband wants this one for our bed!! I was rather shocked by that. So, that is what I'm going to do with it. I hope I can make it large enough for our is a king size.
My health: yesterday I had an MRI. I will know the results soon. I'm suppose to schedule an ENG, this is all related to my dizziness/vertigo. Hopefully nothing serious is happening in my head and all will be fine soon.
Weather: winter is coming....snow on Wednesday....don't want to think about it.
Kids: Joe is sick with the flu, the real flu...not just a head cold...the flu...poor guy, he has slept on the couch for 3 days...Steve won't go near him, he does not want to get sick.
Thanksgiving Day: What a great time we had with friends Dawn, Joe and David.
Time for me to get off the computer!!! I need to go take more pictures of everything that I am working on....but that will be after the camera battery charges...

Take care everyone and stay warm!

Monday, November 15, 2010

UFO's!! Oh my world the number...

For those of you who are quilters, you know exactly what I'm talking about when I say "UFO's"! I've been working on my sewing room, trying desperately to clean it up and organize. What I mess! I've moved several times since I began my quilting I can honestly say, that things get lost in the move. Two weeks ago when my sister, Renee, was visiting we attacked my scraps. I could have never done it without her help! Thank you! After she left to go back home to SC, I found a drawer that guessed it....scraps!! Oh my goodness! sigh....Then I found another quilt that I began over 10 years ago...some of you will know this pattern ...Shakespeare in the Park.....holy moly! What was I thinking!? I was a fairly new quilter and tried to attack that pattern! I actually have two color waves in that quilt pattern and I am determined to finish it. One is in tans and deep purples, burgandy... very scrappy looking and fall like. The other is in blues and yellows....I have lots of pieces and I have decided that it is NOT going to be a Shakespeare in the Park quilt. I'm going to be making quarter square triangles, half square triangles and whatever else I can come up with to USE THOSE PIECES UP! Needless to say I will get more than one quilt from each color wave because I know I cut out way too many pieces!
This is going to be a busy week. I'm suppose to be teaching two days this week at Joann's fabric store, I have not heard from the manager of the education department as to if anyone signed up for the classes. I will call her or go visit the store today or tomorrow. On Saturday, I'm teaching at the Village Quilt shoppe at Canterbury Village!! My favorite quilt shop in the world!  I'm teaching the French Braid Table runner. I will need to get my supplies ready by tomorrow. I can't procrastinate on this one, my week is full.
Oh and the best news of all!! Bonnie Hunter's new Mystery quilt pattern step 1 will be ready this Friday!!!! Roll Roll Cotton Ball, I think that is the name! For any followers here is her website:
Back to my UFO's. I have lots of them! I'm determined to finish them this year...ok wait, let's think about this! There is less than two months left in this year...I think I will extend my goal to ....the end of next year. I really and truly want to have them all done: done as in quilted and bound!
We do have a nasty cold that is going through my boys. John got the cold first, then it went to Steve....Steve has the nasty cough that will not go away and now son Joe has it. I hope the cold stops with him!
Time to get moving, lots to do today!!! Can't waste a single minute!! OH! I've lost 3inches in my waist!! don't know how much weight I've lost but my curves are now heading in the right direction! LOL
Later Gator!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ahhhh the life of a quilter....

This past weekend I was able to go on a women's retreat with some wonderful Christian ladies from church. We drove up to Bambi Lake in St. Helen, by Roscommon (spelling?) Michigan. Beautiful grounds to walk!! We were able to take a nature walk on Saturday afternoon. I loved it! Being outside breathing the fresh air, a nip of chill in the air and all the beautiful scenery...just wonderful. Our speakers had wonderful testimonies and messages to share, made you think a bit about your life. I'm looking forward to next year's retreat.
About two weeks ago I began organizing my sewing room. I thought I had it all figured out as in the best way to organize, but I was wrong....I needed a better system and better storage answers. In the midst of it all I realized I had missed 6 drawers of fabric scraps! How could one do this? Well, I was sitting by them every time I sat down to sew and just did not pay them any attention.
When I arrived home from the women's retreat I made a decision to attack those drawers. This past Sunday afternoon, after church, I did just that!  I pulled the storage drawers out from under the table and began. I made a HUGE mess!!! I mean a HUGE mess, did I mention I made a mess? Lord help me, now it is overwhelming!! LOL
My next step is to take all the "organizing" of the first set of scraps and combine them with the present set of scraps that are strewn all over two, yes 2 eight foot tables. Instead of attempting to put all these scraps into the tiny plastic bins (just slightly larger than a shoe box) and place all the organized scraps into the plastic draw units. This will be a much easier way to get to them and free up shelf space...I was storing all the small plastic bins on the wire shelving units. I really do need to take a picture of this mess, but I can't seem to find my camera. I think my son Chris has taken the camera down to his "filming" area in the basement. The battery is probably dead.
Yesterday morning I spoke with the manager of the education department from the local JoAnn Fabric store. I brought in samples to show my work and basically I was hired on the spot to help teach quilting. Now this will NOT be a huge income maker, by any stretch, it is just my way of sharing the love of piecing/quilting. I'm not an official employee of JoAnn's I'm a subcontractor...hmmmm interesting title...I feel so important now! LOL I have some ideas on how to bring more people into the love of sewing again. Hopefully, there will be plenty of opportunity to share this love!
Today is voting day! I hope everyone exercises their right to vote!! Go Vote!! I will be voting on my way to pick up my sister from the airport. Renee is flying in and will be staying till Sunday morning. I'm so excited she is here! We are going to have a blast!
Take care everyone!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ah, it's Thursday

Yes, it is Thursday and I am breathing a sigh of relief! Why? Because my husband repaired my Janome MC6500 last night!!! And I get to sew with it today!! I'm so happy! I was somewhat unhappy on Tuesday afternoon when I drove clear up to Flint (Miller Road exit) to the sewing machine shop....I called and asked if they repaired Janome sewing machines. The man answered, "yes, we are an authorized dealer, we do it all." "Great! Where are you located, I'm on my way!" I said....well let me tell you!! I drove all the way up there in my TRUCK that only gets 15miles to the gallon...mind you it is diesel!! Translation...diesel costs more!
So I drive up is 20+ miles only to find out that they DON'T REPAIR sewing machines and their repairman just retired...oh how convenient! He then proceeds to inform me that they have someone drive all the way from GRAND RAPIDS to pick up the machines and take then back to Grand Rapids for repairing....oh my, I would not have my machine for 2 weeks! I was fuming mad! Why did he not inform of that when I called?! When someone tells me that they are authorized that means they do the work! Sheesh! Needless to say I was not happy...
Oh and I can't forget that they wanted to sell me a new machine! Oh my Lord! What are they thinking?!
On to a good topic...I am sewing today! Because of my husband and his gift of being able to repair anything! Thank you!!!
It looks like I might be teaching sewing more often than what I thought. There are so many young girls in our homeschool group that want to learn how to sew. This is just something that I feel is necessary. It is a form of art, sewing that is, and I just love the fact that these girls want to do this.  They can take this skill with them and use it for the rest of their lives!! How sweet!
Last night I was back in Praise Team at church. I absolutely loved it and I have not felt that way in a long long time! I just felt like I belonged there.  Thank you Lord! The other day Pastor told me I was doing too many activities and he was worried about me. So when his daughter came up and asked if I was going to be in choir I said, "according to your dad I'm doing too much." He was standing right there...hehehehe.....He then told me (he is the Pastor) "Oh you can do choir! it is only 2x a month." He said that with a grin on his ok, I will then.....someone needs to take over acteens then! LOL gotcha!
I can't wait to sew today, maybe I should get off the computer and go work on something..just something! LOL....I did accomplish a huge task the other day. I was checking out my fabric stash and realized...hey, my fabric is looking kind of pathetic! What is going on here? See, I've been taking fabrics off the shelves and grouping certain ones together to well, make a quilt. I've been storing these groups in different plastic bins. What has been occuring is that I was forgetting what all I had stashed away in a bin/bins and was telling myself that I needed to go buy more fabric!!! Wait a minute, lets rethink this.
I love to shop for fabric, I love the smell of walking into a quilt shop!! Ah, heaven! But I don't have the funds to do this. Where is your fabric? Looked to my right and way across the room are 10+bins filled with "groupings" of fabric....oh yeah, there it I pulled the bins off the shelf, put all the fabrics (yardage) back on to the correct shelf on the other side of the room, where it belonged. My half filled shelves became full!! All the colors grew, they doubled!! OH my, grouping all those fabrics and placing into bins was not a smart idea, but I have empty bins that I paid for...hmmmmm
IDEA: you have tons of scraps! Bonnie Hunter's scrap system...put it into play! so I did! I began sorting my scraps into colors. I now have organized scraps. Two bags, maybe three still left to go through, but I feel that is such a better plan!
My next step in organizing is to take a few minutes (15-30 minutes) at least once a week and iron/cut a color (bin) of fabric scraps. This is so awesome. Because you know, there are some nights/days where I really don't know what I want to work on, I just want to touch fabric. This is a perfect way to get my fill!!
And last but not least, I was able to quilt 4 quilts on the longarm machine over the weekend! AWESOME!!! I had purchased a wide black sateen backing for one quilt when I realized the backing was way too big and I would be wasting all the fabric I really did not want to waste it. I came up with a plan to put 4 lap size finished tops onto the backing instead! Sweet deal! With the left over backing, there was still some extra, but no where near what I had calculated from before...I will cut the sateen up in small sizes and either use it for samples or table runner.
Oh and I can't forget to tell about my awesome buy of warm and natural batting!! 3 weeks ago at JoAnn's, Queen size warm and natural batting was only $10 a bag!! My husband bought me 10!! How wonderful is that!? I love him!
Well I have babbled on long enough...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Quilt projects

This past week I've been diligently working on a quilt, along with getting very distracted by my entire sewing room! I had an agenda! I was to make x amount of 4 patches and x amount of hst for this quilt. But, as usual, I was getting side tracked by all the *goodies* within my eye sight! Maybe I could take this fabric and do this, or what about adding an additional border onto this quilt so I could do some amazing longarm custom quilting...oh wait, I bet, if I combind these 3 quilts onto this one extremely long quilt back (4.5 the math!) then I could fit all 3 of those quilts on to the machine and walla I would have finished 3 more ufo's!! OH wait....but then I have to consider thread I want to do solid color thread or varigated thread...oh what batting do I need, do I have enough black batting..all 3 of these quilts require black batting..looks like I have to go visit the quilt shop again..oh bummer, Carolyn will be so surprised to see me!! LOL
Now, do you see why I lost what I was attempting to accomplish? Did I loose you? I lost myself!! LOL  Finally I remembered what I was suppose to be working on...Cathedral Stars by Bonnie Hunter!! Holy Moly! It took me reading her blog on to realize the project!! My goodness. I'm not kidding, all week I would run down to my sewing room to just sew a few units and then I would rush back up here (note to self: move sewing room upstairs, won't hurt knees as much) to either head out the door or work on something that was needing my say a child? LOL  But I was having the darndest time remembering what I was working on!! I would glance on my tables as I flew by to see if the pattern was laying there...nope I don't that is what I'm working on.....this went on all week!! I just have to say, Thank you to Bonnie for posting on her blog about the workshop in CO.
I was able to finish my "Totally Decaffeinated" quilt, it is too pretty to call it that, but that is name of the quilt in the book.  I've showed it to lots of people and they all love it. I need to go replenish my fabric now that I used lots of browns and creams up for that one. Bummer, another reason to go to the village quilt shop!! Carolyn, I'm coming over for a visit!!! I just love those ladies!!! And Carol, who is Carolyn's husband, they are fantastic people up there!! I can't forget to mention Sally! Sally is my altoid buddy! I give her a handful of altoids when I go in....she likes me only for my candy! LOL  just kidding, she is great too!
Guess who just found out she did not take a picture of the finished quilt that has the borders on it???? Yep, that would be me! My goodness...back to the workshop...oh no, you know what this means? I will probably forget what my mission is before I reach the bottom of the stairs leading to my sewing room....Pray for me! LOL
Happy quilting everyone!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Price List Piecing Quilt and Machine quilting

Nancy McNally
Gammill Classic Plus
Janome MC6500

My heart is in piecing. I love to piece a quilt! I can finish your project you started, please, just provide the original pattern for me to follow. If the pattern is lost, I will just do what I can to give you what you originally intended the quilt to be. The price is $10 per hour for the construction of the quilt top. Once I piece the top I will then machine quilt it and bind it for you. The prices vary from the type of quilting you choose. See pricing for long-arm machine quilting. Binding is machine only, no hand binding. Cost $50 – 70.00 based on size of quilt. Deposit of 50% is required.

I also offer piecing from beginning to end. You pick out the fabric, pattern and I do all the work. Cost is $10-$20 per hour. This will be based on the level of difficulty. No appliqué and no paper piecing. Deposit of 50% is required. Give me a call and we can sit down together and plan out the quilt.

I can design your quilt top, or you can choose from my library of books and preprinted patterns.

contact me at:

Long-arm Machine Quilting:

Preparing your quilt top for machine quilting:

-Is your quilt top free of pet hair?

-Please square up your quilt top, no un- even edges.

-Clip all loose threads front and back.

-Press your quilt top to keep it nice and flat

-check seams; are they all going in the direction they are suppose to be?

-Backing: if you are piecing your back, please remove the selvage edges.

- Place a pinned note at the top of the backing that you wish the top of the quilt to be lined up with.

Make sure your backing is at least 6 inches larger than the quilt (length and width)

Type of Quilting with price

Allover (edge to edge) 1.5 cents per square inch

Custom borders with allover in body of quilt 2.5 cents per square inch

Custom borders and body of quilt 3.0 cents per square inch
How to figure the cost: measure your quilt length and width, multiply the two numbers:

L x W= square inch. Multiply this by the cents per square inch x 1.5 Example if your quilt measure 50 x 60 = 3000 x 1.5 = $45

Batting: you provide and it should be 3 inches larger (on all 4 sides) than the quilt top.

Backing: please do not use a sheet for the backing. Make sure if you have pieced the backing that you indicate with a note pinned to the top of the backing the TOP (where you want the top of your quilt lined up) and remove the selvage edges.

Customer Order Form

Name: _________________________

Email: _________________________

Address: _______________________



Phone: (H)_________________________


Check appropriate blank

__machine quilting

__piecing, quilting and binding

Machine quilting order:

Size of quilt: width: ___ x length: __

Type of batting you provided, this needs to be 6-8 inches larger than your quilt.

Quilting thread color:

_neutral _variegated _solid to match

Type of quilting: _ meander small, medium, large (circle size desired) (.01-.025 per sq. in.)

_all over pattern from edge to edge (free form no pantograph pattern) (.025 per sq. in.)

_custom borders (extra charge) with all over pattern in body of quilt (.03 per sq. in.)

_full custom heavy quilting (.035 per sq in.)

(L)___ x (W)___= ______ x _____=$______

Piecing your quilt top:

I have a nice variety of patterns and books for you to choose from. I do not offer paper piecing or quilts with appliqué. Call me and we can schedule a time to sit down together to discuss the type of quilt pattern you are looking for. To get started fill out the basic order form below:

Size of quilt:


__wall hanging


__twin __comforter __ bedspread

__full __comforter __bedspread

__queen __comforter __bedspread

__king __comforter __bedspread

~ if you choose a comforter will need a bed skirt to match? ___yes __no

~ would you also like matching pillow cases?

__yes __no if yes, 1 or 2

Fabrics and colors. This will be discussed together. I can join you with the shopping for the fabrics or I can do the shopping myself. (fee for this)

Keep this in mind: the more difficult the pattern, the more “pieces” the pattern requires, the higher the cost.

I also offer whole cloth quilts. These can be absolutely stunning and no two are alike!

Deposit: _____Check or ____Cash

Amount: $___________

Signature ______________________________

Backing: please choose one:

__whole cloth backing (no seams)

__pieced backing (if there are enough scrap fabrics left from the piecing, I maybe able to use them. Otherwise we will have to choose a backing. We need to make that decision when all the fabric is purchased for the top.)

Once the quilt top is pieced, I will machine quilt your quilt top. Please fill out order form in the machine quilting section of brochure.

Batting: cotton or poly-cotton blend are best.

I do NOT keep this in stock, we will need to purchase.

Once quilted I will machine bind! I do NOT hand sew bindings on. If you would like for your quilt to be hand bound please let me know:

__hand binding

__machine binding

Fabric for binding: can be scrap strips from quilt top or we can purchase matching fabric for this.

*all quilts will have the first stage of binding machine sewn to the front of the quilt top then for hand binding the binding will be hand sewn to the back of the quilt. For ALL machine binding, I sew the binding to the back of the quilt first then machine bind it to the front of the quilt. Hand binding, I can recommend a quilter for this job, price will be determined by her.

May I use a photo of your quilt for advertising purposes? __yes or __no

If I run into problems with the quilt top you have pieced such as fullness, puckering, seams coming apart, I will do my best to repair.

There will be a repair fee depending on the amount of work that is needed. Fees range from $5-$10 extra per repair. If you prefer that I place pleats in the border from fullness, I can’t promise that seams will match.

You can email me at:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big Day today

First of all, last night while trying to go to sleep, I got a vision of a quilt design!! Darn it! I hate when that happens! I can't go to sleep for a long time after that 'cause my mind won't stop working! LOL My husband told me to write the design down right then, so I did. Got up, turned on bedroom light, "close your eyes honey, I'm turning on the light." drew out pattern, turned out light and crawled back in bed. Don't have time to work it out on EQ7 this morning, but I will play with the design over the week....
Meanwhile, I'm working on a two projects that are coming together very nicely. I don't have pictures to show just yet, but soon. I did make a baby quilt last week that I must put on the longarm and quilt up...need to ship it to SC for my neice's baby shower.
Oh speaking of accomplishments, finishing up projects....I was able to put two bindings on this weekend! I am very proud of myself for this one! I have 4 small quilts that are ready for binding and two quilts that must go back on the longarm machine so that I can finish quilting them. I took them off the machine so I could work on customer's quilts and I was just being lazy with my own projects and did not put either one back on.
This morning we are heading to the hospital. Today, Steve, my 3rd son, has to have an upper scope. We are hoping and praying that we will learn why he has been having problems for the last 6+ months with his intestines. After the procedure, if he feels up to it, I will take two of my boys to drama workshop today.
Tonight though, tonight!! I get to go see Bonnie Hunter from quiltville's trunk show!! I'm so excited! I have 3 friends joining me! I can't wait!! I've been looking forward to this for months!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day!! Later....

Friday, September 17, 2010

Beautiful Calendar!!

I found a beautiful calendar for my desktop from another quilter's blog: Cabin Quilter, Diane tombal. Love it! Here is a picture of the calendar!!
I hope I remember to download the new one each month!

It's Friday!!!

I'm ready to attack!! I finished quilting the Autumn French Braid quilt last night. This morning I will put on the binding and deliver it to the quilt shop. I'm teaching this one on October 9. I will need to piece a table runner for the other class, I have not decided if I'm going to piece it in the same fabrics or choose different. I should probably choose the same ones, especially since I have leftovers...that makes sense....
I've added my EQ7 button to my blog. I'm enjoying playing in EQ7 and I've downloaded a few files so I can play more! It really find it easy to use. I think every quilter should have this tool, the only draw back is how long I end up sitting at the computer creating instead of actually sewing.
I've gotten a couple of requests for some quilt tops. I'm looking forward to piecing them.
I recently purchased a purse pattern, not going to name the pattern name, but I think the directions...well there is not I'm left to figure things out for myself. It is my learning style not the publisher's fault.
My goals for this weekend: put the binding on to 3 quilt tops, mail out two of the quilts, start on the new commissioned quilts, get the instructions/supply list ready for the quilt classes, visit the local craft store (just cause I, prepare for Sunday's class, and all of next week's lesson with our homeschool...ok, I just thoroughly overwhelmed myself!!! I think this calls for some chocolate, oh wait, I have not even had breakfast!!!
Well I better get a move on if I am to accomplish anything. I will be posting some pictures soon!! I've got a few projects in mind....need to write the patterns though!!
Later gator!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School is back in session

Our homeschool begins today. I'm excited yet I'm also feeling like I had no summer...I need to plan better, just did not get enough done.
I finished by quilting brochure. Now I need to get myself to Pontiac and apply for a dba or LLC, not sure what I want to do yet. At least I know that the name I want to use as a business is not taken.
Last week I had a bad vertigo experience. I want to say it is from my sinuses being blocked from allergies. Both Steve and I have been waking up with nasty sore throats and runny noses. I leaned over to move the box fan, coffee in right hand. I leaned over to pick up the fan to turn it around and that was all she wrote! The room spun around so bad, I could not figure out what was the floor, wall or ceiling!! Coffee went everywhere, I hit the wall 2x with my head! bruised the top of my right hand (it hit the wall too), my right arm by my elbow hit the wall also and my left arm...well somehow some skin got taken off. I don't recall the entire incident, all I know is it happened. Scared the living daylights out of me!!! Going back to doctor today to change medicine he prescribed...made me feel worse! That is ok, he had no idea, it is trial and error, that is why they are "practicing medicine".
I was able to play with fabrics last night, did not accomplish anything other than to confuse myself a bit, but I enjoyed it!
That is all for now....later dude!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quilts are done...the piecing that is....

This was a very productive weekend and Monday. I was able to complete 5 quilt tops on the longarm and 2 of my own quilt tops are now pieced. I am still behind on one quilt for the longarm machine and I will be loading that this morning, but first I wanted to put up my two quilt tops!!!

The first is the French Braid!!! WOW did this one turn out beautiful!! Don't ya' think? I'm going to be teaching this one in the fall at the local quilt shop "The Village Quilt Shoppe" at Canterbury Village.
The shop owner asked me when I was going to teach the French Braid and finally said "lets do it!" so we picked out fabrics and I threw in the green centers and bottom triangles from my stash. I think this one is a beauty!

So I had to throw in a few pictures of
The second quilt is from It is Bonnie Hunter's "Jared Takes a Wife" the block itself I believe is called Blackford's Beauty. This quilt fought with me! But as you can see I won! LOL Actually, it was my fault...the original sashing..well I cut it 1/4inch too short. I was not a very happy quilter when I did that! So I had to rip out what I had sewn between the blocks because it was the sashing and corner stones that went in between the rows that I cut short. I had to change my plans and went with the fabrics that are in there now.

I'm very pleased with my work, now I just have to figure out what to do with these two quilts? I do have leftovers from the French Braid so I'm thinking of some table runners or banner quilts to hang in the foyer.
Yesterday was also an interesting day because our Pastor's wife and their daughter were in a head on collison. It was not their daughter's fault, she was the driver. The other driver fell asleep at the wheel!! My goodness!! Bonnie and Abby are safe and at home now, but that was a scarey evening for them. Bonnie has been through so much in the last several years with breast cancer, death in the family (her mom and Pastor's mom)and now this wreck. We know that the Lord is in control and will not hand you more than you can take. You just have to remember to lean on Him!
My sister Gail has gotten a good report about her colon cancer. Yes, it is stage 4 and it is in her bloodstream, but the only spot they can find that it has attached itself to is her left ovary. Chemo will begin in a week or so.

My Kate is coming home this weekend. I'm so excited to see her!!! She is trying to move back with us, yes, she is 24 but that is ok, we are one of the few parents that don't mind if our kids are still home...hehehe. She enjoys sewing so we will have a nice time together this weekend. I'm hoping she will begin pursuing her life long dream of being in the fashion industry. She is a very talented young lady.

Well it is time for me to get moving off the computer.

Later gator!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Lord is Great!

I've been so overwhelmed with all that is going on, health issues, homeschooling schedule and church responsibilities....that I just shut down. Absolutely nothing was accomplished. I said a little prayer, talked with the Lord for just a few minutes and things are confirmed now. I feel somewhat relieved, you know we can't do it all by ourselves, even though we try.
I received a phone call two days ago about my sister, Gail. The cancer has only attached itself to her left ovary, just a small amount(still in her blood stream though). She is thrilled, she was expecting the worst. She will have her port put in in about 2 weeks, then chemo will begin. Her outlook is so much better now, I know she was scared. I was scared for her!
My nephew is having his knee x-ray'd today? for his knee cancer. He is only 16. Somehow he was diagnosed with the same knee cancer that Patrick Kennedy had. Christopher's outlook is "He is claiming victory in the Lord! He is saying after these weeks of chemo that the tumor is gone!" Praying that the Lord has healed him! Mom and Dad say he is walking like he used to, no limp and that shows them that the tumor has shrunk. Praying!!!
Quilting: I think I'm just gonna focus on enjoying the art of quilting, the art of creating. I truly can't homeschool, teach bible study classes, be a mom, clean the house and be a wife to just too much to do. I want to do it all, I want to help, serve and share, but somewhere I have to enjoy the process of it all. Find a good medium, you know?
Doctor called last night about our lab results. John is good, no celiac, I'm celiac. Steve, well he does not produce enough antibodies for the bloodwork test to show, so....he will have another type of bloodwork test done. Doctor gave me a choice, scope/biopsy or bloodwork...ummmm I think we are going to go with the bloodwork. If that does not work then we will do the scope.
Step-daughter Kate might be moving in. I'm hoping she does, I miss her terribly! But I want to make sure the timing is right for her to move back in with us. She is 24 and needs to figure out what she wants to do with herself. She has a fantastic job at the bank and she does want to make that work, but she has this creative side that she needs to explore. Coming here allows her space, quiet time for her to explorer that.
Time to get moving, just got an idea for a quilt!! LOL...Have you ever played with your fabric so much and pulled different pieces together, made piles all over your flat surfaces, put the piles in separate bins, with patterns? Oh my goodness, I've been doing that! I have 16 bins, they are slightly larger than a shoe box, enough for yardage to lay flat . I thought to myself, you know if you take all this fabric out of the bins and put it back in your you realize just how much your stash will grow? Oh my, I'm a fabricaholic! LOL I love it! Time to go create!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Man it has been a while since I posted...

Life is getting to be a little difficult but we are adjusting. Chris officially has Celiac disease, biopsy confirmed. Now we are going to work on Steve's GI tract problems. I will say that Steve has had great week!
I've been working on a few quilting projects, but today I'm just feeling a little bit unmotivated. I need to finish several quilts, but I 'm just tired.
My sister, Gail, has stage 4 colon cancer. Hopefully we will have results by Tuesday to learn where the cancer has spread and if it has not spread at all! Let's pray it has not spread at all!!
That is all for now....oh I got EQ7 for my b'day!!

Later y'all....

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Design Wall

The beginnings of a new quilt. Shame on me for starting another project!! I just could not help myself though. I was looking for some blocks that I had cut a while back and thought I had put them in one of my plastic drawer bins. I opened up the drawer and there I found my original project of Northwind block swap and templates. This got me to thinking! I saw these fabrics stored away in a clear bin for a different project and decided that I needed to use these for my Northwind block. So off I go cutting my 9" blocks and into triangles....this is going to be fun! Except I got carried away and cut too many of the colored pieces to go with the polka dotted background fabric...darn it! This means I might have to make two quilts!! Oh no, what is a quilter to do?!
I began piecing and posting on my design wall. I decided that I am going to make this quilt like a "Blooming 9-patch" quilt. That is starting from the middle and going out to the edge, having the fabrics/colors bloom/blend. I just might have to go purchase more fabric!! LOL
So I have background fabric with some of the colors and some colors with will be a cool quilt when I am finished! I have the center completed, yet, I may swap out my center colors into the lighter sets so that the colors can explode!!
I've also decided that I just might have to add purple! If you can see the pink/red fabric there is a little purple flower/leaf pattern. Purple would be a great blender for that one. Also, I'm pretty certain that I am going to have to go purchase more of that orangey batik fabric because I want it for the border and i don't think I have enough left. The polka dotted background fabric is going to be my
I might have to put this aside and finish my french braid. I want to teach the french braid and this Northwind!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Monday

Monday Monday...make you think of a song? Most Mondays I hit the floor running!! I always have lots to accomplish, so before I "hit the floor running" I wanted to post what I accomplished and somethings that I forgot to post.

This picture is of my mistake!! I was working on my Jarred Takes a Wife quilt from Bonnie Hunter's website: and I cut all my sashing strips 1/4inch too short!! I can't believe I did this!! I had all these pieces ready to assemble. Actually, these are the ones that went in between all the blocks, the sashing that was to be put in between the rows were the ones that were too short!! Needless to say I cut them on different days and I was obviously very tired when I cut the second set of sashing...sigh...these will now go into my new block Pineapple Tidbits seen next.

The next picture is two quilts that I am gathering fabrics for. I need to get them out of the sunlight so that my fabrics don't fade!! One quilt is going to be "Leap Frog", a child's quilt, don't have a child in mind, just want to make something out of brights and I found this pattern online for free. So that basket is dedicated for that project. I found in my stash, which I should have taken a picture of but totally forgot, a fabric that is electric blue with FROGS all over it...bright frogs!! This quilt will be fun.
The other basket on the desk is going to be from Bonnie Hunter's Leaders and Enders book "Bowdacious"!! I have a pile of bright pinks that I may or may not add to it...time will tell if they get to be a part of this quilt. I'm also, not included in the picture, going to piece another pattern from this book "BlueRidge Beauty". I have already cut some fabrics up for this one and I will be using blues. Bonnie is a fantastic quilt designer! Love her work!
The last picture is from Nancy Rink: This was her BOM Galactic Explosion. I still have to put the binding on, but she is quilted!! This quilt is going to hang up in my dining room and I am changing the decor to match it!
Well that is all for now! I have to get ready to go out for the day with some friends! The weather is beautiful and I will be some wonderful people today!!
~later everyone!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Finally!! The humidity is gone! I was able to work outside on 2 of my flowerbeds and guess what? I found flowers!! LOL Flowers that actually belong in the flowerbeds! I have not weeded in a long time due to the work my hubby is doing on the outside of the house. I figured that I would just be in his way. And the heat and humidity were just too high for me... so I stayed inside and played with fabric!!!
Today I was able to dig up 3 over grown plants, I honestly can't remember if they are called Russian Sage or catmint...oh well, either way they are now in the backyard. I have to figure out what to put in the flowerbed that now has a big hole...oops! I still have lots of weeding to do. There are several more large flowerbeds. The weeds are so high that some are up to my knees! That is just not good. I just got over heated outside and had to come in. I might go back out there later on, but I already came inside and showered....playing with fabric sounds better to me!
My pedimeter: I took over 8,700 steps yesterday and today I am already at 6,500...I do need to drink some water though.
Last night we were up for over 2 hours with Steve. I can't believe my 16yr old son is still having these problems. The GI dr. still has no diagnosis. I feel so bad for him, last night was scary. I pray we have a better night. Tomorrow is mom's day away. I will not be able to go very far, need to stay close by incase something happens.
Got to get a moving with fabric or go back outside and pull weeds....or I could clean the house? decisions decisions...what is a girl to do? play obviously!
~later dudettes!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weight loss

Last summer I went on nutrisystem diet plan. It worked, I lost 20lbs. Then life happened and stress hit and I gained it all back. sigh....
The other day I decided it was time to do something about this weight gain! I need to take it off! I called the local Jenny Craig office and made an immediate appointment. I knew if I procrastinated that I would not do anything at all. I joined yesterday! I have to say I really love the food! The salad dressings are fantastic! Last night's dinner was chicken alfredo, I'm not an alfredo sauce person...but I liked their entree. Breakfast was french toast, mmmgood. Lunch was a chicken corn chowder, very good and a spinach salad. Now my spinach salad consisted of fresh spinach chopped up fine, 1/2 cup of tomato and 1/2 cup of cucumber. Topped it off with their balsamic vinegar dressing, delicious!!
While I was at Jenny Craig I purchased their excerise dvd and a pedometer (I think that is what you call it). My goal is to loose 40lbs! That is a lot but I am trying to prevent surgery on my knees, exhaustion and hypertension...also type 2 diabetes. I have to take care of myself. Let's hope I can stick to it!
There is a friend at church who wants to do a study together, a bible study "First Place" it is a biblical study on nutrition. I think we shall do it! I'm excited! The Lord is taking care of us! I feel blessed that there is someone else who wants to do this with me!
~later gator

Thursday, July 22, 2010

VBS 2 more days to go

What a great day the kids had yesterday at VBS. My entire family was there volunteering. Son Joe got soaken' wet!! He was assigned to recreation and yesterday was "soak day"!! They set up this slide down our big hill. The slide is a huge piece of thick plastic. We secure it down at the top, put some soap at the top and spray it with water...the sprinklers are going also. The kids love soak day!!! Since our Pastor is unable to attend this week, his mother died suddenly, we have another church member stepping in for Pastor's role. Pastor normally walks around with a giant squirt gun shooting whomever he chooses. He also plays the role of Homer the puppet. This year we have Uncle Louie. Yesterday they got Sharon (VBS director-22yrs of service!!!) during the end of VBS!! It was so funny when she screamed!! The kids screamed in sheer joy and laughter.
The GI office called yesterday at VBS. We now have Chris's biopsy scheduled. I'm trying not to be nervous about it. He said it is an easy procedure in and out in 20 minutes and Chris won't feel or know what is going on...basically he will be out. Now to figure out what is wrong with Steve. My sister Gail, Renee said that she is too weak after her surgery for the petscan to be performed so doctor said after she goes home and builds up some strength they can do that test. Praying there is no more cancer.
I'm thinking we need to find a better way to cook from fresh! I need the time and space to do so. I want to grow my own veggies and fruit. Now just convince my husband of this and keep the deer and rabbit away....
This is enough for the day, gotta go work on Sharon's signature quilt! Boy is she going to be surprised!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Basically I'm still in shock that Chris has type 1 diabetes. He was diagnosed in October. His endocronologist wanted to have him tested for other autoimmune defiencies/diseases and well he has tested positive 2x for celiac. The test results that came back yesterday were more positive than the first test. I know all of this has come from taking Accutane. I'm so upset over this. This was a very strong medication that should be taken off the shelf. The government did not warn of these problems. Now Chris has to live with this for the rest of his life.
Two days ago I was told that my sister Gail had a tumor the size of a grapefruit (doctors took the tumor out) that was stage 4. I'm still confused as to her prognosis, and I am waiting. Honestly, I'm holding in my emotions right now...just waiting to hear what the doctor says the next step is for her. Gail lives over 600+ miles from me, so I can't be there for her. I'm going to try to call her today.
This morning, on a happy note, I'm going to work on Sharon's quilt. I have a huge project ahead of me in the next several days....a signature quilt. I have all the blocks (20 large ones!!!) to piece together, put on the longarm machine, quilt it then bind it all by Friday morning!!!
I need to get moving....till later y'all!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

VBS week!!!

Yesterday was our first day of VBS, great day! We have such a great group of volunteers!! My husband took the week off to teach 5/6 grade boys! While he has them in his room he is teaching them manners!! Way to go honey!! Son Chris is teaching the 3rd grade boys, he is loving it! I'm so proud of my family!! Steve and John are also volunteering. Nikki is very happy she has John and I helping her with crafts. John gets the job of getting in the floor to pick up all the pieces of paper, us older ladies don't want to get in the floor!! LOL!! Steve is helping his dad. Son Joe can't help this year, he has college and work, but that is ok he is there is spirit. Maybe next year he can help.
My latest quilt project: the french braid. I'm going to teach it at the Village Quilt shop this fall. I was able to piece all four braids on Saturday. Next week I'm hoping to finish piecing it all together. I need to figure out what I am going to do for the separators and borders. The quilting: I've already figured that out. Fern vines down each braid!!
That is all for today....till later folks!


Friday, July 16, 2010

The heat is on!

Last night a strong storm hit our area. It was interesting to watch this storm move in. The news said that the storms had straight line winds and if you had patio furniture outside you should secure it. So I did. We also had lots of equipment around the front of our house because my husband has been working on replacing the rotted siding boards along with painting. I gathered up the boys and had them carry everything into the garage.
I sat in my bedroom during the storm and watched the rain. The rain was coming down HORIZONTAL!! I was so glad I was not caught up in it! We managed to not loose power, I was happy! I cooked dinner when the worst of the storm had passed.
You know, it feels as if summer has just begun and it feels as if it is almost over!! 6 weeks and it is Labor day weekend!!
Quilting: I managed to get my blue and yellow chinese coin quilt, quilted. Now to make the binding. I've also been playing with several design ideas....9degree wedges from Kaye Fasset fabric with paper pieced triangles at the top...vivid and wild looking. While I was playing I discovered if I placed two of my 1/4 circle wedges together I could form a butterfly....hmmmm....then I sewed fusible strips to the edge of the "wings". I used a lime green thread to sew the wings down with a figure 8 stitch on my Janome. Way cool!!
It is time to get moving....till next time....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Its a new day

Yep, it is Sunday morning and I need to go get ready for church. I woke up startled this morning, I thought I had slept in too late. Once I realized I was ok I calmed down. Grabbed a cup of coffee, wrapped up in a blanket on the couch and went back to sleep for about 15 minutes, lol.
This past week I have managed to make 4 quilt backs, and 4 scrap battings. I've organized a few shelves in my sewing room and of course a quilter knows that when she does that she gets finds fabric that she forgot about, and gets more ideas for quilts!! It is really dangerous to clean your sewing room! I believe I was working in my sewing room on Thursday and Friday.
The earlier part of the week we were working on the front of the house. My husband has been replacing siding boards that are cracked and rotted. I painted the front door and some window trim. I couldn't do much more than that, I would have been in his way. Yesterday he began painting the scallops on the front of the house, it looks fantastic!!! I love the paint scheme we chose!!!
Unfortunately, I have no pictures to post, hopefully that will change soon!
My goals for next week:
1. binding 2 quilts
2. quilt the 4 quilts I made backings and battings for
3. finish Christopher's quilt and ship it out!
4. women's ministry meeting-get bible study schedule down for the rest of the year
5. Get son Chris ready for OCC
6. clean up this computer room!!!
7. make new curtains for dining room
Those are enough goals!! We will have to see how much I actually complete! LOL

Later gator!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quilts, Quilts quilts....just can't get enough

You know you are a "die hard" quilter when all you think about is quilting. Each morning I notice how dirty the house is getting because someone is NOT cleaning! Now, who on earth could that be? Not me! IT is the kids' responsibility!! LOL Oh those birds create so much dust too, I need to teach them how to clean up after themselves!
Yesterday we had a little situation with 2 chipmunks!! The big one, the daddy, decided it would be the right thing to do to chew through my side porch screen so he could get into the house...he could smell bird seed. Bird seed that Henry and Gracie toss out of their food bowls inorder to find their favorite nice of them, huh?
So daddy chipmunk manages to chew through the screen. I find him and his little boy in my porch scurring around trying to get out cause there is a human!!! They finally figured out how to get of the screened in porch and off they go. My husband took the screen and flipped it so that the hole was now at the top of the screen...way up above our heads.....I really thought the situation was resolved.
I'm downstairs sewing and I hear lots of noise going on in the family room. The birds were going nuts! So I come upstairs to find Gracie chasing one of the chipmunks out of the family room!!! Yes, my bird was chasing a chipmunk! That was funny!! Both of those chipmunks climbed to the top of the screen,through the hole and back down the other side of the screen, through the family room sliding doors and into the family room they were!! Walla jackpot for them because of the bird seed in the floor!! Need to vacuum again! darn it! Now I can't leave the sliding glass door open, darn chipmunks! Close doors, open windows for a nice breeze.
Instead I opened the windows behind the bird's cage....geez these chipmunks are smart! Within an hour the birds were going nuts again. I come back upstairs only to find daddy chipmunk had gotten back into the porch and was climbing the screen behind the bird's cage!!! UGH!! Daddy chipmunk saw me and took off! He has not reappeared since. Wish I would have had my camera during each time. The pictures would have been great!!
Just imagine a green quaker parrot chasing a chipmunk! LOL I did reward Gracie for being such a great watch bird!! What a great bird! LOL
With the comotion of the birds and chipmunks I did manage to quilt my French Toile quilt. I squared it up and today I plan on putting on the binding. I also managed to put another quilt on the longarm machine. This quilt is a scrappy quilt from Bonnie Hunter's website: the pattern is Hidden Spools. I'm going to do an allover meandor pattern, bind it and ship it to my sister. The quilt measures 90x106...I did not mean for it to be this big!! LOL She said she is going to put it on her bed along with the other 5 quilts she has from me!! LOL
I did manage to organize my sewing room a bit also. That felt good to get those projects into bins and off my cutting tables. I have a total of 18 bins now...that is too many bins. What I like doing is pulling fabric together when I get a vision of a quilt. I place the pattern in the bin with the fabric, this way I know what my idea was. I've been designing quilts lately. not too many, but this is just another avenue for me to explore. Now If I could just sell my designs or quilts. My passion is really into piecing, the actual machine quilting is a big chore for me. At times I find it refreshing...only at times.
Well, time to get moving, need to take some pictures of my progress and clean my house!! I know if I go down to my sewing room first I will never clean the house today!!! LOL....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life is slowing down

Life is beginning to slow down, except that I am adding more to my schedule! I have a found a new quilt pattern that is going to be taking up some more of my time....I just can't help myself. This quilt requires 1,849- 2 1/2 inch squares! Now I must decide if I'm going to do this as a true "scrappy" quilt or use yardage...hmmm...The cutting will go faster if I use yardage, but the look will be really neat if I go scrappy...decisions decisions, what is a quilter to do!

I visited my favorite quilt yesterday to show the owner my latest creation. The pattern is from Lynn Moore, I believe she is in Alaska. Her website is What inspired me was Saturday morning's quilt show "Fons and Porter for the Love of Quilting" on pbs. The quilt pattern is named Zebras. I had to tweek the pattern a bit due to how much of each fabric I had. And I was not fussy cutting the fabric like she instructed. My fabric was not directional so it did not make a difference. After a few mistakes of laying the ruler on the wrong angle I was finally putting the rows together. The quilt goes together very easily! I used Asian fabrics, Moda solid (black), and Fairy Frost Gold.

The other quilt pictures are projects that I have been working on. The quilt blocks with the black and white french toile fabric are from BOM Galactic Explosion. I have finished piecing the body of the quilt and now I am adding borders, so more pictures to come of that. I'm going to add my own borders though because I can't put the rest of the quilt pattern together...ran out of fabrics!

The quilt block with the guitars, that is for my son Steve. I'm also waiting to finish this quilt when the fabric arrives in the mail! That should be any day now.

The other quilt that I have been working on I'm calling "Through the Looking Glass" I'm making it from scraps and old fabrics. It is very bright and rich in color. It is a gift for a family member, and if she follows my blog I can't let my secret out.... As I am able I will post more pictures of the progress.

Graduation has come and gone. Chris, our second son, is amazing! He is so handsome and just an all around great person! I know he is going to suceed in everything he does.
Here are a couple of pictures of Steve dressed and ready for the Prom!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Machine quilting

Lately I have been preoccupied with gardening. I have managed to weed and plant 3 back is killing me! But today! I will be sewing. I'm working on several things, of course! oh yes, while working outside yesterday we found a bumble bee nest under our ground cover juniper....going to stay away from that area for a while....
My first project is a quilt on the longarm machine. Not my quilt but a friend's quilt, she named it Rose Bargello. It really is a nice quilt. She also gave to me a second quilt to put on the machine, this one is a panel quilt that she has sliced the panel into different increment segments and then sewn it all back together....very interesting look. I know how I am going to quilt both of them already.
Once I finish the both of these I am going to work on my Block of the Month by Nancy Rink: Galactic Explosion! I love this quilt. Also, if I have enough time I'm going to put together my packet for the quilts that i have designed and hopefully get them published in a magazine.
Time is going by fast....till tomorrow....


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Computer issues

Our main computer died about 2 weeks ago so I lost all my pictures, email addys, and home addresses of family and friends. Friends of ours rebuilt a computer and gave one to us! How great is that?!! I was totally shocked! Never saw it coming! Thanks guys!
Update on Steve: he has had 3 pain free nights. Whatever was wrong with his intestines it seems to be healing and leaving his body. I'm so happy to have my son back!
Quilting: I've been playing with fabric/blocks but not accomplishing much. Too many other things that I have to do right now. For example: tonight is prom and next weekend is graduation for Chris! Today I will finish his announcements and get them in the mail!
We have family coming in next week, I'm excited to see them. Kate will get to stay for about 4 days I think. Renee and Foot will be here for 3 days? This will be a fun weekend.
Once graduation is over I will be starting a teen girls bible study "And the Bride Wore White". I need to get moving on this and get my dates on the calendar.
Well that is all for now....Hopefully I will be able to load pictures soon! Quilt pictures that is!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Playing with fabric

Yesterday I was able to play with fabric. On the quiltville yahoo group there have been some members that have made the "omigosh" quilt (from a different quilter, not Bonnie Hunter) I had to attempt to make this block. The pieces are cut so tiny-1inch!! The quilt is made up of 9-patch units and solid blocks, this would be unit A (double 9-patch). There is a unit B which I have not figured out the measurements for the individual pieces. I don't know if I'm brave enough to work on this one. I did find out yesterday that working with such small pieces it is a good idea to use spray starch to make those little buggers behave. When the seam allowances are pressed into place the little units no longer want to play nice. Unfortunately, I cannot add any pictures of my work to my blog because our main computer is dead and my camera is dead...need to charge the battery for that. Hopefully all this situation will be better soon.

Now for the last two weeks Steve has been in some serious pain. I don't want blog too much about this. I just want a diagnosis for my son. He did have a good day yesterday. This I am very thankful for.

Last night I was able to see the new carpet at church. Wow, has our church changed its appearance!! She is looking fabulous! Way to go building committee!!

Well, that is all for now. Gonna go shower and go play with fabric before I take Steve to his next doctor appt.

Later gator....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Its been a while for me

It has been a while since I have posted on my blog. Life is just busy and I have other things to think about and accomplish.
Yesterday we spent 2 hours at the doctor's office, watching my son Steve in excrutiating pain! And the doctor could really do nothing except say go back to the gluten free diet and take the prevacid. They got him an x-ray schedule at another facility for Monday....Ok Steve gets to stay in pain for 4 more days!!! What?! I'm not buying it! I want something done for him NOW. So we took him up the ER at Genesis hospital. There the doctors took blood and had the x-ray technicians bring down the machine and x-ray his abdominal area.
My son was doubled over in pain for over 4 hours yesterday and the regular doctor could do nothing?
Steve was able to sleep a little, which helped him not focus on the pain.
The labs and x-ray came back that everything was fine. The doctor at the er said that Steve needs to stay on the gluten free diet until the pediatric GI doctor is able to see him and run more testing. The ER doctor was great! Steve was looking and doing so much better when we left the hospital last night!
Today I'm leaving for the Beth Moore conference over in Grand Rapids. I have not been away from family in a very long time!! It is just an overnight thing, and I really am looking forward to spending time with Bonnie, Mary and Sally. I heard that kathy and her sister are coming too! This is going to be a very fun trip!
Our teens at church are involved in the 30hour famine, which is today and tomorrow. I'm trusting that Chris will be taken care of (he is diabetic, I will have to send food for him) and now with Steve having to go gluten free, I need to send special food for him also. Life is changing for 2 of my kids. It is going to be ok though, we can make it.
Time to get moving. Oh yeah, priase team is playing tonight and the kids youth praise team band is playing tomorrow and they are in charge of the service on Sunday! Love it!

Till later.......

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The sun in shining today

We finally have a Saturday with sunshine! It has been many weekends that we have had rainy Saturdays! This is going to be a wonderful day.
Last night Steve had another episode with his stomach. I really don't know what is going on. I'm going to do as the GI doctor said for him "give him some gluten, get the celiac test done" so this is what we are doing. This pain scares Steve and it scares me too. I've never seen him feel so helpless and scared. I have to protect my baby!
Joseph has started summer courses. He is going to drop physics due to the distance for the course and the professor. He wants the professor that Carrie suggested, more hands on! The distance factor....45 minutes to class two times a week is a bit on his budget...driving a bronco is not easy on the wallet, but hey, it is paid for!
Kate: I hope Kate can get herself straightened out. I wish she would get away from Nick, he is not good for her. She needs to be out on her own, not underneath anyone. And not anyone telling her he needs his space right now or clean up your room, take care of your siblings....I think I better not get started on all that!
Quilting: I'm overwhelmed, but it is a good feeling. I have lots of ideas in my head! I don't really want to work on the longarm machine because of how much my back aches from it. But I have to admit that what I began yesterday is pretty cool! I surprise myself with the designs I draw. I also begin piecing the scrap blocks that Sydney started for me. I think I was able to get about half way through the pile of blocks. I have to piece 4 block units together to make one block, the pattern is Bonnie Hunter's Hidden Spools from
Today I will be taking Steve and Jacob over to driver's ed for driving. I still have to schedule Steve in a class that he missed due to his stomach issues. I don't agree with this school at all....but that is another story. This afternoon we are going to be pulling bushes out!! Yes, those old bushes are coming out of the ground. Then I can begin working on the flower bed!!
Well, Fons and Porter tv show is coming on so I'm going to end here.....till later...............

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday has arrived

Tuesday has arrived, first performance is only 2 days away. I feel like I'm going through withdrawals with not being to play with fabric. As usual drama is happening with the play. Soon it will all be over with. I felt so bad for my boys because I tried hard to get them their dinner prepared before they left. We had a mixup with where the ground beef was to be put the other was put in the freezer by mistake. I wanted it put in the downstairs fridge. I asked Steve to go get the ground beef so I could prepare them a dinner.... "mom, there is no ground beef in the fridge" ME: "WHAT?! switch to plan B....what is plan B?" As it turned out I was able to make them something but it was not done until almost 5:30! Not good, they had to be at practice at 4:30 and I had means of transportion! I had to wait till my husband got home from work to bring me up there. I also learned that I was supposed to be up there with the boys....I did not know! I knew I was helping with hair, but I was not told that I had to be there to help last night...oh well. We all survived. The boys were able to eat their dinner at around 11:30. We knew it would be late when they finally were able to eat, but that is the way it goes.
This time next week...hopefully I will be planting flowers and touching fabric.....

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Our family will be going through some autoimmune defiency testing over the next couple of weeks. Chris has already been tested since he now has diabetes and there is no family history of type 1. At least I don't know of anyone that does. It is kind of hard to figure that out since I'm adopted. I do know my biological family, but through life situations even they don't know the family medical history.
Yesterday Chris' doctor called to let us know that he tested positive for celiac.
"Celiac disease is an inherited, autoimmune disease in which the lining of the small intestine is damaged from eating gluten and other proteins found in wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats"-from google.
Quilting: I need to focus on something that is positive. Yesterday morning I made a list of quilts that I want to make. I have a few of my own patterns that I need to get working on. I would like to publish the to just get busy and get a moving! I went as far, yesterday, as gathering fabrics to make each of these quilts...that can be very dangerous and time consuming. I was able to focus and finish quilting and put a binding on a quilt that is a gift for someone.
Time to get moving off line...lots to do today!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

12 Days and counting

We have 12 days until the play! Everyone is gearing up for all the jobs that will need to be done! The bake sale...I need to focus on a little more, I have some ideas but now I need to put them into motion!!
Yesterday was our last day for Meadows co-op. We had beautiful weather! The kids were smart though, they took the tables outside and had their lunch out in the parking lot! The moms stayed inside!! LOL Normally the fellowship area is so loud with everyone in there that you can't even hear yourself think!! LOL I'm going to miss everyone!!
I'm going to host some events at my home over the summer. Movie nights and homeschool mom meetings. I also plan on hosting some sewing days/workshops for the ones that want to learn to sew or finish a project.
Last night we listened to dvd 8 of the Inheritance bible study class. I loved it! AGAIN, she spoke so much truth!! WOW! I would love to be able to use some of what she said on one or two of the youth study lessons!!! Profound profound!!
Well, I don't have much time today to be online, so I must get going.

Friday, April 16, 2010

injuries that are quilt related

Two days ago I noticed that my left index finger was really sore. It had become very red and inflamed! The area right below the fingernail and above the first knuckle. "Hmmm, I thought, what did I do to injure my finger? Is it a bug bite? Did I cut it with my rotary blade? Is it a paper cut?" I asked several people what they thought this was and if I should go see my doctor about it. They all said yes go see your doctor. So I did and as it turns out the bump is a type of cyst that forms when the tendon is over used....hence, putting the binding on a quilt without using pins....I machine bind both sides of the wonder! So the doctor said I have to go have it surgically removed. No rush he said...good....I'll keep sewing and soon start gardening! LOL Seriously though, I will call the hand surgeon and it take care of.
Yesterday my friend Mia stopped by. We talked about school for next in particular! She is going to help with this! I love this idea! I really enjoy Mia and having her around! She is so wonderful and helpful!
Next year's school line up is looking great! So many moms are willing to help with our little co-op! None of us have extremely "strong overbearing" personalities, we are all willing to work together. Some women are like that you know...they make others miserable and you feel as if you have to walk around them on egg when you take your toddler into a china/crystal shop!! Don't touch anything!!
Last night a small group of us went to see Bounty Hunter starring Jennifer Anniston and Gerard...can't remember his last now, darn it....anyway it was a cute movie! My friend Melissa had given me a gift card towards the movies so I used that last night! Thank you Melissa!!
Well, I have some planning to do today. I have about 6 quilts in my head that I need to get on paper so I can get these patterns published.
Oh! I went into one of my most favorite stores "Digs" yesterday. It is a resale shop, not clothing but home decor!!! OH my goodness!! there is a beautiful rattan couch that I am dying to have!!! I want it so bad, but is $500!!! I can't afford that at all. Too many other things that must be paid for such as driver's ed, medical bills, Chris' graduation....all those kind of if it is meant to be then the couch will still be there come June....late June! LOL I'm certain it won't be though.
Oh well, tis life........