Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Visionary or Stationary

This past Sunday, our Pastor's message was on being a visionary or stationary. This spoke volumnes to me. What am I? Am I a visionary that can make a plan and act on it or do I just sit and listen and be stationary? I don't move? I wonder what others see themselves as. Are you too comfortable in your life to make changes. Hey, you've done enough, should you do more? or do you just let someone else do the work?

Lately, I feel stationary. I don't have motivation to do much. I make plans, but they seem more like dreams...I don't act upon them. I think I have what is known as the winter blahs! I'm waiting for spring to arrive, I can't wait to get outside and feel the sun on my skin and the warm breeze!

Presently, I am listening to Beth Moore's Bible study message "Developing Enormously Effective Prayer". I found these lessons online for free. I need this! Communication, prayer time, prayer life. Thank you Lord for this!

This morning Joe and I were woke up from high winds hitting the house. The wind was so strong that the power went out 4x! We did not sleep well from about 3am until it was time to get up at 6am. I feel as if it is going to be a long day...

This past Saturday, I hosted another come and sew day at my house. As usual we transformed the family room into one big sewing room! We all had a blast looking at each other's creations and what each was working on. I believe there were a total of 9 of us here. Of course we had great food!! That is required by law! "where two or three are gathered, there shall be food"!! LOL, sorry, I just could not resist! The pictures show how much fun we had!! Enjoy!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

updating me and the family

I like that title "updating me", lol makes me chuckle. The last time I posted was around mid-Feb. life has been busy, but I've just not had very much to say. I am waiting for winter to end and spring to be here!

I'm looking forward to being outside, planning my son Joe's graduation, open house, planting flowers, painting the house and hopefully we will be traveling to see relatives in late May. I don't know though because of the 5%pay cut my husband had to take.

This past Monday, March 2, we had 24 deer come into our yard. I was very shocked by this, that is a lot of deer all at once. I wish I would have been able to take a picture of them, but I was not. A group of 10 came to my master bedroom window and began eating the leaves on the small bushes. All I could do was stand there and watch them, I was in the house, of course.

This Saturday, the 7th, I am hosting another come and sew day at my house!! I love this! I'm looking forward to having everyone here. There are about 8 attending including myself. Everyone can work on any project they choose! We will have great conversation, great food and some fantastic show and tell!! But of course "some" sewing will get done! It is so funny because we all end up "reconnecting" for the first hour or so! The joys of friendship.

My husband gets to travel to Austria next month. I would love to go with him, but we just cannot afford it. I'm looking forward to the "goodies" he brings back for us. I should make him take pictures. I hope he has time to go sight seeing.

I played around with my dining room recently. I cleaned it up! I still want to change the decor in the dining room, but I have to wait till I have the funds to do so.

I worked on my mystery quilt some and decided I was not happy with the delectable mountain blocks, instead of making each a variety of colors I controled the colors too much. So I decided to use all the DM blocks in a different quilt. I then just put a border on the blocks that look like they have spin in them. Now to figure out what to do with that quilt.

The picture of the boys is the musical band the kids came up with. The McPeakeLee Experience. They played 9 songs for the Happy Days fund raiser concert. I was so proud of them!!
John designed another pinewood derby car this year for the RA race. He won a couple of prizes this year! He was very proud of himself and I too was proud of him!
I've also included the beginning of my Bearpaw quilt pattern fabrics. I have to recharge my camera battery before I can take any more pictures of the quilt blocks!! Hopefully I will get everything accomplished today.

Well I need to close my blog, time to get moving with my is going to be another busy one!