Saturday, February 25, 2012

A few things happening

Good morning world!
Here in Michigan we are blanketed with snow. I know I know, it is February, what else is suppose to happen? I don't have to like it, but at the same time I will attempt enjoy it...from my truck:

Yesterday I volunteered at the LQS "The Village Quilt Shoppe" at Canterbury Village. There is a quilt show this weekend in Kings Court, which is in Canterbury Village. There were a lot of customers coming through...I'm cheap, I work for fabric!! Or in this case batting! I need 2 king size battings for 2 quilts that are due to 2 different magazines. Lots of guild members and friends came through, it was a great day! I will try to take a picture today of the Canterbury and post it tomorrow or if I get home on time tonight.
I have to send a profile picture to Fons and Porter, what do you think of this one?
Same pic, just cropped one
So which one?
My kitchen table is in the background, I don't really have a true profile you think these are ok?

While I was working at the Village yesterday, I saw the latest edition of Quilter's World magazine. My floral charm quilt is featured on the table of contents page!! I did not expect that! So here you go! 

Well I just figure out why most of my pictures have that black thing on the right is the holder from my phone!! I will work at turning it out of the way, lol....

If you are in the area, please come by the quilt show!

Happy Sewing everyone!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another quilt accepted!

I was so excited when I read that I got another quilt accepted!! This one is going to be a bear to piece! it is a king size paper pieced pickle dish!! What was I thinking!
I have two quilts that are due to two different magazines within 2 weeks of each other. I'm going to begin working on one this least that is my plan!
My husband is recovering fine. He decided to go back to work on Friday. I think it exhausted him, but he managed well. Friday he had all of the staples removed from his ankle surgery. He has 9 screws and 2 plates in his ankle!! OUCH!! I thought about putting the pictures of his ankle on my blog and then I decided against it! I felt that some of you might not like seeing that....eeewww
Last night I was able to go to Sew Many Things for a fun night of itch to stitch! Two of my favorite quilting/sewing buddies were there. Dawn works there and was there for helping others. Sydney drove she and I there. Here is a picture of them being extremely silly!! What a hoot they are!
Can you see that silly bonnet Sydney has on?!! she was wearing it wrong! LOL And they the two of them put on the pot holders and called them duck bills? They were laughing so hard at themselves!! Too hysterical!
I have one more pic that I want to share. This is me and my Lilybird! She is a yellow cockatiel. All she wants to do is be with me, have me scratch her neck and snuggle with her all day!

The other day  my son Steve was bringing Lily to me. She leaped from his hand onto my shoulder. She gets very excited when she sees me. Anyway, she also can't stand it when someone wants to take her away from me, she is very possessive!!  I told Steve I could not hold her right now that she had to go back to her cage. He put out his hand and told her to "step up". She is suppose to obey this command..keyword...suppose to..well she saw his hand coming for her and she began hissing at him!! LOL She ran (sideways and backwards) from my right shoulder across my chest (all the while hissing and fussing at him) to my left shoulder, mean while Steve's hand is following her across my body and he is saying, "Lily step up!" She continues around my back as fast as she can back to my right shoulder..where she started out..she gave in at that time...but not quietly!! LOL She let him know she was not happy with him at all. LOL What a female!
Happy sewing everyone!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quilt Designs

Good morning quilt world! Do you ever have that Aha! moment?! Well I just had one! I have designed a quilt a while back and could not get the center medallion to come together nicely. I have figured out just how to do it now. I think I'm going to attempt to do Sally's suggestion...she said to hand sew the center points...or maybe I will bring it up to her today and get her to give me some pointers...that sounds like a plan too!
What is everyone working on these days?

I pulled out another UFO yesterday and made some serious progress on it! I'm very pleased with this!

Happy sewing!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

3 broken bones and a surgery

My husband survived his ankle surgery. He is now learning and trying to deal with the pain of recovery. The blocker wore off Saturday evening and he has been uncomfortable since. He is learning how to stay on "top of the pain" rather than wait to be in pain and take the meds. He has also found that he can enjoy movie after movie on Netflix! lol this helps to keep his mind busy and not focus on the pain.
I was able to go sew for a good while yesterday. I needed it! I began looking for a specific UFO from about a year and half ago....and then I thought well, lets look for a different one....I could not find the first one.........I found the second listen, I have probably 23 UFO's this is not putting a dent in my UFO number.  I was able to piece and put borders on it. Just a lap size quilt. If I can figure out how to use my new LG 3g enlighten smart phone I could download the pictures.....That quilt is on my design wall, I should probably make a quilt back for it. Get that quilt moved to the next pile which would be my binding pile.
I found another quilt that I began working on 2 years ago. I squared up the finished blocks and began piecing the rest into blocks....progress! This quilt makes a nice quilt for any room because it looks scrappy. I can't wait to finish this one.
I have some deadlines looming over my head, but I'm not inspired to work on them...not good!
Went to bed around 10:30 thinking that PBS Masterpiece Theater was on...I am enjoying watching Downton Abby! It was not on!! something was on its place. I went back out to the kitchen to chat with my sons for a bit, then went back to bed around 11. My husband had worked his way into bed, pillows and all to prop that leg up and he found that Downton Abby was on at 11!! YIPEE!! Needless to say we watched it!
Well, I'm gonna tell the world that I'm going to be a grandmother! My step-daughter is going to have a baby! I'm so excited, she is about 4months and is feeling the baby moving often. I've decided that I want to be called Me-maw. Me-maw was my favorite grandmother when I was a kid.
Well everyone, have a wonderful day!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life brings on new challenges...

Yep, Life brings on new challenges almost daily it seems. Why do you ask? Let me see...I've gotten accepted into a 3rd magazine, yipee!!! This one is slightly different the other ones, but I can't say yet, so....I will just say I have a very soon deadline! LOL And, I'm sitting here at the computer not working on is one of those mornings where I'm not what to begin to tackle first, that is why, so I sit and play on the computer.
Here is the biggest latest challenge: My husband fell last Sunday on the ice and broke his ankle in 3 places: trimaul is what it is called. It is a really bad tomorrow, poor man! My challenge is of course taking care of him, the family and having some fun time to piece and make my deadlines...I'm thinking that I will bring my main sewing supplies upstairs and sew in the living room. This way I will be on the main floor and can help him when he needs it. I just can't bring the longarm machine upstairs...well I could make my boys do that!! LOL But that thing is big! 14ft. table!! They would have to take out the basement door, through the backyard, up the big steep hill through the mud, into the garage, then back into the house...hey, maybe just maybe this is a doable plan....hmmm...nope! not gonna do it! LOL Also, I won't have my tv or my music to listen to if I bring my sewing supplies up here!! I tend to turn up the music really loud!! I love to sing and dance with the tunes! LOL what a sight!
I have more exciting news, but I'm waiting for the ok to pubicly announce it.
So....till then everyone...happy sewing!