Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School is back in session

Our homeschool begins today. I'm excited yet I'm also feeling like I had no summer...I need to plan better, just did not get enough done.
I finished by quilting brochure. Now I need to get myself to Pontiac and apply for a dba or LLC, not sure what I want to do yet. At least I know that the name I want to use as a business is not taken.
Last week I had a bad vertigo experience. I want to say it is from my sinuses being blocked from allergies. Both Steve and I have been waking up with nasty sore throats and runny noses. I leaned over to move the box fan, coffee in right hand. I leaned over to pick up the fan to turn it around and that was all she wrote! The room spun around so bad, I could not figure out what was the floor, wall or ceiling!! Coffee went everywhere, I hit the wall 2x with my head! bruised the top of my right hand (it hit the wall too), my right arm by my elbow hit the wall also and my left arm...well somehow some skin got taken off. I don't recall the entire incident, all I know is it happened. Scared the living daylights out of me!!! Going back to doctor today to change medicine he prescribed...made me feel worse! That is ok, he had no idea, it is trial and error, that is why they are "practicing medicine".
I was able to play with fabrics last night, did not accomplish anything other than to confuse myself a bit, but I enjoyed it!
That is all for now....later dude!


  1. Poor baby!!! Been there, done that, and it's NO fun at all!

    Keep the great attitude, and sit down at the sewing machine. 8-)))

  2. This too will pass! Hope you can go fondle some fabric- maybe without coffee in hand just incase?!