Friday, August 31, 2012

Some more pics for your viewing pleasure

Quilter's World magazine, fall issue. My friend, Ruth,  her quilt made the cover.  See the circle with the quilt, that is her quilt!! How cool!! I've been taking her class on how to make freestyle quilts. That is what she calls it. I love it and yes, it is freeing!

This is the magazine pic of the quilt, Sticks and Stones is the name of the quilt

Here is my quilt, Saltillo Salsa

Great coming

back cover of the Nine Patch Panache

inside of book, this quilt is Karla Schulz, I love this is my favorite color!!
Now how do you make some of these images turn right side up? and not be sideways...I'm gonna have to figure that one out!!

The Nine Patch Panache book catches my eye every time I walk into the shop! It has to be the cover! Have you noticed that on the books that are published by Annie's are now having the quilts on the back cover? How cool is that?! I also love the feel of this book. The photographs of all the quilts inside the book are spectacular! Did you notice that this book offers 40+ projects??? That is a lot bang for your buck! The directions are very clear and precise too for the patterns...I have not figured out which one I want to make first, this is definitely a book that I will pull off the shelf more than once to make a quilt from! I hope you give it a good read and purchase the book....great eye candy for us quilters!!

Happy sewing everyone!!

Its Friday! Last Day of August!!

Hello World! It is Friday and it is the last day of August! That could only mean 2 things:
1) Labor Day weekend is here
2) School begins next week
oh wait...there is a 3rd one.........
3) Fall is coming which leads to...........winter...........lets not discuss this! lol

Our trip to the Grand Rapids quilt show sponsored by AQS was spectacular! I loved it and plan on having a quilt in the show next year! I hear the dates for the show have already been announced. The dates for next year's show is August 14-17, mark your calendars Quilters!! Save the date!! I know I am...I have been told I'm working the show with my LQS ;o) works for me! Speaking of quilt shows, I'm also going to be at the Pigeon Forge, TN show Mountain Quilt Fest in March, working for my LQS: The Village Quilt Shoppe. I teach there also. I'm so excited about this!

Well, the magazines are out on newstands!! I was a busy very busy quilter!! I have 2 quilts in magazines and here are the images....I now have 4 quilts due!! 4!! 3 for Fons & Porter and 1 to Quitler's World...I need to get busy rather sit here on the computer!!

These are the images from Quiltmaker magazine....and of course this is my grand daughter laying in my pile of scrap fabrics from yesterday's class!! Isn't she adorable?!! Ok, I don't have an image of Quilter's World!! I thought I did, I will go upload it later.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thanks everyone!!

Thank you everyone for your comments, opinions!! If I counted the comments it seams that most like the quilt the way it is...just frame with a colored binding. I'm heading to the AQS Grand Rapids Quilt Show tomorrow morning, so I will not be quilting until next week.
By the way..speaking of quilts: I got another quilt accepted into the magazines....Quilter's World! WOOHOO
I received a book in the mail the other day : Nine Patch Panache. The book's cover is so stricking!! I love the cool blue/teals on the cover and the quilting on the quilt looks great! I'm taking the book with me to ooo and ahhhh over the projects. I want to write up my thoughts about the book when I computer for 4 days!! oh my what is a girl to do?!
Have a wonderful week everyone and thank you for comments!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday morning...what is on your agenda?

Today I must work on a quilt I designed for Quilter's World magazine. The quilt was designed with Moda's fabric line Good Morning, by Me and My Sister. I can't wait to piece this quilt, it is darling...and I do believe that my adorable little grand daughter, AnnaLynne will be receiving it when she gets a "big girl" bed. She is only 6 weeks old. Isn't she just a beautiful little girl?!! I love her to pieces!!

Yesterday, Kate and I held a "welcome baby AnnaLynne" shower....guess who forgot her camera and did not take one picture???? Other than the one you see to your left? I did not take any pictures of the wonderful gifts she was given, none of the friends and family that came over...not a one?! What was I thinking? I was not thinking, I was socializing with everyone and then doing the "grandma" thing!! Holding that sweet little baby! The one picture that I do have is of the "Passion Pit"  Kate and I cleaned up the porch on Saturday, making sure there was enough seating for everyone. I love sitting in here and reading. Too bad I don't have a sewing machine in here!! I would never leave...well I would when winter started coming.
Today I will run some errands and then begin working on the quilt that needs to be cut. I'm hoping that I can begin putting the binding on a quilt too and bring it with me as some handwork...I'm going to attempt to hand sew the binding down!! UGH! I know I know that is the way it should be done. For some reason I just can't get it...I don't know what it is about hand sewing the binding down to the back of the quilt???? Why does it not feel right?

My son Joe, has been working on his 96 mustang all summer long to get it ready to drive in the Woodward Dream Cruise that happened this past weekend. He did not make his deadline, but he sure did try hard! I'm proud of him! I will post a picture of it as soon as I can.

Quilting: I finished piecing this quilt a few weeks ago. I need to put it on my Gammill now and quilt it.. hahaha...this is the unfinished quilt top...let me go find the finished top...hang there is the finished quilt top, still not quilted....I think I want to add another border to it...but I'm not certain. It is really pale. The background fabric is polka dots. When you see the quilt upclose it has a vibration to it...way cool!

Opinions please: Should it have another border?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

It is Sunday morning....

It is a beautiful Sunday morning here in Clarkston, Michigan! We have had the air conditioner off for days!! Yep Days!! The windows are open and the fresh air is filtering in the house. Matter of fact, it is a little chilly this morning. Today we are having a "Welcome baby AnnaLynne" shower at the house. My grand daughter is 6 weeks old and just absolutely precious! I will take some pictures today and post them tomorrow.
I thought I would share a quilt design and get some opinions from y' let me know what you think?

Time to get ready for church....have a wonderful day everyone! We leave for Grand Rapids, in 3 days!! The count down begins!! AQS Quilt show! Can't wait!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Oh my word! pictures!!

Hello everyone,
Freestyle Block construction
I took this class last week and LOVE IT!! I made two blocks!!
I knew it had been a while since I had posted anything on my, it has been a month! A little too long. Everyday that I have sat down at the computer I would tell myself, "go update your blog" I would forget!! Well is a different story!
Today is Woodward Dream Cruise here in Michigan! Woohoo! lol
My oldest son, Joe, is trying desperately to finish his 96 mustang so he can drive it today in the cruise. We have a "hidden" how do you hide a garage? is a secret! LOL Seriously, it is underneath our family room which protrude off the back of the house. You can only access this garage by walking to the back side of the house, it is basement level. We also have a stairway that is hidden that leads to the basement garage, cool, huh? I think so! So that is where my son is at the moment. He has to go to work today from 9-5 at Autozone. I don't know if he will succeed in meeting his goal today....he has to leave for work in about 90minutes.
My son Chris, has a 79 ford pickup that is not in the best shape, but he wants to take it on the cruise. All he has to do is put the front bench seat back in and he is good to go. Don't know if that will happen today...he has to be at work by 11am.
My son Steve, well yesterday, he left for a 22 mile hike up in central/northern Michigan. He is with 3 other men...or should I say 1 other adult, and 2 friends who are ages 17 and 15. Steve is 18 and is an Eagle Scout. I feel that he will do well for this hike, he will be tired! I am concerned for the others though. I hope all of them do well. They are involved in a study together at church called "Do Hard Things"....I guess they are!
My son John (does the list ever end of my kids?) ....John is only 15, almost 16. He has been saving his money all year. He works at Culvers. He is trying to buy a car. Each time he finds one, there is something major wrong. He is determined though. I'm very proud of him! He will also graduate a year early from school. Which means, he graduates this year! Smart young man!
For those of you who don't know...I've homeschooled from the beginning!
Now for my daughter, Kate. Kate, if you don't know is our oldest. She is 26, beautiful and has a 6week old baby! That makes me a grandmother! Annalynne is beautiful and precious! Kate starts back to work part time at the bank on Tuesday. She really does not want to go back to work, but she feels she needs to. She would love to stay at home with the baby, but her and Joe are not financially able at this point. Hopefully things will change for them in the future and she can stay home. That is what she wants to do.
As for me! Wow! I've kind of had a down month with deadlines. I needed it! I've designed a lot this month and submitted. I've posted some on facebook and some I've kept to myself...and some I've sent to a few publishers. I got a quilt accepted to F&P Love of Quilting and Annie's Publishing Quilter's World. I love both magazines!!
Next month will be a different month I am piecing a lot! So for now, I think I'm gonna give you all lots of pictures for your viewing pleasure!! 
According to my husband, these are the best cookies int he world!! And they were only here for a very short time! 

I have to add another row to this quilt. It measures 96 x 96 needs to be  108 x 96

I made this quilt a long time ago. My niece, Ashley, her dog chewed up the corner, so this was how I repaired it.

Carroll at the Village Quilt Shoppe holding my grandbaby

step 1 of applique

customer's quilt that I have been working on for a while...little by little I've been securing her edges down before  I put the quilt on the longarm machine. I wanted to show everyone how I applique. I use an inexpensive embroidery hoop to grip the blocks. Now her quilt is fully assembled, so it is a little bulky, but it works. I had to search for a while to find this picture.

out of my stash, border finding the repeat this is what I came up with...I think it is cool!

and here is my sewing room....I need to clean it!! I posted this picture cuz I wanted to show others that you can relax, our sewing rooms do get very messy!

this is the 2nd step to my applique. You saw the first pic of the drawing, I could not get the pic to line up with the here it is at the bottom....I love my flower!
Happy Sewing everyone!!