Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hello world! It is Saturday morning and it is ....

Snowing! I can't complain though, we have had a mild winter so far. One week we are in the 40's and then the following week we have snow. Not bad, really not bad. But it does make me wonder about what our weather will be like this spring? Will have a spring? What will summer be like? Too Buggy? Since we are the Great Lakes state...we have lots of water, lots of water means ....mosquitos!!
So, what is the world up to these days? I got accepted into a 3rd magazine! I'm waiting to hear when I can say which magazine it is!! 
Yesterday I put 6 of my own little wall hanging size quilts on the longarm machine, Rosie. I made a large backing and away I went! One of the quilts is a shop sample for the village quilt shop. I will have to take pictures and post them. I used the new 120degree ruler by Creative Grid. I love this ruler and the units go together so easily!
Well, I'm off for now... have a great weekend everyone!!

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