Friday, August 31, 2012

Some more pics for your viewing pleasure

Quilter's World magazine, fall issue. My friend, Ruth,  her quilt made the cover.  See the circle with the quilt, that is her quilt!! How cool!! I've been taking her class on how to make freestyle quilts. That is what she calls it. I love it and yes, it is freeing!

This is the magazine pic of the quilt, Sticks and Stones is the name of the quilt

Here is my quilt, Saltillo Salsa

Great coming

back cover of the Nine Patch Panache

inside of book, this quilt is Karla Schulz, I love this is my favorite color!!
Now how do you make some of these images turn right side up? and not be sideways...I'm gonna have to figure that one out!!

The Nine Patch Panache book catches my eye every time I walk into the shop! It has to be the cover! Have you noticed that on the books that are published by Annie's are now having the quilts on the back cover? How cool is that?! I also love the feel of this book. The photographs of all the quilts inside the book are spectacular! Did you notice that this book offers 40+ projects??? That is a lot bang for your buck! The directions are very clear and precise too for the patterns...I have not figured out which one I want to make first, this is definitely a book that I will pull off the shelf more than once to make a quilt from! I hope you give it a good read and purchase the book....great eye candy for us quilters!!

Happy sewing everyone!!

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