Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another quilt accepted!

I was so excited when I read that I got another quilt accepted!! This one is going to be a bear to piece! it is a king size paper pieced pickle dish!! What was I thinking!
I have two quilts that are due to two different magazines within 2 weeks of each other. I'm going to begin working on one this least that is my plan!
My husband is recovering fine. He decided to go back to work on Friday. I think it exhausted him, but he managed well. Friday he had all of the staples removed from his ankle surgery. He has 9 screws and 2 plates in his ankle!! OUCH!! I thought about putting the pictures of his ankle on my blog and then I decided against it! I felt that some of you might not like seeing that....eeewww
Last night I was able to go to Sew Many Things for a fun night of itch to stitch! Two of my favorite quilting/sewing buddies were there. Dawn works there and was there for helping others. Sydney drove she and I there. Here is a picture of them being extremely silly!! What a hoot they are!
Can you see that silly bonnet Sydney has on?!! she was wearing it wrong! LOL And they the two of them put on the pot holders and called them duck bills? They were laughing so hard at themselves!! Too hysterical!
I have one more pic that I want to share. This is me and my Lilybird! She is a yellow cockatiel. All she wants to do is be with me, have me scratch her neck and snuggle with her all day!

The other day  my son Steve was bringing Lily to me. She leaped from his hand onto my shoulder. She gets very excited when she sees me. Anyway, she also can't stand it when someone wants to take her away from me, she is very possessive!!  I told Steve I could not hold her right now that she had to go back to her cage. He put out his hand and told her to "step up". She is suppose to obey this command..keyword...suppose to..well she saw his hand coming for her and she began hissing at him!! LOL She ran (sideways and backwards) from my right shoulder across my chest (all the while hissing and fussing at him) to my left shoulder, mean while Steve's hand is following her across my body and he is saying, "Lily step up!" She continues around my back as fast as she can back to my right shoulder..where she started out..she gave in at that time...but not quietly!! LOL She let him know she was not happy with him at all. LOL What a female!
Happy sewing everyone!


  1. That is hilarious about your bird Lily. I wasn't aware birds have "people" too. I know cats and dogs do. Since I have been home so much this last year, both my cat and dog are so attached to me! I don't mind it but I couldn't get a third pet since I only have two petting hands, lol. Congrats on the quilt being accepted. I've never made a pickle dish. Maybe in my future!

  2. Oh my, I have fallen behind ALL news, both good and bad. Congrats on new projects, sorry - VERY sorry for your DH and his accident!!! Darned ICE! But good to hear he is recovering, and even back to work.

    Good progress on the PIckle Dish! You have determination!