Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life brings on new challenges...

Yep, Life brings on new challenges almost daily it seems. Why do you ask? Let me see...I've gotten accepted into a 3rd magazine, yipee!!! This one is slightly different the other ones, but I can't say yet, so....I will just say I have a very soon deadline! LOL And, I'm sitting here at the computer not working on is one of those mornings where I'm not what to begin to tackle first, that is why, so I sit and play on the computer.
Here is the biggest latest challenge: My husband fell last Sunday on the ice and broke his ankle in 3 places: trimaul is what it is called. It is a really bad tomorrow, poor man! My challenge is of course taking care of him, the family and having some fun time to piece and make my deadlines...I'm thinking that I will bring my main sewing supplies upstairs and sew in the living room. This way I will be on the main floor and can help him when he needs it. I just can't bring the longarm machine upstairs...well I could make my boys do that!! LOL But that thing is big! 14ft. table!! They would have to take out the basement door, through the backyard, up the big steep hill through the mud, into the garage, then back into the house...hey, maybe just maybe this is a doable plan....hmmm...nope! not gonna do it! LOL Also, I won't have my tv or my music to listen to if I bring my sewing supplies up here!! I tend to turn up the music really loud!! I love to sing and dance with the tunes! LOL what a sight!
I have more exciting news, but I'm waiting for the ok to pubicly announce it.
So....till then everyone...happy sewing!

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  1. Not fun. I broke my ankle is 5 places about 7 or 8 years ago. Same thing, surgery many screws and plates. But, I did surprisingly well hopping around with the help of a walker. No walking, just hopping for a while.