Friday, January 6, 2012

Good morning world!!

Good morning world! Today is going to be a great day! It is Friday!! I woke up thinking that it was Thursday, holiday schedules always throughs me off!! Tomorrow I have two friends coming over for sewing. I'm hoping that today I will have my quilt blocks all pieced, ironed, squared to the correct size....and best of all have the blocks put into rows!!! I need to get this quilt on the longarm machine and sent out to the magazine.
Last night my husband and I went over to our oldest son Joe's girlfriends home and had dinner with her and her parents. Abby made us a chicken dinner with curry, rice, brocolli and greek salad. It was delicious!!! Oh and she also made us chocolate moose with a candy cane for dessert. Just scrumptous! We had great conversation with them and Mr Lee, feel asleep in his chair by the end of the evening...that I ok, because my eyes were beginning to glaze over!! LOL My left back shoulder muscles were pulling so bad though, it was time to head home. After a great nights sleep, my back feels so much better.
They took pictures of us last night, I'm so hoping they don't put them up on fb!! I hate having my picture taken. It just shows how fat I am...ugh!! I know I need to loose weight, but you know, coffee with creamer just tastes soooo dang good...who wants to give it up in the early am? Not me! I need to figure out another way to loose some weight. I know I will be happier and my body will actually like to do what I tell it to get out of the chair easily, or walk the stairs without my knees going "snap crackle pop"!
For your viewing pleasure....
Just wanted to add something to look at. I think I've already posted this quilt on my blog....I love this quilt, I need to make it, but it a "doosey"....
Happy Sewing!!

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